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Yggy Mar 22
It's so hard in the beginning.
Perfect ones are so rare.
Trying to lift off this burden
I chose to bear.
Oh goodness, this happiness.
So little left to share.
Please give me a reason, anyone,
To continue on with all my caring.

Im leaving in a dream
I'll be back on yesterday
I'll see you in the scene
Where they explain what everyone did.
I'll carry the sweet flavors
Of a fruitful spring,
Down to the bottom line.
So I won't forget.
Yggy Mar 22
Settling in the moment with a sigh
The times I'm never here,  I wonder why
What could escape this day,
And be seen fondly by tomorrow?

What could a beggar to royalty bring?
What treasures has the infinite never seen?
I'll give it my best guess.
I'll give it everything.

Let it go, now.
Let the ship go down.
You were never the captain,
Only along for the ride.

The waves roll out,
Touching the clouds.
And heavens never knew how to touch the ground.
Yet, they tried.
Yggy Dec 2019
Welcome to the wave, the fourth to come through.
The horror and the beauty, equally true.
In its death throes, a self portrait painted.
Kaleidoscope of worn hearts jaded,
Beating anew.
You'll have to choose.
Will you say you're grown or will you say you grew?

Welcome to the days they sang to you.
Where the bars in the cage suddenly move.
The clouds in your head, all but faded.
The flowers in the garden, no longer waiting
To bloom.

Truth be told, don't know where it's headed.
Think we're going up. There I said it.
Follow the current, set by the moon.
Giant for all, from a little by you.
Yggy Dec 2019
I spent all this time
waiting for forgiveness,
Yet it was I
who needed to let go.
Yggy Dec 2019
Burning in my chest
This thing i never used
Creaking shut like a waning moon
Yggy Aug 2019
This crowded rock has shown me
What it means to be lonely
I had my pocket of glee
Yggy Jun 2019
Hell-bent to perpetuate the pain. Every token of well intent, spent
on the same ****** thing.
Earth drawn to earth.
Fire to fire.
Lovers to lovers.
Liars to liars.
Passionate about this
remiss sentiment. Lament, yet
continue all the same.
Ubiquitous, illusory cog grinding along.
Encore after encore, following the swan song.
End it in anger, continue it with love;
The failure will always fit like a glove.
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