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Yggy Jun 15
Hell-bent to perpetuate the pain. Every token of well intent, spent
on the same ****** thing.
Earth drawn to earth.
Fire to fire.
Lovers to lovers.
Liars to liars.
Passionate about this
remiss sentiment. Lament, yet
continue all the same.
Ubiquitous, illusory cog grinding along.
Encore after encore, following the swan song.
End it in anger, continue it with love;
The failure will always fit like a glove.
Yggy May 15
I saw a shooting star,
The most beautiful I've seen.
Long and luminescent,
Falling away from me.
I knew then I shouldn't regret
What I've been doing.
It's gotten me this far. I
Learned this from a shooting star
Yggy Apr 26
What does it mean to be quiet?
What does it mean to let go?
What does it mean to be dying

What do you need to keep trying?
What do you need to grow?
What do you feel when I tell you you've had it
All along?

Does it bite you to the bone?

Does it grab you and never let go?

Or do you let it pass by like
So many things

Opened your eyes and shut the door.

Doesn't that shake you to your core?

What does it mean when nothing means anything,
What do you do with your time now?
You've taken in all the world's troubles,
And haven't let a single thing out.
Yggy Mar 18
The empty spaces where you should've done something
will be the air you'll cough up past those things you never said.
Yggy Mar 14
Diamond points,
Spread out from the beak;
Conniving eyes,

Ah, ignorance..
A treat.
Inside the mind,

The restless
Will eat
The living.
Sweet like the revenge it is.
Satisfying like revolution.
Yggy Mar 14
A handful of change,
late day, very windy.
I started walking to the store,
made it to the end of my street.
We lived on the corner,
and there stood an oak tree.
I stopped there.
I felt something watching.
It was getting dark,
and it was very windy.
I looked up in the branches,
heavy limbs swinging.
All except for one.

   There was something.

A dream of familiar places,
stuck together just so.
Ol pops in a rocking chair,
rocking out of control.
Maw by a mirror,
face full of fear,
hair going white
and flying as skin peels.
I wake up then,
change strewn on the nightstand.
The thing in the tree
did this to me.
Yggy Mar 2
I'll find your warmest spots
I'll creep under your clothes
Over freckles and dots
Navigating your repose
I'll find a soft place
Settle down to feast
There's no time to waste
Succumb to me

I'll hunger
For a piece
One drop
I'll tap
Your seas
Grow fat
It's killing me
It's killing me
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