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Clear Memoriez Jan 2019
Wow is a funny word because it expresses so much passion.
So much controversy in one word,
all the different tones and ways to say it.

When I look at something and say “Wow”
It’s like, wow.
Clear Memoriez Jan 2019
I love you.

And that in itself is a poem.
Clear Memoriez Jan 2019
They say Perfect doesn’t exist,
I think I found it.
It’s late nights, long drives,
Staring at his smile.
As he makes me fall harder and harder.
Perfect is spilling food on my clothes and licking it off as we laugh.
I found Perfect.

He is Perfect.
Clear Memoriez Jan 2019
Poems are simple,
Like short books that get their point across in a few words,
a few lines,
a few paragraphs.

Where poems win is they can convey an entire meaning to one person,
and yet have an entire different meaning to another.
Diversity in words, yet so - s i m p l e
Clear Memoriez Jul 2018
Filled with inspiration,
We feed off each other’s brains...
Making ourselves feel things we couldn’t

Opening our minds...

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Clear Memoriez Jul 2018
And when my friends tell me to find someone like you.. I say, “I don’t want someone like him, I want HIM.”
Clear Memoriez Jul 2018
And when the drugs, alcohol and smoke “clear” your mind that’s the only time you feel at your high... but your at rock bottom honey.

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