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Cassidy Vautier May 2016
Driving too fast on my way to get you because the sky is opening up into the Heavens, thinking that a sunset can make you fall back in love. I pick you up, but you've already haloed. My heart is telling me to grab your hand, my hand is telling me to take another drag of the cigarette we're sharing. Hiding beneath the cuffs of my jacket, sitting on the hood of my hatchback. Never knowing whether to fall into you, or fall apart. I look at you against the mauve sky and I can't remember the last time you weren't high.
Cassidy Vautier May 2016
"I promise to surprise you every single day, even if it's as small as picking you a flower from outside. I promise, I swear to god"
to the third summer that never came
Cassidy Vautier May 2016
Maybe we need to forget each other - the sound of each other's voices, the way our skin feels pressed together, the faces we make when we throw our heads back in laughter. Maybe I'll meet you in the back seat of a car again one day and we can start all over as the people were before.
Cassidy Vautier May 2016
You are talking, you are crying
And wishing I was there
I am sitting, I am watching
And of the truth I am aware
But I am stuck inside this body
That cannot convince itself to care

There's a melancholy to the room
A blankness to his stare
Letting me know that he is not completely there
"Birds are light
Birds fly
If I stop eating
I will be light
I will fly."

"No, baby. If you stop eating, you will disappear."

"I am already invisible."
Cassidy Vautier Feb 2016
blue human clouds,
all you do is rain
so many nights were worth leaving me
and you took them in your vein

you forget me again
and with the things you never say
i guess im to blame
for letting you drive me insane

dying just to smile
coming to the end of your lies
and you,
the end your insides
because pills, people, hearts
all subside
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