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 Mar 2019 Callie Zeph
Lois Jairam
I was walking in a path,
Strange looking one,
I smile and laugh,
Then cry inside my soul
 Nov 2015 Callie Zeph
 Nov 2015 Callie Zeph
When the seed
of envy grows
into a big tree,
the fruit is bitter,
and the tea
from the bark
stains your soul
and your poetry.
 Jul 2015 Callie Zeph
Nicole Dawn
I could end the world
It would be easy
I would simply need to allow myself
To fall in love with
The sun
The moon
The trees
Or some other important thing
And like all other things I fall in love with

**It would leave
I scream until my throat burns and melts and my body shatters into oblivion.
And then you hear me.
 Jul 2015 Callie Zeph
The fear of love
Dreading the aftermath
You can't predict

 Jul 2015 Callie Zeph
I write, because the things I wish to say come out a lot better when I put pen to paper then when I try to make those same words come out of my mouth.

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