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Things I'll Never Say
27/F/Ontario, Canada    Some days I will post WAY too much. Sometimes I wont post for weeks. I only write when I'm feeling things strongly. I feel everything ...
levi eden r
16/F    Thoughts into words.
Selena WH
14/F/Clemons, Iowa    Just some girl who likes poetry.
16/F/♥b r ø k e n♥    i wish i didn't fall for you [snap @czajkowskierica]
My attempts of being a poet
20/F/I have no idea    No se que estoy haciendo, y seguramente tu tampoco
19    they/them one day ill move to lesbos and follow in my mom sappho's footsteps
22/M    I’m been reading poems for a while now and I think it time for my voices to be heard now.
16/F/Florida    Just another broken soul, another being, a helpless teenager with a dark confusing mind that consumes me day by day, night by night, an endless ...
21/washington, d.c.   
F/New York    "Sick of crying, tired of trying, yes I'm smiling but inside I'm dying"
april w

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