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brittany Dec 2016
something i've been urgently needing for years.
i know you told me you wouldn't talk me if i did this.
through the millions of thoughts racing through my head, you were the only thought i could focus on.
i want to apologize but i know i'll never be forgiven.
so i hold all this up so i don't let you down.
i keep it in so you don't go out.
brittany Dec 2016
i see you went to new york,
the place with a million lights.

my favorite place in the world,
you were once my favorite girl.

i wonder if you thought of me,
while driving up there during christmas time.
i told you i wished to see the lights.

i wonder if you took the time.

and you got into university,
a tough one at that.
your passion for learning goes to show.

i'm proud of you, you know.

i wish i was like that.

i wish i was smart.
i wish i was strong.

and i know you struggle with perfectionism.
but you look at you now.

i hope you find your favorite place in the world.
you were once my favorite girl.
  Oct 2016 brittany
D Awanis
As for her,

She might has forgotten
where the home is in the world

For she's always everywhere—
in every countries she crossed
on every streets she wandered
at every motels she spent the night
above the sand and ocean breeze
below the tallest buildings and crowded bridges..

But you,

You make her feel like
the closest thing to feeling that again
brittany Oct 2016
you've held my hand, you hold my heart,
but we are strangers now,
i suppose we have been from the start.
we haven't talked in what seems like years,
your love will always brings me to tears,
falling together just to fall apart,
i suppose we have been from the start.
brittany Oct 2016
ever since you left,
the world has been dimmed down.
the grass isn't as green,
the sun isn't as bright.
it's hard to find a light source
when the light of your life
has gone out.
brittany Oct 2016
i would move the strongest buildings,
or give you mountains from afar,
i'd give you everything you want,
or even catch you every star.
i would count every single grain of sand,
or grant you every piece of land,
or if you wanted me
to simply just walk away from it all,
i would,
if it meant you would stay
for just one more day.
brittany Oct 2016
we ran.
at exceedingly high speeds,
away from our troubles,
far from our plans,
hand in hand,
we ran.

towards the sunset.
received a call
from the light remaining,
it gladly welcomed us home.
so we ran.

up all the stairs,
mucked rails
beneath our hands,
opened every door,
and so we ran.

we reached the top,
sprint to the edge.
looked to the sky,
and the sun was turned off.
and the stars said hello,
as our eyes
swallowed them whole.

this beautiful sight,
that visits every night,
our favorite show,
that'll guide our walk home.
based on the time my friend and i willingly ran all the way to the top of a building to see the stars
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