leena 1d
all she wanted

was to belong

she found a home in you

when all she really needed

was to belong to herself

i thought i needed you.
leena 4d
i was going to write about stars

and then i realized

this boy

is the stars

-shine, baby
******* im so in love
leena 5d
Maybe i'm struggling

to express how i feel about you

because my mind

is so full

of you

i cant think at all

-for my love
this kinda hurts tbh
why are you so far away?
leena Jan 6
she felt herself falling

but didn't try to catch herself

because she wanted him to do it for her

and she fell

and fell

he never came

she realized he never would

and she learned to love men who wouldn't be there to catch her when she fell

-to my father
leena Jan 6
you didn't teach me anything

except to love men that want me because i'm easy

because i'll settle for less

that's how you showed me love

you taught me that

men can lie to me

they can take advantage of me

that they can leave me when its convenient for them

and want me to welcome them back with open arms

and after all that still want to come back to them

i do

over and over

because i'm searching for you in them

so desperately trying to find the love i never received

-you're wrong
why did you ******* leave you *******

— The End —