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anonymous Sep 2019
as the emotions begin to pour out of me
it seems to feel like an eternity
wrapped around your finger
the thoughts seem to linger
with the brief touch of heart
and the sudden urge to depart
the attachment is only temporary
but, let's go back to february
where it almost seemed less scary
though the temptation is urging
i feel it emerging
the overwhelming fear
leaves me with no time to hear
how you're not like the rest
though unable to be expressed
take me back to february
where all feelings were unnecessary
take me back to february
where thoughts were only imaginary
hand in hand
living in our own wonderland
- february
take me back.
anonymous Mar 2019
i want to go back to the simpler days
when my mind was not so full of haze
the days i was only scared of the monsters under my bed
rather than the thoughts in my head
i stand trying to find
why i fear my own mind
sometimes i feel as if im empty
but how can i be, when i have plenty?
you’re always lingering
and it has me considering
you’ll always be with me
It is no longer “me” but “we”
this was for a school project but i altered it a bit before posting, need i say anything else?
anonymous Jan 2019
all she wanted

was to belong

she found a home in you

when all she really needed

was to belong to herself

i thought i needed you.
anonymous Jan 2019
she felt herself falling

but didn't try to catch herself

because she wanted him to do it for her

and she fell

and fell

he never came

she realized he never would

and she learned to love men who wouldn't be there to catch her when she fell

-to my father

— The End —