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 Sep 2021 biche
Thomas W Case
It was as simple as
turning off a light, or
crushing a bug.
He realized early
that reality had
a brutal side;
band aids didn't
stick to his heart
so he checked out;
he disassociated with
the scenery around him,
and created a kinder
world, with no
brutality or cruelty.

And then one day
he built a
sailboat made of
cardboard and silk,
and just sailed away.
There were no
shadows as he
smiled at the
putrid, bright sun.
 Sep 2021 biche
Richard Smith
 Sep 2021 biche
Richard Smith
Our time is limited
To walk along our path
Onwards to the future
Unable to change what’s past
We give to our children
The knowledge that is ours
With hope that our legacy
Will light their darkest hours
We hope to give them wisdom
To build a better world
Though really all we can do
Is watch for what unfurls
 Sep 2021 biche
Travis Green
I want to be with you
Draw in your enthralling existence
Your hotalicious diction
Your liquid sweetness
Your dope swag
How you all about
Stacking your bag
Got me spazzing
How you hackin’ packs
Flexing and freestyling
Prime rhymes
How you got me
Swerved up
Trapped in your
Epic sauce
Sizzling thugness
That I super love
 Sep 2021 biche
Salmabanu Hatim
At seventy,
My family told me to be positive in life,
They gave me examples of my friends and acquaintances,
So I told myself,
I am pretty young and healthy
My mirror and my body did not agree!
You wanna get in on the act
but the stadium's packed and
cars are backed up on the highway,

why pay?
catch it later on Amazon or
buy the blue-ray on eBay,
ditch Sinatra and do it your own way.

I'm going to bed.
 Sep 2021 biche
Infamous one
 Sep 2021 biche
Infamous one
Sharing his pain to feel better
Making things worse feeling bad
Letting others they aren't alone
Letting go was hard had to be done
There was no going back missing it
Crumbling within tough times
Not letting others in feeling
Nothing but love full of loneliness
Giving his all with writing the words
Giving life to bottled up emotions
That are messages for others to relate
Letting go of the weight draining life
The glowing soul going dull
 Sep 2021 biche
Qualyxian Quest
I taught Stanley Yelnats
I listen to Bob
Workin' in the Spirit now
No more paying job

Madam I'm Adam
?Was it a car or a cat I saw?
Un pequito Espanol
Only the honest outside the law

To hot to hoot
Do geese see God?
Geeky still at 52
My parents called me Todd

Ah! Satan sees Natasha
A Toyato's a Toyota
I might buy a Camry
To Seattle past North Dakota

 Sep 2021 biche
Zoe Mae
On hold...
 Sep 2021 biche
Zoe Mae
Thank you for calling today
This call will be recorded
so watch what you say
If you really are sick
choose option six
Not that it will matter
We don't care one bit!
Otherwise we're too busy
to answer your call
and the mailbox is full
until civilization falls
 Sep 2021 biche
Travis Green
Seeing you again
At the corner store
Makes me believe
We were past lovers
Who loved more
Than any couple
Could have ever did

When you smoothly speak
Your slang builds up heat
Stays in my mind
So strong, so intense
So exceedingly dreamy
The way your lips move
The way your eyes shine
Keeps me drifting
In dazedness

I know that we got
It on before
That every morning
That came
We were an amber flame
A masterpiece in the sunrise
A bursting blend
Of bright lively colors
Breathless beating waves
Delightful wildflowers
In the daylight of life

You can’t tell me
That we weren’t
In love before
Because when I observe
Your flawless flow
I bethink of all
The times you
Strolled on the block
Looking so hot
In your astonishing car

Big balling
Calling me
From my street-side crib
To hop in your whip
And chill in stillness
While you cruised
Down the road
Getting blunted
So **** dope with it
You had me lit

You can say
That you don’t
Remember me
But in my heart
I know you
Look back
On those days
And feel the spark
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