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Richard Smith Aug 17
Feeling lonely, feeling blue
All because I’m missing you
Wishing to be by your side
In the flesh not in my mind
To touch you would be such sweet pleasure
Something that I’ll always treasure
Richard Smith Jul 18
Little fly upon the wall
Please oh please just tell all
What they say when we’re not there
I think that it would raise our hair
So little fly upon the wall
Please oh please just tell us all
Why is there fighting
When we are all one race
Can we not sit together
And talk face to face
Though we may all look different
Our hearts beat the same
So why is there fighting
And looking to blame
Richard Smith Jan 30
Autumn brings the vivid colours
Reds and yellows
Trees all covered
Till they drop onto the ground
Piling in drifts all around

Walking with our hats and gloves
All wrapped up as if in hugs
With the people that we love
Kicking leaves from empty boughs
A time of love and laughter
Richard Smith Dec 2021
This is a story
That needs to be told
Of the men and the women
For whom the bell tolls
They fought to the last
‘Gainst our numerous foes
The names no longer
Called on nominal rolls
Are our brothers and sisters
For whom the bell tolls
Richard Smith Oct 2021
In the dead and blowing leaves
The rain and wind aplenty
Autumn brings the long coat sleeves
And leaves the branches empty

The days are shorter. Dull and grey
The clouds all gather
Bringing rain
The ties to summer severed
Richard Smith Sep 2021
Our time is limited
To walk along our path
Onwards to the future
Unable to change what’s past
We give to our children
The knowledge that is ours
With hope that our legacy
Will light their darkest hours
We hope to give them wisdom
To build a better world
Though really all we can do
Is watch for what unfurls
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