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We are all made of stardust
That fell out of the sky
A sun that just exploded
After millennia burning bright
It floated through the galaxy
To settle on this planet
It’s journey never ending
It’s inside each and everyone
It’s rest our beginning
Richard Smith Dec 2019
There is no greater pleasure
Than to curl up with a book
You can go to any place or time
You just need to take a look
Escape to the Wild West one day
And rob a bank or two
Or watch a wizard cast his spells
While combating a coup

A book is just another way
Of leaving the world behind
To get away from all your stress
And kiss your woes goodbye
So think of all the authors
As saviours of us all
They give us so much joy and hope
When we are in their thrall
Richard Smith Dec 2019
Watching, waiting, wondering
What is coming next
Do I have loved ones waiting
To welcome me into the wonderful depths
To fold their arms around me
In an all embracing hug
That shields me
No more pain, agony, anguish
These thoughts plague my very soul
Almost wishing it finished
So I can become whole
Richard Smith Nov 2019
I wonder where we’re going
Our destination, target
What happens when get there
Will we be well met
Our loved ones gone before us
Waiting at the end
To reunite and reminisce
To hold us once again
Richard Smith Nov 2019
The point I try to make
Is that there is no point at all
When you are gone from this world
You are gone and that is all
You may be remembered
But that will not be for long
So I repeat
The point I try to make
Is that there is no point at all
Richard Smith Nov 2019
Is this world reality
Or is it just a dream
If so I’d like to wake up
Though it doesn’t seem to end

Upon the end of this dream
On waking from this life
Will I remember my mistakes
And minimise the strife
Richard Smith Nov 2019
Why am I isolated
Why does my voice
Die in my throat
Before I can explain
Why I feel so down

Why can I not convey
The hurt, anger, pain
I keep it inside
Only to hurt my loved ones
Not because I wish it

Why must I push
Everybody to a distance
Thinking it will save me
But only isolating me
Further from my family
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