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Sitting sipping watching
With one eye on door
Waiting for old comrades
He knows he’ll see once more
Those left upon the battlefield
Fighting by his side
The men he toasts a drink to
With a tear in his eye
He’ll tell you all his stories
To keep his mates alive
And how it is his honour
That they helped him survive
So if you see a veteran
Sit with him for a while
Listen to his wisdom
And keep his memories alive
Last night of the year
And out in the pub
I spied in the corner
A man on his todd

So I went and I asked
If I could sit with him
And he returned with
He was patiently waiting

For all of his brothers
Each of his comrades
To return from their duties
To drink and make merry

Each year along
the fewer arriving
Till this year alone
The glass he was raising

So I sat and I drank
With an old weary soldier
And listened intently
To the stories he told me

When the night ended
With smiles and with tears
I wished him farewell
And a happy new year
Richard Smith Dec 2022
We been sledging in the snow
Kids all shouting GO GO GO
Up and down the hill we run
Laughing as we have our fun
Sliding on the snow so fast
Wishing it will always last
Richard Smith Aug 2022
Feeling lonely, feeling blue
All because I’m missing you
Wishing to be by your side
In the flesh not in my mind
To touch you would be such sweet pleasure
Something that I’ll always treasure
Richard Smith Jul 2022
Little fly upon the wall
Please oh please just tell all
What they say when we’re not there
I think that it would raise our hair
So little fly upon the wall
Please oh please just tell us all
Richard Smith Feb 2022
Why is there fighting
When we are all one race
Can we not sit together
And talk face to face
Though we may all look different
Our hearts beat the same
So why is there fighting
And looking to blame
Richard Smith Jan 2022
Autumn brings the vivid colours
Reds and yellows
Trees all covered
Till they drop onto the ground
Piling in drifts all around

Walking with our hats and gloves
All wrapped up as if in hugs
With the people that we love
Kicking leaves from empty boughs
A time of love and laughter
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