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Multitudes of galaxies
Floating in the unseen universe
Hidden by the pinpoints
Of lights from the cities
Insignificant through infinite time
We wander along our minuscule lives
Gone so quickly into nothing but memory
Nothing but names forgotten to history
Richard Smith Aug 23
Through the velvet softness
They silently creep
Into my mind
When I’m sound asleep
The alternative real
Of vivid dreams
So full of laughter,
Or tremendous screams
Maybe they’re happy
So full of joy
But also they can
Leave you wholly annoyed
However you get them
Whenever they come
Accept them all freely
Good or bad, every one
Richard Smith Aug 15
The human condition
Is dealing death
No understanding
Just extermination
If it is different
It must disappear
Why can there be
No acceptance
Next to you
Though miles away
Wishing that
I could just say
What’s going through
My troubled mind
The words to say
I just can’t find
Richard Smith Jul 31
The laughter of my children
Will always make me smile
No matter what I’m feeling
It melts away for a while
Richard Smith Jul 31
What am I here for
What is my purpose
Is my presence needed
Or am I superfluous
Will I have an impact
On anyone’s lives
Or just be forgotten
Whenever I’ve died
I’m not looking for anonymous
Nor do I want infamy
Though I would like comfort
For all of my family
Richard Smith Jul 31
Will the soft dark take me
To slumber so sweet
The oblivion of dreamlessness
Wonderment of sleep
A dream so close to take me
From my painful daily world
And wrap my mind in velvet
Till the dawn reclaims it’s hold
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