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Jun 2016
If I could
Be with her
Right this instant.
I'd flash her a smile
Grab her hand
Then tell her
In a self-righteous voice:
"You see,
You're fine angel, aren't you?
I'm sorry I messed with your heart like that -
But there's no hard feelings, right?"

If I could
I'd put you in my arms,
And try to make you laugh,
I'd tell you about
All my failed attempts
At picking up girls,
I'll strip myself
Of my dignity:
As long as,
It puts a smile on your face.

But I can't
I just watch you burn up
Into a sad ball of hate and hurt.

I know I can't take your pain away
Because they're your internal demons...
But... I just wish I could
And it's got nothing to do
With my feelings for you:
I've just grown to want
To take care of you.
And the care doesn't want to die.
Sincerely, a very stupid boy

-just being honest
Written by
Beinghonest  In my head - it's nice
(In my head - it's nice)   
       ---, Colten Sorrells, Giraluna Gil, ---, --- and 3 others
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