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Batrisyia Hanin Apr 2015
She asked her,
with eyes on flame of hatred, heart shattered to pieces,


and tears streaming down her face like there is no ending to it.
Batrisyia Hanin Apr 2015
He told her once,

"I just love the way you are now and dont ever bother to change them"

But she ignored him.
  Feb 2015 Batrisyia Hanin
Art Flores
Am I a poet?

Because I so happen
To write down
Terrible tragedies
So beautifully.

Am I a poet?

For simply writing
Every emotion
You could never
Put into words.

Am I a poet?

For my inspiration
Deriving from
What I see and
People I encounter.

Am I a poet?

When in actuality,
I'm just thinking
Outside of the box
I learned to treasure.*

- (A.F)
For the ones that
use poetry as a therapy.

Copyright © 2015 Art Flores.
All Rights Reserved.
  Feb 2015 Batrisyia Hanin
Art Flores
She seemed innocent at first,
Now she's stealing men's hearts.*

- (A.F)
For the ones that
intend to do harm with their smiles.

Copyright © 2015 Art Flores.
All Rights Reserved.
I almost made it,
I play scenes over and over again in my mind,
Almost kissed her,
Almost loved that girl,
Almost made that play,
Almost saved my brother,
Almost had her say what she was really thinking,
Almost sold that car,
Almost wasn't depressed for a year and a half,
I almost was happy,
I was just a few years too old,
I just didn't have a car,
I almost believed in myself,
I almost didn't give up,
I'm so young but I'm almost dead,
Life goes on just a bit too long,
I almost want a fast forward,
Yeah yeah it's nice and all, but, let's skip to the end,
Oh I almost know where I'll go,
Cuz' I can't stop looking at where I've been,
I'll just keep eating my own tail,
And I'll almost get what I want,
Almost, but not quite.
Batrisyia Hanin Feb 2015
I guess, i've changed.

Maybe into a better one
or worst
Maybe temporarily
or permanently.
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