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  Nov 2014 Artaxerxes
Chelsea Patton
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I'm dying inside,
But it doesn't matter to you,I'm a nobody..
A suicidal.. self harming girl...,
In the confines of a hospital,
And they say that I'm dying...
And there's nothing they can do.
They will just let me suffer...,
In my own pain and guilt,
It's to late for anyone to save me...
My life is in the hands of the devil....,
Good bye cruel world!!!!
First poem hope u like  it. I edited it to make it longer.
  Nov 2014 Artaxerxes
Franklin Richards
Let the illusion of loving take me
I am stronger than the oak
Let the stranglehold of hatred tempt me
I am slipping from it's grasp
Let mortality escape with those around me
I am understanding of life
Let misery abduct the heart of hearts
I am quick to recover
Let their lust rip the soul of the inner child
I am spotless resilience
Let life play keep away with my dreams
I am tenacious
Let enduring sleep try for me
I am chosen
Let the contention of family destroy the man
I am the phoenix
Let the struggles be many
I am not dissuaded
Let the enemy fill my heart with lies
I am believing
I am myself
I am all that I am become
  Nov 2014 Artaxerxes
Franklin Richards
I have become all that I am
Bowing no more
  Nov 2014 Artaxerxes
Just Melz
There's an ice storm in my brain,
        my thoughts
                     are sliding
                out of control,
         there's a fire in my chest,
                        making ashes
          of what's left of
                     my soul.
A big THANK YOU to Sir Poet and Frank Ruland for inspiring this little "poem" out of me, I'm so proud to call y'all family. ❤
Artaxerxes Nov 2014
Darkened cryptic waltz through the trees
vertical limbs in liquid motion
claiming ground for themselves as they please
dedicated to the cause, with deadly devotion
Hair dancing with a sympathetic feel
side to side, back and forth, left to right
Grey like flannel, black like steel
Out of the day, and into night
The bright tapestry of darting eyes
concealing the patience of a saint
The death of leporidae, a brutal demise
deceptive, lying,  misleading restraint
A smile reveals 42 machines for killing
for stabbing and shearing, for crunching
born deaf and blind, they are deaf and blind no more
  Nov 2014 Artaxerxes
Jennifer Thorsen
From the man on your heels
From the cold
From your demons
Run wolf run
Run until the fog has cleared
Until your chest has warmed
Until your ache is fed
Your hunger satisfied
Your past is gone
Run past those of no importance
Leave them in their place
Stay with your own kind
Embrace your hot copper tinged diet
Warm salt
Raw meat
You're all sharp claws and memory
Deep instinct
An ever rolling hunger in your belly
Programmed to survive, love, feed, make
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