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  Nov 2014 Artaxerxes
Franklin Richards
You're beautiful just like the morning
You're time I've spent in heavens hands
You slipped away without a warning
Seems we never had a chance
Still I know we .. will find each other
Somewhere in time
While we're apart
Can't stand the thought of you not knowing
That you're forever in my heart
Take me away
To where you are now
And take me back to that borrowed time
When we were right there
Beside each other
Before we'd drawn these battle lines
Winters wind has begun blowing
A chill is hanging in the air
And I need your love to tell me
That there's still somebody waiting there
It's just not the same
The years without you
I know I'm to blame
For our broken past
Just meet me here
Inside forever
In the end love is all we have
Still I know ..we'll find each other
Somewhere in Time
While we're apart
Can't stand the thought of you not knowing
That you're forever in my heart
Take me away
To where you are now
And take me back to that borrowed time
When we're right there
For each other
Before we'd drawn these battle lines
Just a note for my daughter, we haven't spoken in years
  Nov 2014 Artaxerxes
Franklin Richards
She has eyes like a wolf, beautiful, easy to get lost in
A gentle touch, soothing to the soul
Always a kind word for others
All the neighbors love her
A more gentle woman God never created
She's that one thing that no one can put their finger on but
They all know she's the glue that binds everything together
When social functions are attended, she's out front because
Nobody does PR quite like her
She's the one with a seemingly infinite supply of optimism
The kind of person you hate when you're having a bad day
The image that forms in your head upon meeting her
Is a very serene one
"No doubt in the perfect marriage" you say to yourself
But he's
Massive rage, deceptively charming
She met her prince but
Unwittingly gave her heart to a monster
She prepares meals, does laundry
Makes sure appointments are kept, deadlines are met
And she eats it up when he's attentive
And she gets so confused
By the way that he can be so loving one minute
And then explode like a hell bent hurricane
And she searches time and again for the answer thinking ...
"Maybe I did this wrong" or "Maybe this made him mad"
"I'll just do this differently next time"  Or
"He's got a lot on his mind"
You cannot crucify him in her presence
She will not hear of it, she see's what no one else sees
She clings to a hope that others have long since abandoned
Easy to write a few lines about
Hell to live the life of
Beauty and The Beast
  Nov 2014 Artaxerxes
Franklin Richards
Relax Will Ya
              It's Only Life
Nobody Gets Out Alive
  Nov 2014 Artaxerxes
Franklin Richards
Suspend the moon from golden anchors
Hide your notes on doing time
Halos tarnish in secret places
Ain't no such thing as  a victimless crime
Concrete held me like a lover
Tucked me into a metal bed
And I could fill the oceans in my heart
With all the hatred that I've bled
I gave the rage too much control
Forgot all about the cold hard facts
Like "boy once you squeeze the trigger..."
"You can't get the bullets back"
Some say "hell you should have killed em"
I guess that depends on who you ask
One thing I'm certain of these days
The answer ain't hiding in a whiskey flask
Spent a lot of time thinking things over
Ran to the edge of suicide and back
I ran the gamut of emotions
I went from blue to carbon black
But I found out just who I'd been hating
I saw my reflection and he was looking back
So I came home a bit too much to look at
teardrop tattoo underneath my eye
Skull and crossbones on my neck
With the words "Hell raiser till I die"
But this single story don't define me
This doesn't tell you who I am
A Minister who's got a background
Don't think for a minute that I'm "less than"
Let's see if I've anything to offer
They say it never hurts to try
Anyone who's ever known me
Knows I can't just lay down and die
I wonder how long it's gonna take
Will time go slow or will it go fast
How far must I go into the future
Before I outrun my past
  Nov 2014 Artaxerxes
Franklin Richards
She watches over the affairs of her family
Lays them like a seal over her heart
She sits at the door of her house
On a seat at the highest point
Ill gotten treasures are of no value to her
She knows that charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting
He is both hero and warrior
As fire consumes the forest, so goes his love for her
He is revered as a leader of men
But knows that his days vanish like smoke
On his lips rest words of wisdom
He calls his wife his Crown
Their lips spread knowledge
Their tongues bring healing
They have taken refuge in a Rose
Their hearts find rest within a star
The hourglass of life is an open door
From skepticism to belief they press on
Searching for a book
To find their names written inside
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