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aphotic blue Mar 2018
if you want someone to talk to, i'm always here
aphotic blue Mar 2018
you are my sunshine in my darkest cloud
you made my heart flutter amongst the crowd
you are my rainbow after my melancholy's rain
you still made my eyes twinkling tho i'm in pain

you are my only hope my love in times of despair
those exquisite memories of ours, i planned with care
you are my undying love in this ruthless earth
love me forever for we're destined since birth
aphotic blue Dec 2017
a mortal, unfortunate, unwelcome to earth
for he holds the sword, and never rebirth
in this first life of his, still on agony
waiting for his bride and prayed for the deity
to remove the sword that was pierced on his chest
just to stop breathing and be on a rest
yet so unlucky, because of this futile punishment
alive yet experiencing the sensation of torment
only his bride can change the prophecy
moments had passed, but it was a catastrophe
his bride can’t remove the sword
so the goblin insisted that his bride is absurd
the deity appeared and spill out the honesty
only true love can change the present reality
the wife fell inlove truly with the goblin
yet, death is following her within
they fought death and the power of the gods
hope were the only miracle behind those odds
but the unexpected has brought something strange
the girl died so the future will never be change
the goblin waits hundreds of years for her wife to come back
until now, he waits and waits for her wife to come back..
the story was taken on the kdrama called "goblin" yet i changed the ending. full copyright for the story.
aphotic blue Nov 2017
our time had differences,
but we still have time to confess
our feelings that is full of oppressed
but you still love me, I guess?

it's evening in our's, morning in your's
dinner in our's, breakfast in your's
different countries but similar emotions
we're a couple but surrounded with oceans

you're far but still i can feel you beside me
the way you touches my skin in my own fantasy
the way you caresses my cheeks like we're in reality
i'm dreaming just because i love you baby

but i want to wake up in this kind of dream
this is kinda unhappy in this type of theme
i want you now to be my girl officially
please answer me 'yes' maybe?

if you're not yet ready to answer my query
i will court you everyday just to prove you my loyalty
i am dignified to make you euphoric
i love you, please answer me real quick...

if your expecting a lot of efforts from me
i'm sorry but i can only offer you my heart baby
I love you so much baby
like a blue moon, that will be an infinity

lastly, you must be confused why the poem is entitled blue moon
it means there's a forever existing in our's soon.
aphotic blue Nov 2017
flowing water inside circles
those pain inside shapes
once a fighter of her own maze
but died because of the tempting gaze

she wanted to control the sensation
yet, it was burning her like flames
it seems to feel like an addiction
but it was a challenge to be insane

glued of waters and can't even run
battles in the maze was a tempting one
she wanted to escape but the crowd says no
so the water outside circles never tried to flow
it was written since ..
  Nov 2017 aphotic blue
The subjection of one’s interjections
Based on the world
The world of today
Can you change what you think
What others have to say

Were interconnected but not in connection
With a convection of perfection that inhibits rejection
Or constant correction of certain parts or sections
That people fail to mention for their own protection
Believing a misconception to gain desired affection
Wasting their discretion for a false obsession
Thoughts of concession and encouraging suppression
This is just one dissection of perfection
It is but one path, one direction
But this should lead to many other questions

What about succession from the term perfection?
Is it needed to drive people to higher ascension?
Maybe one day society can undergo a social resurrection
Where creed, religion, race, freedom are not held in contention
No more crimes, no need for detention
Everyone is happy, no more thoughts of depression
Everyone can be comfortable with their own reflection

Hopefully this dissection can leave a lasting impression
And drive home the need for a universal intervention
To stop and think what it means strive for perfection
For you may have it wrong upon further inspection
aphotic blue Oct 2017

Someone's POV
Oh Bell Áme, can I offer you deep affection?
where you and I can ****** with full compassion
the euphoria invisaged with my own prophecy
believe me Belle Âme, you and I will have infinity

You expect me to believe your own authority?
where you can judge humans and let them die instantly
you're a demon, destroying the earth's humanity
but let us try being naughty
so you can suffer my demonic mastery

Belle Âme's POV

oh little human, confident of slaying my strategy
that evilish egoism trying to destroy me?
oh well, well, well. let's see who's the first one to fall inlove
give me your heart and you will fly like a dove
look at me human, fall inlove with me and be my man
for i am a demon who have the plan
for changing the world on how it begun
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