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Oct 2017

Someone's POV
Oh Bell Áme, can I offer you deep affection?
where you and I can ****** with full compassion
the euphoria invisaged with my own prophecy
believe me Belle Âme, you and I will have infinity

You expect me to believe your own authority?
where you can judge humans and let them die instantly
you're a demon, destroying the earth's humanity
but let us try being naughty
so you can suffer my demonic mastery

Belle Âme's POV

oh little human, confident of slaying my strategy
that evilish egoism trying to destroy me?
oh well, well, well. let's see who's the first one to fall inlove
give me your heart and you will fly like a dove
look at me human, fall inlove with me and be my man
for i am a demon who have the plan
for changing the world on how it begun
aphotic blue
Written by
aphotic blue  18/heaven
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