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Ant Mar 2015
**** feline eyes
a dazzling emerald green
the window to your outer beauty
complimenting an inner warmth
that can also be seen.

Shiny dark long silk hair
reflects beautiful flawless skin
an aura of sexiness flutters around you
sometimes my thoughts become a sin.

A smile that brightens everyone's day
personality that blossoms in everyway
luscious curves in all the right places
how I wish I could fix your self esteem
show you the joy you put on peoples faces.

Privileged with beauty inside and out
I wish I could take away all your self doubt
know you will always have a friend in me
I'll strive to one day show you what others see.
Written for a treasured friend!
written for a dear friend who loved this :-)
Ant Mar 2015
A warning mist spreads
as the full moon casts its spell
beware of the moors
Haiku 5,7,5
Ant Mar 2015
My Heart will forever beat
the music to your soul
10 words
Ant Mar 2015
Shiny red apple
the kiss of true love the cure
from eternal sleep
A contest entry on another site - Disney senryu Snowwhite
Ant Mar 2015
Adulterous eyes
a vow to be unfaithful
marriage just paper
Ant Mar 2015
B itter, hot and strong
L uxuriously inviting
A fter a long hard day
C affeine arousing senses
K icking back with Aaaahhh

C omfort invited in style
O ffering warmth and stimulation
F ragrance of coffee beans
F uming the nose, seducing the mouth
E agerly anticipating that first taste
E xquisite rich flavour appreciated
A contest entry on another site
Ant Mar 2015
Please do not judge me for my ink
before you comment stop and think
The warmth of the person lies inside
my inks my expression and I wear it with pride
My tattoos are my art my stories they do tell
No corruption carved they just coat my outer shell
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