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May 2018 · 355
Amy Slocombe May 2018
I lived a life of freedom,
To have it all replaced.
By a life of judgement and trial,
A horror yet to be faced.

****** the condemned,
For what they haven’t done.
String them up for songs
That have yet to be sung.

From the gallows they fall,
Into a pit of black dispair.
A murderous streak continues,
The country standing there.

They look on in distaste,
As more are hung in haste.
When the death toll starts to rise,
Upon this place,
God will close his eyes
May 2018 · 113
Out of luck
Amy Slocombe May 2018
I know I came on too strong,
But just tell me you won’t leave.
Maybe what you despise,
Is how I wear my heart upon my sleeve.

I made a decision to try harder instead of giving up.
But I guess I chose wrong
Or maybe I’m just plain out of luck
A poem I wrote quite a while ago that I found today
Jan 2016 · 516
Why did you leave
Amy Slocombe Jan 2016
As i sit here with a shattered heart
I think of broken promises
You tore me apart

Follow your heart to find what you lose
But if it is in so many peices
Which one do you chose

Like glass i am broken never to be fixed
With words left unspoken
I fell for all your tricks

A knife in my back and a bullet in my heart
You twisted the jaggered blade
Should have seen it from the start

You played me for a fool as if it were a game
I cant help but ask myself
Do you feel no shame

That you destroyed me Shattered me to the bone
I should have known you would leave
I will die forever alone
I lost the biggest part of me. I shouldnt miss him but i do
Jan 2016 · 231
Amy Slocombe Jan 2016
Through the eyes of an angel,
I found my eternity.
With each aching breath,
I am soothed from his love.
Awakened by his kiss,
I am set free from all my pain.
My demons dissapeared,
And i am finally free.
Dec 2015 · 682
Dont leave me
Amy Slocombe Dec 2015
Leave me alone
I dont need your help

Leave me alone
I like it by myself

Curled up in darkness
Smiling at my demons

Dont leave me alone
Theyre trying to **** me

Dont leave me alone
They are taking my hand

They push it towards a new weapon

The blade isnt enough
They yell as i cry

I wish you wouldnt have left me
I say as i die
Dec 2015 · 199
Amy Slocombe Dec 2015
The curtains close on the trails of today
Through closed eyes i watch in a dream
As my hopes carry me away
The only comfort in this life
Is that which lives in my mind
In that one vast space
Where joys lay lost and undefined
Though i am alone
I know i am free
With no one there to tell me
Who i am and what to be

— The End —