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Alyana Garcia Jan 2016
All my pain and loneliness
scribbled in a paper
hoping that some day
everything will be okay.

Even the air that I breathe
the butterflies that fly around
even the leaves that fall on the ground
I take note of it
because those little things that were barely noticed
fill the void inside of me.

It calms my soul
it’s where I find my rest
Your creation sings a song
that only my heart could hear.

You know that I’m like a child
who marvels at the beauty of Your creation
it’s where I find my hope
to look forward to tomorrow.

I am not alone at all
for You are there
You are everything that I see
and all along
it has always been You,
my Comforter,
my Savior,
my Father,
my Creator.

Alyana Garcia Jan 2016
When you walked in the room
It’s like flowers started to bloom,
When I see your smile
It blows my mind for a while.

There’s a rhythm that my heart beats
It goes like labdab3x, what does it mean?
Days passed by, I started to write on few sheets
Sweet love poems from an inlove teen.

And every time he glanced on me
I’m melting like a cold ice cream,
The time you said a word to me
I would burst out my loudest scream.

I felt so happy
The time your love was shown to me,
I’m like a song with a tune
A bride meets the groom
A book with a tale
A princess in a fairy tale
A love story that never fail.

Wrote this way back high school.
Alyana Garcia Jan 2016
Falling in these lonely lands
where sorrow was known
so I carried my heart in both hands
in fear of becoming a stone.

For bruises and scars
piled up my body
that I wailed to the stars
hoping for a remedy.

Now I became coy
in these battles they won’t see
and how I wished joy
would finally stay with me.

O hear the pleas
of my troubled soul
I longed to spread my wings
that darkness stole.

I fear pain will soon be my home
Living in lies
is where I shouldn’t roam
and the light in me silently cries

crying for the chance
of a happy life.

Alyana Garcia Jan 2016
You were like the sun
who cheerfully greets the horizon
with your warmth that fires like a gun
that every flower starts to blossom.

But I was the withered rose
in love, I got overdose
that I no longer see a sight
maybe I could use a little of your sunlight.

Alyana Garcia Jan 2016
The flashes of a light
A heart racing of fright
Loud applauses from a big crowd
Brought thy name so proud.

Endless chatter of glory
Smiles with astonishing fury
A new chapter set for a record
A victory that shall not be ignored.

A ton of tales to share
Flying up the skies I stare
Marveled by a perfect gradient
As the sphere finds its resting so patient.

In open arms I bent
And wondered why it was silent
A gut feeling of uncomfortability
Forming reasons to alleviate what's uneasy.

Surrounded by those saddening eyes
A tension fills up the room with whispering cries
A scream only the pillow could hear
Just like in movies, loss is what I fear.

Four days since he was asleep
Seeing his face, again I weep
He never fail to utter the words, 'I love you'
Now the cold winds will say it too.

A bubbly and loving father you are
Hearts or souls never be far
Those words will be my lullaby
A safe place where there is no goodbye.

I will never forget your love for us. I miss you.
Posting it again.
Alyana Garcia Jan 2016
Judgments everywhere
Criticisms you must bear
The wicked chuck you with hatred
Keep in mind, you are sacred.

Dejection and rejections
Standards set in magazines and televisions
From painful yet glorious birth
Why measure one’s worth?

Allow it not to scar your mind
Nor the voices blind
Wear the strength in your skin
Free the radiance within.

For He lavished you with gifts
His love uplifts
Behind the scene or on stage
You are beautifully weaved in His image.


— The End —