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Agaphy Dec 2018
If I become a poet I will craft all the earth pain in words,

If I become a spoken word artist my emotions will speak the tears of the earth,

If I become a musician my tone will be against the evil of mankind,

If I become a sport lover I will create a game to stop racism,

If I become a president I will send military to fight against injustice, and corruption,

If I become an engineer I will build a lovely people not a beautiful nation,

If I become a politician I will speak on saving the earth rather than modernizing the earth,

If I become a pastor I will preach the illness of the earth,

If I become a doctor I will treat the wound of the bleeding earth,

If I become a teacher I will teach the way of protecting the earth from falling,

If I become a father I will not teach my kids about religions but rather tell them that judgment day is ahead,

If I become a scientist I will invent cure for saving the earth rather than inventing deadly viruses to **** the earth,

If only I remember this if I become one of those.

Agaphy Dec 2018
Lord, my heart and mind are
singing praises to your glory,
my body and soul are
dancing to your victories.

You are my first and
last thoughts each day,
I've found peace and
Joy in your present.

You took me from the
late 90s and brought me
in 2018 and will carry me
to 2019, Lord I'm grateful.

I know I'm not worthy
to be in your presence but
your forgiveness, mercy and
Grace is what I'm dying for.

Show me your light of
salvation and free me from
the darkness of temptation.
I'll worship you forever.

All praises belong to you
the king of kings,
Lord of Lord's, and the master
above all masters.

You are
Worthy to

Lord I'm grateful
Agaphy Jul 2018
"Regrettable life"

In our teenage and youth
age we've already damage
our future. We focus on
pleasures and forget about our responsibilities toward our dream's.

We just human without brain, some
says we're living dead
cause we drugs our senses out.
Marijuana, ****, drugs and alcohol
have become our best friends.

We fool ourselves for so long,
believing that we're
more better than those who aren't
doing what we're doing, why
an ignorant we were?

They says the future depends
on us. Than we asked ourselves,
how possible with the future rest
on our shoulders if ours have already
been killed by our stupidities.

We've realized our mistakes and
it never too late to change, we believe beautiful life is still out there for
us cause we don't want to fails our
parents and friends anymore.

"I pray that one day our brothers
and sisters will realize their
mistakes and return to their
rightful senses once again.
I miss them being real
especially friends I grew up with".

®AngelGabriel Murphy Johnson
Agaphy Jul 2018
Tonight just tonight is
a different night, please
come a little bit closer
my heart is thirsty for you.

Come babe, come closer so
we can break the distance
between our bodies with a single
touch of our sensitive fingers.

My taste bud miss
the taste of your lips,
babe babe please come closer,
I really need you closer.

Let the tale of our loves mend others with broken hearts, our loves is infinitely, babe come closer
let make our loves book this night.

®AngelGabriel Murphy Johnson
Come closer babe.
Agaphy Apr 2018
When rooster crow at forenoon
my eyes opened
I saw the sun glow with bright loving colors
and beheld a blue sky with a white cloud
moving slowly

I felt cold winds blowing from west and south directions

as I promenaded I heard a crowd
dancing and rejoicing for a child who had just been born
I rambled farther I heard another crowd crying and weeping of a child who has just died

then I asked myself what is our mission on
this earth
why we were born into this world

is it all about lives and dies or we are here in exploring of something
Agaphy Apr 2018
When night falls to roost I go
In faith of better morrows
but uncertain of rising with the sun
To behold the next day's glory

I hate the life I live
I hate the world I'm born in

this world that gives Us nothing less but pain and hatred and shame

sometimes I wonder why great we opt to be
If greatness might we can't tame

but I have come to realize it's life
we came to live what we see
but not to change what it is
IT'S LIFE, and we must live..
It life
Agaphy Feb 2018
"We The Poor"

We live in pains and sorrows each day and night. We lack of shelters and it lead to our sicknesses, we are unable to see a doctors because we are poor and it lead to our early death. The foods we eats and the waters we drinks are our greatest worries.

Poverty is killing our brothers and sisters.

We don't have access to school so we don't know how to read and write and we ask ourselves where are we heading to.

We don't have jobs and we worries of how our future will become, we called for helps everywhere to everyone but no one responds to us. We don't have value in societies, we are living but everyone consider us dead.

Our hopes are dying, we are tired of living one life days and days we need to stand up and fight  to gains economics justice for we the poor.      

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We the poor.
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