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aesthete Dec 2020
everytime i listen to this song, i always cry
for so long, i wonder what it's like to be loved right
you came, you showed me how

i hate the fact that this song has a story already
and i swear to god,
i've never been this in love
i will choose you everyday

i love you, q
i am so lucky to have you, thank you i love you
aesthete Oct 2020
everything used to be so fine
amazing, memorable, and lovely
when everything mattered
when i mattered, only me, to you

through those times we were laughing
i was there, fixing problems with you
the universe turned upside down
i found you craving for something
something or someone?

how could that be troubled by the past
why am i not enough
why not me
when i was always around every day
i was always there but i wasn't the one you needed

i wonder when will i really matter to someone :(
aesthete Oct 2020
under the night sky with great people,
looking up, looking for hope
then there's me, thinking of how were

i forgot the wishes i made for those
six meteors i witnessed
but in the seventh meteor,
i wished for you

we ended up in a bad away,
i am well aware of that but
i really wished for you

for your happiness, with someone new
there are really people who will come to ruin our lives and it ***** real hard but we just gotta deal with it and wish for them.

— The End —