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Adam Kinsley Mar 20
I am captured in No-Man's-Land:
In a Great War of silence and solace
My heart, when at its best, had meant that all of your fear had bred your peers
But, this awkward ambition deceives:
[Through our true nature]

My heart is bad company to keep:
I cannot sleep
Hammurabi's Code--
The heart of man was bought and sold
There is no place to run:
The bottle will find me

Underneath the moonlight:
We are stranded by this silence
Regret had set sail long ago
My breath awaits its volition
This indecent descent into dissent thrives--
Meanwhile, our egos play Russian Roulette

I'll trade your violence for silence
My will is filled with thieves
My thoughts are holes in an hourglass
Aspiration had marched off to war--
Though, you never came back
After a while, I stopped looking for you...
Adam Kinsley Mar 9
A penny for your thoughts:
My conscience rots--
He can't cope with this silence
I am deceived by our Accuser

I cannot break this cycle
My actions speak louder than words
Choler and regret have arrived--
Our party will run all night

Don't drink and decide:
This silence will lie
My brain is my body's laughing-stock--
I should fire the C.O.O.

I'm acutely aware of this defection:
Of solitude, and all of her friends
I lie well within my own skin
Our wretched demise, facilitated by pride...
This piece outlines that all evil in the world is facilitated, if not directly from, pride.
Adam Kinsley Feb 19
'I left my dreams in the sand...
On a beach, named Weirs
With a plights of distaste...
...and, one more demon for each freckle on Her face'

The smoke cleared between my eyes
I wrestled with each plagued notion of solace
My indifference indentured every passing second--
Here, I am the only fool

There is no place to flee from this silence
The past is all that speaks
Reflection is Epimethius' lover:
I am staggering to relieve all which haunts me

This callous heart of stone defeats me
I deceive my own endeavors
These two eyes have seen far too much
As they fall back into their defense...
Adam Kinsley Feb 9
We are the Lost Generation
The forsaken and forgotten ones
Splintered between the Age of Empires:
TV and iPhones
Wedged into slices of sullen Americana
Abruptly, we are scattered in solemn silence
My dreaded Intention flees from vexing self-destruction
Thus, I am stranded...simply waiting--
To die; 'to sleep, perchance to dream'
We are an idea of silent ambition
Withered kinetic energy, floating away--
We are the Lost Generation...
I don't know if this idea is official or not, but the term (to me) of the "Lost Generation" is my generation (which is a bit of a misnomer, because the gap we're speaking of is shorter than a generation).
But, the lost generation as I know it is the people in America who are wedged between generation y and the "iPhone generation." Those who grew up on AOL IM, and saw the dawn of video game consoles as we know them, and were close to college age at the dawn of iphones.
It is called the 'Lost Generation" because most of "us" don't identify with our slightly-older peers, or those who grew up with smart phones.
Adam Kinsley Feb 5
Content in my reason, I indulge my future distress
Feckless friends and fiends lie...together
Our homemade misery surmounts
Indeed, we do have a habit of making habits

This Intention for contention is our invention
A fleet of reckless daggers flow from my mouth
I decimate past and present alike
Thus, the future flees from my nearsighted discourse

My dreams vehemently elude themselves far from my sight
Devoid of ambition, I fall from the sky with Lucifer and all of his friends
These means will never be justified
Choleric, we are vexed by our sugar-coated ends

This silence overtakes us
We are lucid metaphors of our former-selves
I lie awake and wake to lie
My half-empty bottle is never fulfilled, and never content

My heart is a home of chaos
A passionate portrait of selfishness
I am a kin to fruitless endeavors
Forgetting sense, I meagerly float throughout this wretched discourse...
Adam Kinsley Jan 27
I writhe inside this sentiment--
A ghost of all I lost
The words I wrote were sealed and sent
Regardless of the cost

Dysfunction thrives inside my heart--
With empathy as vice
I'm just the one to play this part
What lust did I entice?

Until this day, I dared to dream--
And, lost my weary mind
Although I learned to plot and scheme:
The blind had led the blind

I never question why I stayed
My demons always scream:
'How could you pose this vexing trade:
A bottle for a dream?'...
Adam Kinsley Dec 2018
Apart from my Reason in all of my schemes:
I gave up pretending to live in Her dreams
My vexing ambition for solace had turned
By then, the intrigue of our love brightly burned

Our hearts were pretenders which writhed in the dust
From Love to deception, deception to lust
Content in our sorrow, we buried our shame
We played with our motives, assigning the blame

With demons as counsel, we came out at night
The words which we peddled were senseless and trite
Devoid of ambition, I gave up the ghost
Of All My Intention, I miss Her the most

I wake in this silence with all of my thoughts
With each passing second, our trust slowly rots
Between my synapses, I find Her asleep
Disgruntled, this silence is all we would reap...
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