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Adam Kinsley May 11
My ego constructs simple lies
I'm bounded by such subtle dreams
Dissension comes to comfort me

It's all how it seems:
I'll see you in my dreams
There's nothing left to lose
I saw Lucifer fall, like lightening

This brain is foolhardy
Welcome to my pity-party
Regret rears its reckless head
I trade my conscience for fevered dreams

I give up with all my might
'The words I write are cheap and trite'
My feeble will was calm and collected
But soon: I gave up the ghost

This is not what I imagined
I still hear her tepid cries
Trapped within her yayo skin
Still: my conscience cuts me down to size...
Adam Kinsley Apr 29
What fruitless inaction:
What closely-knit schemes
My will has lost traction
It's just like it seems

Redemption eludes me
I trade it for fear
This lust still precludes me
It's all I can hear

Dissension is growing
I gave up the ghost
There's sorrow in knowing:
I missed Her the most

The Devil deceives me
But, I had to choose
Though no one believes me:
We've souls left to lose

I took up pretending
To live like a fool
What time am I spending:
So callous and cruel?

What vexing contention:
Her heart in my hand
I shudder to mention:
Our dreams weren't manned...
Adam Kinsley Apr 12
I vaguely remember
My heart in Her hand
Those days, spent in silence
My head in the sand

The time swiftly passed us
Each year, we loosed hope
When push comes to shoving
It's harder to cope

With cruel recollection
We hid each mistake
Our minds, self-deceptive
We give less than take

With passion, unconquered
We gave up the ghost
Amidst my intention:
I miss Her the most

We gave up our solace
To search for cruel schemes
If only we'd known this
Outside of our dreams...
Adam Kinsley Apr 10
I see the end of my feeble might
Watching Rome burn, with Nero Caesar at my side (1)
My brothers have gone mad--
The unsurpassed past stalks me like my shadow

Behind closed doors, I hear deception lurk
Redemption turns into defection from my conscience
My misdeeds swim with me in a vibrant sea of self-loathing
I hear the Visigoths clamor outside of my brain's walls (2)

My paranoia precedes my ambition
I sent spies to **** my loyal friend, Parmenion (3)
No crisis is averted with my self control
I expose my haughty pride to choler and strife

My senses burn through their synapses
Soon, all will be lost--
Integrity took an extended vacation
I blackmailed Her with all that will vex...
(1) Nero Caesar was the last in the famous (and, infamous) first line of Roman emperors. Halfway through his reign, a great fire destroyed roughly 1/3 of Rome; after-which, Nero started to show signs of insanity.

(2) In 410 AD (ACE), the Visigoths were the first foreign invader to enter and sack Rome since the Gauls did so exactly 800 years earlier

(3) Parmenion was the second-in-command to Alexander the Great. He was trustworthy, and was also a friend to Alexander's father, Phillip II. When much of Alexander's unhappy army started to mutiny, Alexander killed several of his army's leaders and their fellow conspirators; but then, in paranoia, sent assassins to **** his second-in-command, Parmenion, without any word to or from him...even though it was never proven that Parmenion had any knowledge of the plot.
Adam Kinsley Mar 22
You femme fatale
I lost morale
We give and take:
It's our mistake

We're cruel and coarse
There's no remorse
We bent the rules
Our hearts are fools

There's no control
I sold my soul
We cheat and lie
And, live to die

We're tried and true
With fear, anew
Devoid of sense:
We're on the fence

Benign intent:
Our hearts are spent
With fear and joy:
Our lust is coy

This Love pretends
So soon, it ends
To no avail:
We're doomed to fail...
Adam Kinsley Mar 15
I took a trip down to where my life went off-track
To tear up aspiration, once-and-for-all
But, I've been trying with all of my treacherous might:
To pretend that I don't want little pieces back

To retrieve my schemes, which once were dreams:
I delve into the synapses, of which I wished were contrived
As an indentured servant of a past which hasn't passed
Apparently, my heart's omission is exactly as it seems

Two witnesses agree: each third angel will fall
What I proposed as wit, I need to forget
I failed to surmount my own conscience
The will I contracted was feeble to sprawl

Who heard heralded heartstrings here in my heinous Hell?
Through a system of tweaked perceptions:
Of odious arrays of distinctive dishonor
But: I guess, all my demons have known me so well...
The first two stanzas of this piece speak about humanity's weakness, and the second of pride (alluding to the fall of man and fallen angels)
Adam Kinsley Mar 6
There's an addict in the attic
In the cobwebs of my brain
I threw a party in his name
Distress follows me every day

What reckless intention:
Regret never left
Sanctification is feverishly distraught
I never woke up from this dream

Relapse reveals relinquished regret
My God, have you forsaken me?
I am not a patient of patience
Regret recreated my reviled redemption

My heart keeps a record of my wrongs
I can't control my own mind
Rest alludes me like all of my dreams
I give up pretending to live in my reckless schemes...
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