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Abigail Feb 2016
I'll wait until it's over
Until your clouds have cleared
And you can see the light once again
I promise I'll stay for however long that takes
You won't be alone          
Not even for a day.
Abigail Sep 2015
They don't care
Because they don't see
How the words hurt
Get under your skin
Rip your skin open
So the blood can flow out 
They won't care 
But I will 

They won't care 
Until they see
Until they see the scars
The burns
The bruises 
Until they see how much you're hurting 
They won't care
But I will 

They can't understand 
Why you picked up the blade
They can't understand why you would do that
They see the world as black and white
Good is good 
Bad is bad
There world makes sense 
Ours doesn't 
They won't understand when they see the pain and the scars
They won't understand that girl who cuts to cope with her demons
They won't understand that boy who cuts so he feels something, anything at all 

They don't care
They won't care
They don't understand 
But that's okay
Because I do.
Abigail Sep 2015
It's such pretty paint
The canvas lies in wait
It's takes one cut, then another
She marks the canvas
Putting her soul into it
Signing it with her tears.
Abigail Mar 2015
Gaining solace in the words of others
My mind begins to slow        
Although the blood still flows
I begin to heal
Second by second
Minute by minute  
Day by day
So maybe one day I'll be okay
Recovery life depression sh selfharm
Abigail Jan 2015
I'm sorry I didn't know what too say
I'm sorry I tried too late
I'm sorry you're gone
I'll never forget you
I just wanted you to know this
I want you know that I loved you
You were one of my closest friends

I'm sorry that I can't say anything now
I'm sorry that so many people will never get the chance to know you
I'm sorry that I couldn't find the words to stop you
I'm sorry that I'll never talk to you again
I'm sorry that you're gone too soon
Abigail Dec 2014
Tears rushing down my face
I’m messed up in my head
Running circles in my brain
Trying to get out
Cutting deeper every time
First the knife and then the blade
I’m a lost cause and I know it
Stressing out about the world
Running raged in my head
Carving words into my flesh
Cause there seared into my brain
Cutting deeper each night
Past the skin, past the bone
Trying to draw the sickness out, but its seeped into my bones
Heading spinning, running in circles anyway
Starving each morning
Starving each night
Hungry to bed makes me light
Voices screaming in my head
Drowning out the thoughts
Abigail Dec 2014
The knife cuts as do the words
Blood rushes out
Frees the pain, frees the girl
Pain stops and the numbness begins
Head spins, brain dies
Crying carelessly
Tears seep out
Drying on her checks
Wondering why she started
Knowing she can’t stop
The knife cuts her skin
Fears drip out
Breath stops
Lips tremble
Dreams fade away as demons break through her skin
Killing her slowly
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