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 Feb 2015 Kelly
Dhaye Margaux
If walls could talk, these words you'll hear
'I love you so much, forever, my dear
We shall not cease, we shall not fear
We shall not give each heart a tear'

Oh, if walls could talk, we won't be hurt
If only we're not this oceans apart
An entry to a challenge to make a poem with the phrase "If Walls Could Talk".
 Feb 2015 Kelly
stéphane noir
oh see,
i will take this outlet
[this two pronged outlet
one of you and one of me]
to reply because
i picked up the phone today
and called someone else
"oh hell i'll warm up a bit
before i dive into this-
i mean, i want to get
my personality right
don't i?
I MEAN DON'T I?!?!?!?
panic set in.
i called my dad.
he's always calming.
we talked about christmas ****.
what he wants. what mom wants.
it calmed me down.
i figured out who i am:
i'm just a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude,
not breaking character til we're done the DVD commentary.
[paraphrased of course cuz I don't plagiarize.]

i'll call you
but how late will you be awake?
i'll call you
but what are you doing right now?
i'll call you
but why am i nervous?
i'll call you
but aren't we all one Being?
i'll call you
but but but but but but burt but but but but but but but but but
don't you have home work
or something better to do
than listen to me preach
and flap flap flap flap
and not hug me again
and not listen to me
or are you listening to me
or am i neurotic
or is it all smoke and mirrors
and seriously i'm coughing uncontrollably
and you'd think i'm crazy
but it's that holiday season
and for the next handful of weeks
i've got a handful of excuses
of why and how and what and how
but burdens only stack up
and i've released literally every single one
except i'm still replaying josh ritter in my head
and the car ride home from that purple chair
and the walk around the duck.

[not stopping for breathing
or trimming my toe nails,
which started growing again.]

and LA and Delaware and pencilwania and where we met on that pier at that show in socal and house of blues and mini golf and lists and names and places and "there's no hell when you die, so don't look so worried."

and i'll call you
but will you answer?
 Sep 2012 Kelly
Katlyn Orthman
All the flowers slung low to the frosted ground,
But one that shone above the others,
That vibrant flower trying so hard to impress,
But the cold frosted flowers paid no mind to it,
The vibrant flower soon discouraged,
Covered it'd petals with dirt,
And soon began to blend in,
Why must we all be the same?
When we are all born unique,
They don't appreciate their own uniqueness,
So they shoot down yours,
This vicious cycle repeating,
When will it end?
 Sep 2012 Kelly
Katlyn Orthman
At the top of the cliff,
Feet at the edge,
The salty breeze in my hair,
One hand grips the flower,
A brilliant red,
The one you gave me,
It's cold,
My feet are bare,
My hair loose around my shoulders,
My eyes closed,
I remember every moment,
You and me,
Laying on the beaches cool sand,
The water ebbing,
You said you loved me,
You lied,
I said I love you too,
I meant it,
Squeezing my eyes tighter ,
To stop the tears ready to explode from captivity,
The pain in me,
To much to bare,
Blades against skin,
A new pain,
Sweet release from yours,
But when that doesn't help,
And nobody listens,
What choice do I have,
A deep breath,
Lungs full of the oceans air,
I open my eyes,
Spread my arms,
And leap,
One last thought,
* I'll miss you
 Sep 2012 Kelly
Sydney Victoria
 Sep 2012 Kelly
Sydney Victoria
There Is Only One Race,
The Race Of Reality
There Is Only One Race,
The Race Of Humanity,
Someone's Color Does Not Bother Me,
It Is There Heart That Matters,
They Could Have Skin White As Can Be,
But A Heart That Is Black And Battered

Race Does Not Exsist,
It Was Made By Humans To Create Control,
I Could Be Racist,
But The Only I Color I Judge Is That Of Ones Soul,
I Don't Mind A Headdress,
It's Simply Just Clothes,
Im Tired Of Peoples Heartlessness,
Over What Someome Else Chose,
If Someone Speaks Another Language,
That Is Fine With Me,
English Is Average,
With Words I Don't Know All I Hear Is Beauty

You Should See The Beams Of Hatred,
Towards Anyone Of A Differnet Color,
Good Friendships Wasted,
Or Maybe Even A Lover,
I Don't See Myself As White,
I Don't See Myself A Caucasian,
I Don't See My Self As Light,
I Dont See Myself As American,
All I See Is Who I Am Inside,
I Wish Other People Could See It Too,
I Wish People Could Confinde,
In The Person Inside Of You,
Behind All The Clothes,
Behind All The Skin,
Or Whatever Comes And Goes,
Just The Person With In,
I'm Not A Hippie I'm Just Saying,
People Should Ignore The Faces,
And See What's So Amazing,
Ignore The Races,
And Stop All This Creating
Today At School There Was This Somalian Girl Who Was Sitting All Alone. I Told My Friends We Should Go Sit With Her But They Left And I Sat With Her Alone. We Talked For A Little While Before More Girls Showed Up At The Spot (Also From Somalia) I Sat There And Listened To Them Talk To Her. She Was New To America But Knew How To Speak English Fluently. Her Father Had Been Killed In There Village By A Group (Kind Of Like A Gang, Which There Are Many Of There) And I Thought It Was So Sad... So Many People Discriminate People, When They Don't Go On Behind Closed Doors.. I Just Had To Get That Off My Chest! In My Mind Races Don't Exist.. They Never Have.. And They Never Will.
 Sep 2012 Kelly
Sydney Victoria
A Ghostly Moon Climbed,
Over A Thick Tree Line,
The Ground Was Covered With Mud,
Adreniline Swam Inside Churning Blood,
A Lip Was Being Bitten,
To Block Back A Scream,
A Story Was Being Written,
Even Though It Was A Dream

Green Eyes Turned To Gold,
Ontop Of Wood,
That Was Rotting,
It Was So Old,
Talons Ripped Through The Moss,
Her Heart Was Being Tossed,
Around In Her Chest,
She Wasn't Human Then,
But She Was At Her Best

A Sly Silhouette,
Crossed Her Path,
She Was Playing Russian Roulette,
But She Faced The Wrath,
She Layed On Her Back,
To Ask For Trust,
Piercing Her Neck,
Teeth Felt Like Tacks,
It Was Hard To Stay Calm
But It Was A Must

The Shadow Realeased Thy Grip,
But It Didnt Let Her Leave Without Blood Drip,
A Cut On Her Sholder,
Left A Scar,
One She Gained Underneath The Stars

She Woke With A Fright,
In The Early Morning Light,
Blankets At The End Of Her Bed,
A Red Hot Pounding In Her Head,
She Looked Down,
And What Did She See?
The Wound On Her Shoulder,
She Had Recived
 Sep 2012 Kelly
Katlyn Orthman
I was aware in the strangest way,
For paws, bright eyes,
But no words to say,
Knowledge replaced by instinct,
Tame replaced by wild,
I was a beast,
No longer a child,
But I wasn't afraid,
Just so confused,
If this was dreams joke,
It must be amused,
But this felt so real,
And so natural,
The need to run with my freedom,
Clinched in my bones,
I wanted to feel my feet,
Hit the grass and the stones,
I wanted to ****** my head back,
And let out a roar,
This was freedom,
I could not ignore,
 Sep 2012 Kelly
Katlyn Orthman
My still beating heart,
Longing to feel the warmth,
I put on a show,
So no one knows,
That I could die,
But do you care?
Oh no,
I will not trouble you,
You're to busy to feel my pain,
You would never notice,
If I slipped away,
You had me once,
And now I'm garbage,
Something you,
Just tossed away,
And I may be garbage,
But you're no man,
You are a boy,
And boys do not deserve,
Such love ,
The kind which I,
Once thought to give you,
It had been a foolish thought,
And I will not,
Be fooled again ,
No because fools end up,
getting there hearts broken

— The End —