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 Sep 2019 KJ Reed
Black Lipstick
 Sep 2019 KJ Reed
She hides her smile
behind black lipstick.
Her voice is low
and in between.
She smells of loneliness
and cigarettes.
She sings for me
when she is high.

She gets me higher
than I can go.
She takes me low
and in between.
Her heart's on fire
when she sings.
Her voice is smokey,
full of pain.

She sings of loneliness
and broken dreams.
Her dance is low
and in between.
She gets me high
and lets me down.
She kisses me
with black lipstick.

r ~ 4/29/14
 Aug 2019 KJ Reed
and when i'm half-awake,
with my phone pressed against my ear,
listening to your voice lulling me to sleep,
i swear we come face to face.
ankles touching,
hands tucked beneath our cheeks,
eyes connected,
hearts intertwining.

on different beds,
on the same page.

it'll do. darling,
it'll do.
I know
it is way
too much
to compare
your eyes
with stars,
when they're
just bits of you.
 Aug 2019 KJ Reed
Chelsea Rae
If there was anything worth praying for tonight,
It'd be that no matter what happens,
Please God don't let me ruin this.
A yellow dandelion flew across my face,
and it made me smile.
You, my love, walked towards me,
and it made me love.
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