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Mar 6 · 55
Meteor, Oh my
Who is the royal and who is the ***,
we're all family when the earth falls
**** hugging ****,
on a ***** rug..
waiting for a red-tailed rock
to tear open
big blue.
Bowedbranches Jan 27
A bad sound
A vacuum humming;
Early morning

A bad sound
The unknown scraping
In the basement pulling up tp the pavement

A bad sound
The fury that trembles
In moments
While I waste them

A bad sound
blades snipping at the grass;
Surmounted Serene

A bad sound
The screech these marks made
When I was fourteen!
The worst sound

A chilling apprehension
Which floods to no ears
And only I hear
It Eventually becomes background noise
Throats clearing on the audience

..voices that pester and won't allow sleep.
Jan 24 · 88
Safe to unsay
Bowedbranches Jan 24
Safe to un-say
my slip o'the tongue
Arent at all unexpected  
Pleased to meet you
Time would say I am one
Interesting Investment
Although I stay letting others
And My strengths
to take my power away
But I continue to make it
Til my days are up
Dec 2021 · 73
Alternate endings
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
Fill in the blank
We _too much
_too little

"Don't worry
IT'LL be quick"
Man, you's a
Manic nerd
Rambling some spoken word
Mad libs based off
Charlie Chaplin / Speeches

Maybe she's mad at the fact
I got my eyes on my own work,
   And that personality
comes natural to me
I guess
That irks some people ???

I suppose, because
everything comes easy
besides the easiest things
Which we continue to
feign for
(Meaning that being in the world
Now seemed more like a chore)
Deep down
I'm really
Ready to enjoy this
These extra pages
In my story

I NO longer create
Alternate endings
When I'm slipping

This void
we keep feeding
With fake sh**t
It can't be taken,
Or obtained
Can't be caged,
or traded for
Glistening gold stones
Or a home
Alternate endings

Wanna love every minute
They can give me,

But most of the time
I can't give 'em that
Dec 2021 · 55
Drpped the ball
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
I miss
Laying in that
Queensized nest
with you
Wishing this off day
Would never end
We blacked out our curtains
Put on cartoons
And slept
Like sweet little babies

Until life almost had to
Rip me away from
Your warmth
The reason I woke up
Was for those days
The reason I broke my back,
And felt bad I didn't
Have more  To give,
Was for those minutes,
That I cherished
more than
GD anything
Still feeling my head in
Your hands
So familiar,  so specific
I apoligize ..
for dropping the ball ..
..All those years ago
Dec 2021 · 55
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
These nervendings
Stopped working again
A hell of a crime
I'm not quite sure
But I'm determined
To learn from him
From any "HIM"
Mix a batch of medicine
Make certain it's poisonous
... A potion to open  you up

A potion
to make you devoted
But,  I know it don't
work that way
Yes, I've said
Magic is REAL

As any ideal
Forget what you know!
Throw it out
With the bitter wind
Oh I needa a plan
Needa plan
For today
No sense in really
Planning anything

I'm spent
So I
Sit and
Slander the page ...
Make .
Either I'm with you
OR I'm questioning if
This is who
You really are

Stay smart
Let's just part
Ways early
Accept that this prism
Isl all  in
How you envision it
Different colored ribbons
I reminisce
Made space
In my memory bank
For these certain thangs
*Not sure what the title means but it was scribbled at the top of the page to look up later.
Dec 2021 · 32
Stumbling Backward
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
Stumbling Backward
Won't retrack
her footprints
burrowed I  the dirt
Soles won't turn red
At the time,
I liked to hide my embarrassment
Clinging to the edges
The best I could physically do

Stomach Bubbles
The tension inconsistent
Rummaging around in my
Squishy equipment
What does that mean  . ???
Well let's get intruiged
About it!!!
Whoop Whoop
Shoo now we talking

My feet stuffing the wreckage
Like brushstrokes
Dabbing watercolor mothers
To provide peace for
An orphans anguish
Help me
prevent the brain-slip

I refuse to be the patient  (AGAIN)
To be a victim
Or another vagrant
Wishing and a Waiting
My little life away
A villain or a crit-i-cal
A Feeling
From the clinically insane
Another Innocent pedestrian
Locked in a cage
Dec 2021 · 41
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
Disaster piece
I'm always wondering
You're mad at me
Had to ask!
To find out if
It's actually me
What are the facts of it
I always set them off
Maybe it's another lesson
I will never learn
Yeah, *****
You bet,
I'm better burnt
Unearthing the
Her person
Voices boxes
No longer
Stepped on
The shackled
Set free
Dec 2021 · 35
Oops is optional
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
Be tossed aside

You won't get a rise
If it ain't the
Right guy

Time to get "NOT NICE"
WHY do you always
Add insult
To injury
Weird innit?!?
How you can
Feel so different
Within Minutes...
Potential Nemesis

Neva got your name...
Neva got time
To explain, it
Neva gonna give/ up
Neva gonna
sign my name
I am
And IT ain't either

These are messages
You can glean from
Cuz you know
By now
Sicka Da Rerun
Dec 2021 · 403
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
The craving had been
More of a need
As of late

Energy taken
Energy generated
Or one could also say
One cultivated
One gave away
Every little thought
That you think

from the rest of you
With steel walls
And the tallest gates
Barricade myself
In a little
Me sized

Wouldn't be surprised
If I never
                Came Out!
Dec 2021 · 46
Is that a joke?
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
Groans that grace and *****
My throat
Grasp it til I'm gasping
Gag and gargle slow motion
Yo, don't panic
It's just another one of those moments
Where **** got out of hand
Way too fast
Oh, don't worry
Rage no longer has control
You know   I'd never hurt you
Dec 2021 · 193
Its either, or (DRAFT)
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
Its either
Chaos, contagion, or comatose
find a way to
Almost anything
No Matta what
Dec 2021 · 22
Bowedbranches Dec 2021
Let it flow
Show No Love
Show it always
Calling to Allah?

Got goosebumps from
Holding old tools
To fill the hole
To feel whole
Flipping scrolls

Your totally
******* up my focus
Floating so low
I let some select few
Get too close
So it goes

Shouldn't have told myself
It was okay to
Go all in
No specific goal in mind
I'm minding my own work ..

Please keep your
Peepers on your own paper
Place her
an inch
A- way
from danger

That way
You can
Say you
Saved her...

Never to make her day
Never to take her out
Ya need to
Be Beaten
To see It
First hand

Time and
and time again
You watch a curse
Those you are
Devoted to
In fact it's long overdue

is it too late?
To find my way
In this terrible fugue state?
Nov 2021 · 127
A Toast
Bowedbranches Nov 2021
Here's to:

Shakey beginnings
and bitter ends
Peace pipe inhale
We bonding for the feel of it

We love the thrill
Of finding things
That undress our spirit
We love it so much

We made a skill of it

Peel another layer back
Unattach yourself
From comfy facets

We we weren't
                    willing to unravel
        We did
                                what we had to

Sappy for a sec

Let me react gradually

Without the need to rush things
Oct 2021 · 219
Bring it..
Bowedbranches Oct 2021
And close calls
He can never seem
To quit cleaning..

Master of the matrix
May just be maintaining
I'd hate to malfunction

Once I understand
how it all works
It's my fault....

And now your hurt

Eventually convinced
I might be cursed
Because I can't
Hear the call..
No longer

Probably be hobblin'
And surviving rougher seas
Than I have ever seen

Nobody can wage
A War like me


Bring it!
Oct 2021 · 29
Bowedbranches Oct 2021
What a wonderful daydream
We deemed worthy of unearthing
Well certainly
Two cut up corners
Can Endure morbidness
And ignore
the torture together??

As Burning birds of a feather

A few feet from the closet
Awful Monsters
began to plot  
Sabotage and dishonesty
Launching black bombs

Your oxygen is so toxic
Let that nonsense

Quit with the rhyme schemes
I got caught slobberin'
On myself again
Just as guilty as the rest
Oct 2021 · 179
Great Migration
Bowedbranches Oct 2021
Light years away..

I'm tracing

State lines

On an old roadmap

Time and distance

Shrunk down to scale

Miniatures make my dreams

More believable;

Spirit always fluttering

Like a hummingbird

Underneath my ribcage

Much like a bird

I'd like to one day learn

I'm not stuck in this rut for eternity

My great migration, still waiting

Compass in my dome piece

Magnets to map my pathway

Am I even able move away?
Sep 2021 · 43
Bowedbranches Sep 2021
Maybe you were right man
Can't believe I  Spent so long
asking why would anyone
Take my crumbs after
Or jump me
While injured
So apparently broken...

What they don't know
Is how Many minutes I spent
Tearing up in envy
Over what everyone else got
Hopin' I could get a taste
Of the same
Kind of amazement

When all I should ever be is grateful
In these minutes that remain
I promise  I will
Make full
all my
empty achings
That waste
Time trying to take me

Too much light inside
For dark dealings
To penetrate my forcefeilds
The healer will never be killed
These shields were
Built too  Too tough
By my guides
To let any more evil
seep in
Sep 2021 · 252
Bowedbranches Sep 2021
Don't want to be
Eager to meet my maker
But I'd trade places
With you any day...
Sep 2021 · 405
Where have you been?
Bowedbranches Sep 2021
Where have you been?
I'm always craving
Your response
Stop it
You stay
Stomping on
The friendship I want
For us
Why can't you just
Let me love
Family is few and
far between
What have we become?
Aug 2021 · 27
Bowedbranches Aug 2021
I know I'm weak
You know I'm scared
Of air,
Of loud sounds,
Of quick movements
I know I'll never grow old

I know
I know nothing
I'm subject to fumbling
So what do I know
I'm showing you my
How low I can go

I'm No expert
Im No les-ser
Than any man
I'm nomadic
Cromagnum Status

I'm a know it all
And I know you
You don't fully
open up to anyone
Aug 2021 · 53
Sit with it
Bowedbranches Aug 2021
Chest hurting
Lungs burning
Been running
From hardship
Since I was I cub

It's about time

I learn

To sit with it
Aug 2021 · 54
Bowedbranches Aug 2021
Some Sink into
So heartbreaking
you take me into your arms
And your harsh tongue
tricks me into thinking
That I am home, I'm safe
This is you trying to tame me,
Into a timid pet
That obeys
Always available to play with
Or take frustrations out on
At the end of a long day
These strings keep me from leaving
And keepsakes mean more to me
Than the morning sun
Stealing my peace
Must be more fun
Than protecting me
Or respecting my freedom
  The others won't hold me
In such high esteem
Aug 2021 · 50
Bowedbranches Aug 2021
Every  minute
Of every day
I beg myself
Not to fight you

Not because I fear I'll lose
And not because of politeness cowardice,
Or weakness
But because this **** is not a
Game to the rest of us

And we've had the anger
thrown at us

since we could stand
Therefore we refrain from
Showing our fangs until
We have to bite back

I'd rather show I can stand for
That I love and believe
With patience,
And grace

Truth is,  
I hate seeing my dad in me
When rage rushes in
And makes the stage
its playground
Which creates the most terrifying
I tried my damnedest
not to star in
The entire time
Then  BAM
Now, what fresh hell is this?

Oh so I guess
I'm both hero
And villan
flinching from glass shattering
Like a halo above my head
While screams fill my nemesis
With momentary madness
Breaking everything of mine
That's in sight

To try and frighten me?
Or cause me to cry in a high pitched whine you must like when I
  Hypervintalate til I'm blue in the face
Reliving worst fears
Miracles that came and I nearly made my escape
Only bc something saved me
But why is it were brought back
To walk right through hell
Yelling "How could you"!
Chasing my self through hallways
Swearing to catch her
Aug 2021 · 48
Good behavior
Bowedbranches Aug 2021
So hard to understand
How I could be so uninspired
Cheers! Here's to hiding
Riding w highbeams on high
Resisting fisticuffs and
Dodging drama
Although it always seems to follow
I've been too cautious
I stay shoving down
What's inside of me
We don't get rewarded
For good behavior
As adults
But doesn't make sense that
We should be punished
Jul 2021 · 45
Thought Streams
Bowedbranches Jul 2021
learn not to
Lick ya lips
A softened equivalent
OR equation
I can't answer

I'm moodier than most
Let me prove it
Over do it
Gimme a muse to mute
Makin' Movies
Major monetary ****

Must haves
Must collect stuff
Must lust after junk
Til it becomes up for grabs

Must mean there's
Much to record
And force more morbidness
"Morph from within"
Youre still mourning him
Aren't ya?

I'm armed so bar me from the doors
Dare you to keep me out of harms way
By hardening me
Or harming me yourself

So impeccable
Embellishing Goodbyes
You've convinced yourself
Is good riddance
A shell to cloak what I've
Been missing

Marry me to the mantra
Instead of spitting venom
And spinning webs
Numbers never noticed
Naaaa mean
No nemesis will know me
I wrote this in my notebook last week.. when a crazy thought stream dripped through me
Jul 2021 · 130
The monster
Bowedbranches Jul 2021
Beat da basic ***** right outta dem. Vow to never let the light dim. **** it up or
suction cup it
cuz somethings stuck inside the succubus
it's not love or lust
Lot like utter disgust, yo ****** pass the bucket
That ***** leaking ****
Or black sludge
Lookin' for anotha sucka to lure in
Sure does **** for them.

gonna go
Gonna go
Gonna go beast mode
Or beat hoes with a flow
So positive
Lock it in or jot that down
Honor me wit honesty
Yo homonyms
Can't Steal my oxygen
Detoxin off all my prisons
In Paradise painted cage
Why bother with
Letting rage win
When man kept pushing
passed my limits
and time again
Ugly actions try to hack me
But I can't let that reality
Matter to me
Guess it matters to me
Wish it mattered to you
Zero dark thirty quotes
I hold up like a moral code
Keep all these inside jokes on the low low
Making it sacred only to  those who matter most.
Beat em til they sleepy
Aye I need to re-lease
The FIRE within in
Me (me) me (me) me (me)
The meanest of the mean
Make more make make more more
freaking beats
For me
To beat and bruise
Jul 2021 · 410
Bowedbranches Jul 2021
Haven't set up an alter
In I dont' how many moons
The few times I tried
I truly knew the futility of it
And understood
That security, for me, is fleeting

Just another thing
That seems so easy for the others
Oh no dont applaud
My  baby brain  for its
Whining,ll just make it worse
So the other day after
I snatched the sage you left
For me outside your window sill
(Thank you btw)

I instinctively started
Then broke down for the 5th time that day
"How could someone like you ever deserve a home"
Then I had remembered  
That Im not allowed to
Have a safe space

I'm a drifter
Pushing the limits
My health is at risk
Every minute
No one to care
Whether I die or live  

Sitting on my hands
In a thicket
Praying wishing waiting thanking
God that I woke still broken
Throwing up stuff
Everytime I tried to move

Stay low
on your toes
Please No
Please make it stop
Oh god here it comes again
My Sweat drips endlessly
Chiggers bit my skin
So it wont quit itchin'

Bites that bother until next week
All I want is a place to hang my hat
Or hopefully lay my head without trip wires surrounding
All I want is to oggle my alter and call on my angels and my God
Without being on constant alert
Watching my own six

Bc your own brother will turn on you
Don't get comfortable
Dont relax
Dont unpack
Dont believe
A ******* thing they tell you
Prove me wrong then

Haven't had a mfr not turn
Haven't seen anyone actually keep their word

And why cant i set up an alter without it being destroyed?
My week has been hectic sporadic challenging. This poem was written in bits throughout the course of this week i realize im all over the place and my head space is caving in
Jul 2021 · 45
Midnight-snack Guardian
Bowedbranches Jul 2021
Midnight- snack Guardian
Karate chopping fruitflies
Until the oatmeal is
Mmm derived right outta

Might as well be my time
Mine to Wreck
if I'm so inclined to
Walk a mile in/side my slip-ons

Try it
A light so bright
I could make
A wish on
Sonic Boom

Grab a snack
And watch it all
Fall down from your
Jul 2021 · 81
Bowedbranches Jul 2021
Fools Gold
Looks just like a
Bud Nug

And Beautiful
By far
The fire marks had been gone
But continue to Bathe it

"You have a way with 'em"
To be straight
Im still holding the
poker chips,
the bullwhip,
Or whichever
Fill in the blank rhymes
Fit best

I am beating the meat
Out of this machine
Wish it leaked quarters
But it never does

Not so easy being a Street ***..
Being a being...
Being a ligament above the rest
Another rung to climb tirelessly
Until we hit the exit sign

Part 2
Until we hit the exit sign
Don't just be baiting yourself
You DUMB *****
I like the way you hold that pencil girl
So sent/i/men/tal
So long
so so so much
A piece of a larger sheet
A piece of a larger sheet

Part and parcel
Be Brief
and cut to the credits please
Read those 'Solid Instructions
To Self Destruct'
Must obstruct justice

Must uphold justice
Go for it
Hit the kick drum

Dumb it down all day
We not just
"All Play"
Aye can you see it in my bravery?
The way I play hide and seek
With my shadows
And force them to show

Right in front of the
Sun's Rays
Son, Raise
your right hand
And swear upon this pyrite
That you won't Take
For granted

Jun 2021 · 42
Bowedbranches Jun 2021
The endless chatter
Shakes me to a brittle pulp
I don't belong here .
or operate like the others

One of the malfunctioning
No hope,
and no imagination

To paint my way
Outta here
Not Yet
The texts bleeds

And the margin oozes
Into Something
                      Beautiful ...
Jun 2021 · 41
Swashbucklin' SpokenWord
Bowedbranches Jun 2021
(old poem from 2010)
I'm a Swashbuclin'
Mean Muggin'
One of a kind sweetheart
Fresh off the grid
Party Package

Doctor to your down days..
I am the *******
Who advertises floss,
But, doesn't floss

{Look! Im the lonely girl
With all the friends
I finished the sentence
Without any words}

OR any work
From my left hand
I am/ An Ideabot
an inkblotting machine

But what does the message care,
That it is just a message
and not the messenger
. . . .
It would rather be

I am the caricature carving details in myself
Another shepherd mending felt
In a tool shed

I am the criminal  
Crying for help
For the last time
Sell all the beggars my *******

Then ask the pigeons
For forgivness.
Jun 2021 · 30
Bowedbranches Jun 2021
It didn't have to get here,
Ya know
Grow out of it
Peak around the wall
Who's crowding yall
Not my story
Flash forward
I'm just here to record it
Of course
Why wouldn't I?
Portal and doorways
Are the Same thing
Wait, wouldn't that be cosmic  foreplay?
Who cares
Can't prepare one bit
Don't you dare try and parent me
Can't and don't distract you from
Doing it
Do more
Duty to drop bombs
And send thought bullets
Sa'll good when the observer isn't hurting right?!?!
Take me out of the equation
Destroy/create  pains/gains
Conflicting issues
And I turned my back
And let it become a wall
Apologies, some are long overdo
They know not what they do
But most times I think they do
Let me take a sec
To sit down and
duel this one out
Please stop talking
Can't concentrate
Voi/ces Hiss
Toppling over
One another
Assuming their all above rank
Ain't okay with playing favorites
Untie me
Bowedbranches Jun 2021
Feed your ego to the dogs
Finally freed from the fog
That's alot
That's a body
That's like alot to follow
Make sure you mock
The other comics
Cuz I wouldn't wanna cause
False hope
How you lost confidence
You was on top of the world
Til you got on stage
Stay tuned
All the way to the end
Ya'll prolly ready for the plot twist
It's all for show
But yo, watch this
Finale' I voluntarily
Throw a bottle
Of cotton and lava stones
I lit from the suns' light
My cocktails are molotovs
Why flaunt or front
Im fully flawed
And now Im wishing I
called home....

Oh no
dot dot dot
"thought so"
May 2021 · 50
Paranoia Agent
Bowedbranches May 2021
Paranoia agent
Less placating
more fragrance
I aim to never let this conscience
Though it looks to be sifting,
Like Dust through an empty house
Keep me bothered..on my toes
So i can keep the monsters at bay
From a few years ago
May 2021 · 38
Poison Pit
Bowedbranches May 2021
I dont wannna be a hostage
And I don't wanna be another monster watching
All my brothers hang
From crosses
Because I couldn't stop
My jaw from popping
led to the poison pit yet again
And ate a written I should have never put in pen
May 2021 · 43
cut the chord
Bowedbranches May 2021
cut the chord,
show me ten of swords
. i'll absorb it
or just force it back into the vortexx,
he said, that death was coming for me next.
how bout you call the birds to talk about that ****...
going solo,
what's left of the tribe
Striving to chop off heads
May 2021 · 41
I may not be well liked..
Bowedbranches May 2021
Sooo I wrote this outta the blue last night super quick...not entirely sure what I'm talking about here yet haha

I may not be well-liked, but despite this, I will keep climbing for a higher life, was once advised that  "I must supply my own light or I shall die tryin'  Doubt they would write me in this script, simply for your excitement. Interwoven into wordplay.
Reciting mighty hieroglyphics Mind you, the haikus re-build themselves from ****. Make my itches. interesting. again. And follow blindly.
As if all of my lovers and kids
Had been sent
to defy me.
©️ Camryn Johnson, bowedbranches, twighead
May 2021 · 54
One in a million..
Bowedbranches May 2021
One in a million
Lately they make **** by the trillions
Milk dry the stillness
That was meant for us
To feel healing
Amongst the weight of the
Too much
The faint rush
This leakage of black sludge
Some two years ago
Bowedbranches Apr 2021
When real danger happens
It will be downplayed
Making US think
It's okay
To be afraid
And blame the little guy
Don't think of commenting
Just keep that trap shut
Kick me under infinite tables
Sweep it under multiple rugs
Dialog, that keeps
Popping up....
It was around this point that my notebook got stolen
And I lost an amazing poem
But new version coming soon.
Mar 2021 · 182
Bowedbranches Mar 2021
NO land owned
NO field of gold to catch me
NO big parade to welcome me back
But I get bug chirps
And static humms
And that is much more filling
We are the dumb
and we are the willing
The sound of white reminds us
How much time we steal
Or does it get stolen from us?chewed through it in our chest now we make our way
While wounded
Saying NO to death
Each time it tempts me
Mar 2021 · 76
say thanks to pain 2-7-15
Bowedbranches Mar 2021
I don't particularly care
For being tossed aside
But it happens almost always
Therefore I drown my head
In substances
And slice away tainted flesh
Pain is a learned thing
A crude repeating punishment
But how it taught me so much
Your a freind
And your a front
A teacher but a ****
I hate you pain
But you brought me healing
Mar 2021 · 141
No stoppin' 9-5-19
Bowedbranches Mar 2021
trying something new
Its time to
Crawl outta my box
No Stoppin'
Push that foot
So heavy in the gas
That they deem you to be
Adrenaline is the easiest high
Hyperventilate til were lazy
& blue in the face
Feb 2021 · 54
Pedestrian Verse
Bowedbranches Feb 2021
There's certain albums
When I listen to 'em
I can't help but think of you
And I can't help but thank you
For showing me such beautiful things
And teaching me what you taught me
At such a young age
So if your reading this
Thank you...
I'll forever be in debt to you
For being both my lover and sensei
And showing me such beautiful things
It shaped who I am today
And I could say its a shame
We didn't work out the way
I wanted us to
But of course we were supposed to separate
For reasons much bigger than our brains could handle..
Feb 2021 · 62
Cobolt Colors
Bowedbranches Feb 2021
So this crazy ****
Keeps finding
Cobalt colors constantly
Am I on the cusp of stumbling?
If this is real then
Why do we still dream?
Keeper of
Select scrap moments
Cuz I'm supposed to have
Mad focus
Feels like home
To be floatin' on my own again
Feb 2021 · 79
Bowedbranches Feb 2021
Plots open often
Feb 2021 · 63
My favorite pinched nerve
Bowedbranches Feb 2021
Play tricks
Maybe I'll makeshift a shiv
To shake off these shivers
Really Hate to miss her
My favorite pinched nerve..
Feb 2021 · 70
Fata Morgana (Revised)
Bowedbranches Feb 2021
She's a Fata Morgana

In the dark she's a phantom

Oh,   too bad she can't love...

My imaginary girl

Is just an image

Can never accept the flaws

Of the women I been with

Oh, the one I'm after doesn't even exist!

An elaborate magic trick,

A babe with satellite skin,

Some endless labyrinth

One I wanna get lost within

Like living in a fool's paradise..

Framed this whole Psychotic

Low and behold I fell for my own hoax!

Now cursed 'cause I can't love things as they are

Then what's love but a mirage?

Not something written in the

Stupid Stars

It's a cloud formation

Mid chord progression

Liquid on the ground I'm steppin'

Its' just an idea

An extra image

Somethin' I'd want to believe in

But likely never be given

Something you only see in

fantasy        Or fiction

She's not real

Neither is the idea

Burn em both

***** bad
WOMAN good





A Fata Morgana

Guess I should jus let go??
I started this poem 11 years ago but since edited and wrote the second jalf recently.
Jan 2021 · 196
Its either, or
Bowedbranches Jan 2021
Its either
Chaos, contagion, or comatose
They weigh in
find a way to
Almost anything
No Matta what
Jan 2021 · 69
Know your groceries
Bowedbranches Jan 2021
Know your groceries
They say with a
melting clock hanging
The danger of favoring
A shelter too soon
Is we lose grip
Of the real ****
Decorative towels
& premium paint;
Dressed to the tea
In chemical waste
But its all about the tapestry
The plastic fruit
With no distance weighed
If you knew anything
(NIHILS) you'd hate yourself
And get your brain to melt
Bc the pain always helps
When your a slave to
A swell
By someone
Cyclical bent hell
Far from minerals
Wrenched from
Silly shells
With a centerfold
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