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Bish Sinha Aug 5
I don’t know about Scutum-Centaurus
And I don’t know about Perseus.
I don’t know about Norma
And I don’t know about Sagittarius.

But in the Milky Way’s Orion-Cygnus
I’ve looked at every single being.
Among them all in their cosmic realms
My Galactrix, you are the sweetest thing!
These are the major spiral arms of our galaxy, The Milky Way.
Bish Sinha Aug 2
I chose my Dreams through Time
And adorned with yours above;
Now, my Dreams are made of you
And you are made of Love.
Bish Sinha Jul 31
I am not an angry woman
Though you try to make me so
I’m scrupulous. And sentient
And more than you’ll ever know.

I realise now, I don’t know you either
Not your song, only what you show
I don’t know your passions or your vices
Or what thoughts, through you, flow.

Thus, in that living equinox,
On that line in the sand,
Between all of me and all of you
We make our momentary stand.
You can have me as I choose
I won’t be carved by your hand.

So, look not, oh stranger, for my rage
For such a thing is but infernal
Instead, find in me an endless love
For I am Olga and I am, Eternal.
I wrote this for a friend. :)

— The End —