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248 · May 2020
Ivy May 2020
My love is like a nature park,
you take a walk and gather flowers...
Its light is shining in the dark,
worming you up with lucent powers...

My love is like the summer rain,
it waters you with gentle showers,
washing away your every pain -
before it, any dryness sorely cowers...

My love is like a burning fire,
engulfing shame and all restraint,
your home address, it may require -
its passion could ****** a saint.

My love is like a white, small dove.
Yet, it can carry you on its almighty wings.
It fits your soul like an all fitting glove
and plays the music of your heart that sings...
203 · May 2020
Ivy May 2020
A bird's song is gently caressing my soul,
to the realm of freedom, it carries me whole ...
Up there, among the stars, in the beautiful sky
and inside, where our dreams, we cannot deny.
An impulse to sing with my heart felt alright.
With my heart and not words, with a child's delight.
A child wanting to play, to laugh, and to run,
to hysterically jump, and to just have more fun ...
Walking barefoot as to feel the fresh lawn
tickling his feet, first thing at dawn ...
A bird's song took me away and with it,
in the kingdom of beauty, I was joyfully greeted...
It was smelling of green, of bloom and of white ...
where everything blossomed, without any blight
I found myself sitting in a soft, fragrant meadow
with a fresh, streamy creek running fast, allegretto
I realized that this place seemingly made up
was all real, and true, and would only fade up.
It’s been sealed inside my happiest memories,
yet a random bird's song unlocked it with ease...
Enjoy! :)
132 · May 2020
Ivy May 2020

Sharp is my tongue.
Sometimes it's wrong!
Biting and strong,
it doesn't belong
to a text in a song.
It can also be right.
Its audacious insight
could profoundly ignite
feeling gentle, or bright
in the day or at night.
On occasion it's met
with injustice or dread.
Then, its angry and red
and could knock you out - dead,
or revive you instead.
It is sure as a rule,
it's a powerful tool -
could be cool, or cruel,
if given some fuel
by a sage or a fool!
104 · Jun 2020
Ivy Jun 2020
With my wings cut off, I am trying to fly,
but am floating with a crushed, wounded soul.
Bloodstained flowers are quietly sprouting inside.
With my voice all dried up, I'm not whole...

Like a kitten curled up in a glass, very tense,
in a teardrop I fit and submissively bend.
Looked at under the staring gaze of a lens,
full of holes are my clothes, sewn by hand.

Trampled on are my dreams and audacity.
With my head bowed, I start sifting sand.
My hopes are entangled in webs of opacity,
and my light’s dying out where I stand...

With my wings cut off, I am trying to fly,
but am floating with a crushed, wounded soul.
Bloodstained flowers are offered to me by the night,
but the morning invites me to flow...
99 · Jul 2020
Ivy Jul 2020
I choke on feelings, then just stop
existing for a little while
and half-dead, suddenly, I drop,
devoured by the minutes vile
that lead me to my gruesome fate,
thus written by your hand, dear Love,
with ink of sorrow, without hate
yet soullessly - up in the sky above.

I stand there in the starless night,
discussing with the rainy storm -
Will I expire out of sight,
or maybe craters I will form,
when all these feelings ill suppressed,
a little ugly and a little stale,
explode and fall out of their nest
turning into a vicious gale?

And in its anger will it then,
begin to rage upon the earth,
or simply choose your face /so zen/
and you - who started his rebirth,
who after stepping on my heart,
squashing it like a nasty bug,
then tore my breathless soul apart,
and drank my essence from a mug?
99 · May 2020
Ivy May 2020
I am alone, It's raining...
Rain’s drumming on the sweaty glass...
I find it hard to breathe, I’m waning...
My hollow bed turned cold, alas...
You went away and snatched my heart.
Abyss is gaping in its place.
Disheveled is my soul and dark.
Alone you left me and escaped.
And after you, silence took over,
it’s loudly screaming in my mind.
An empty feeling keeps me sober.
My thoughts - wild horses, they unbind.
A hundred “whys” are madly racing
and hurting like a bleeding sore.
Oh god, is this reality, I’m facing
or just a nightmare that I can't ignore?
And where am I supposed to go
unhappy, scattered and betrayed?
There’s nothing left for me to know.
Love’s hostage, I begin to fade.
If only everything I could erase
like all my memories and feelings.
Your touch and smile, your warm embrace,
all lost their useless, stupid meaning.
The rain keeps pouring, pouring, pouring…
Worn out and tear-less, I’m spinning.
I try to breathe but pain’s ignoring
my tired mind and it starts winning...
90 · May 2020
Ivy May 2020
look babe,
I need to just say it,
but how to convey it?
Not say it, I will just draw it.
Not draw it, instead I will show it.
I don't know, to show, or to rhyme it?
I could first rhyme and then, underline it?
Now, once underlined, I may actually print it,
with a note on the wall, I could probably pin it.
Wait, wouldn't it be nice if I beautifully write it!
Yes, it's decided - in your room, I will hide it,
or better yet somehow, subtly transmit it?
  It would be best, if I simply admit it:
- "My heart -            I commit it"
My heart -              I commit it!
It would be best, if I simply admit it,
or better yet somehow subtly transmit it?
Yes, it's decided - in your room, I will hide it!
Wait, wouldn't it be nice if I beautifully write it?
With a note on the wall, I could probably pin it.
Now, once underlined, I may actually print it,
I could first rhyme and then, underline it?
I don't know, to rhyme, or to show it?
Not show it, instead I will draw it.
Not draw it, I will just say it.
Yes, I need to just say it,
but how to convey it
Look babe,
86 · May 2020
Ivy May 2020
One life is not enough for me to drink you -
all at once, or slowly, sip by sip ...
to gulp up thirsty from your sweetness
and in the rye, to touch you with my lips ...
with eyes to stroke your every curve and crease
with hands to say it all while we make love,
bathing in it until we reach a sweet release …
my soul to play your soul’s thin string, with love
And I will never cease to want you,
just as you are, imperfect and unworthy -
if I could splash your pain with fresh dew
I’d turn it into cool and purifying rain!
One life is not enough for me to love you!
My love’s a pretty wound, I don’t object,
I’d go to hell and back, if I could have you!
I give myself to you without regret!
79 · May 2020
Ivy May 2020
My poetry is young and maybe crude,
Yet, it was born and begаn walking.
Happy or sad, but never rude,
it hugged me, then it started talking.

It smells of fresh and fragrant coffee
from many mornings filled with drive
and painted pale but somehow cocky,
it woke me up and made me feel alive.

My poetry's a penetrating subtle song,
caressing very gently - heart and soul,
redolent with a perfume slightly strong,
it’s served with thought and in a bowl.

Sometimes it's daring and audacious
spontaneous, unburdened, free,
shining like pearl, it’s rare and precious,      
in spite of how acutely timid, it might be.

It’s not fame worthy, pretty or refined.
You can't compare it to a finely crafted vase,
not either to the best food you can find,
but to a fresh bite at a loved and quiet place.
poetry, insight, awakening, revelation, spark, awareness

— The End —