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May 2020
One life is not enough for me to drink you -
all at once, or slowly, sip by sip ...
to gulp up thirsty from your sweetness
and in the rye, to touch you with my lips ...
with eyes to stroke your every curve and crease
with hands to say it all while we make love,
bathing in it until we reach a sweet release …
my soul to play your soul’s thin string, with love
And I will never cease to want you,
just as you are, imperfect and unworthy -
if I could splash your pain with fresh dew
I’d turn it into cool and purifying rain!
One life is not enough for me to love you!
My love’s a pretty wound, I don’t object,
I’d go to hell and back, if I could have you!
I give myself to you without regret!
Written by
Ivy  F
   Cloudydaze, Fawn and Mark S
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