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May 2020
I am alone, It's raining...
Rain’s drumming on the sweaty glass...
I find it hard to breathe, I’m waning...
My hollow bed turned cold, alas...
You went away and snatched my heart.
Abyss is gaping in its place.
Disheveled is my soul and dark.
Alone you left me and escaped.
And after you, silence took over,
it’s loudly screaming in my mind.
An empty feeling keeps me sober.
My thoughts - wild horses, they unbind.
A hundred “whys” are madly racing
and hurting like a bleeding sore.
Oh god, is this reality, I’m facing
or just a nightmare that I can't ignore?
And where am I supposed to go
unhappy, scattered and betrayed?
There’s nothing left for me to know.
Love’s hostage, I begin to fade.
If only everything I could erase
like all my memories and feelings.
Your touch and smile, your warm embrace,
all lost their useless, stupid meaning.
The rain keeps pouring, pouring, pouring…
Worn out and tear-less, I’m spinning.
I try to breathe but pain’s ignoring
my tired mind and it starts winning...
Written by
Ivy  F
   Mark S
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