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Anna Magill Jul 2020
“You don’t have a soul, but you are a soul and you have a body.” ​- C.S. Lewis

So my sweet soul, a scintillating song
Where golden stardust collides
And flowers pulse through my veins

The body, still as a stone
How the being it becomes

From the dust of our ancestors
Built from the Earth, the beginning of time

Who are we? I must ask

When we saw the first speck of that bright light
Pulled from the mother’s womb
To a world of despair and destruction

We are that gold, laced through the porcelain and glass
Binding our broken world, we are that gold, I say

Born perfect to an imperfect realm
Good-hearted and kind, I know who I am now
We are the souls of the land, cast down by a gracious hand

For a short time, I will stay

But one day, my body will become still once more
And my soul will be again welcomed by my creator
This is based on the quote by C.S. Lewis and my views on our souls.
Anna Magill Jul 2020
The color of Queens
The light shining through temples
Carpets so extravagant, it’s like walking on sunlight
Fires, filling the rooms with splendor
Glints of radiance, shining off of girls’ dresses
Power, money, wealth
Old Roman princesses
Jewelry, hidden in golden hair
The smell of metals, dusted from the earth
A fairy forest, shimmering with magic
Untold stories of riches once great
Crowns so refined they could melt
A raw yearning of elegance
A color so deep, it is invaluable
In a class we had to pick a color to write a poem about, I chose gold.
Anna Magill Jul 2020
Silver and still, dull and bright, soft and light.
Reflecting all the lights of the world;
Rocks dug from the crust of Earth.
A metallic taste of veins filled with wine-colored blood,
And the smell of household cleaning supplies.
Crinkles and pops of popcorn and cereal stacked in cabinets. T
he creaking of a door and raindrops on a tin roof;
The chill of a brisk wind,
Taking away the heat of a summer day.
Letting planes fly, as light as a feather,
Taking us high above the clouds to distant cities.
When it was found, how could we know;
The treasures it gives us now.
I wrote this poem in a class where we had to describe and visualize the different senses of Aluminum foil.
Anna Magill Jul 2020
Long car rides and orange sunsets.
The sparks of a campfire and laughs of friends.
Grass against bare feet and a warm breeze filling the days.
Hikes through the forest and nights scattered with stars.
Polaroids and stolen kisses.
Climbing trees and dancing in the rain.
Horses racing across the beach and tiny canoes leaning against rocks. Salty ocean spray and rainbow clamshells.
Sandcastles and stick fights.
Flower crowns and leaf skirts.
Daydreaming and sunbathing.

All those memories shared with friends lasting a lifetime.
This poem is based on all the things I've wanted to do with my friends in the summer.
Anna Magill Jul 2020
Nature’s peaceful and chaotic beauty
Two opposites, tearing down human boundaries
Building, moving, creating
Giving shape to life
Stories soaked in its splendor
The world bleeding and bruised
Reimagined into something new
Existence never dull with its bursts
Making war and peace all at once
Anna Magill Jul 2020
Not the first and never the last.
Unique and extraordinary.
A journey through the strange and unknown.
The good and the bad.
The people we meet,
And the places we go.
Goals accomplished,
And miles traveled.
Live your own life.
Do what you want.
And be who you wanna be.
Anna Magill Jul 2020
She brings sadness and sorrow.
Everything aspiring to bring her down.
Nobody cared when she fought alone.

She doesn't need to be remembered.
She is willing to endure the pains,
To be bound by the chains.

For she doesn't cry,
She just smiles and spreads her arms.
She will protect all she loves.
Willing to sacrifice for everyone.

To her, fame is meaningless.
Even if the battlefield is dyed with blood.
Even if everyone is against her.

She will exist because of tomorrow.
This poem always reminds me of the regular people out there that are so selfless and someday how I wish to be that way too.
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