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Anna Magill Jul 2020
He kissed her sleeping soul
With soft lips, she lost him
Like earth’s heart, the room constricted
Its body and mind
Filled with papers and pens
Scattered about the chairs and boards
That room endured long after them, but
On God’s bed, they slumber forever
This was a super weird poem I made for a class, with it definitely giving off a strange love vibe.
Anna Magill Jul 2020
The heartbreak and the hurt.
The love and the kindness.
We are brought into this world with a bang,
But leave it with only a soft whisper.

The tiny voice echoing in our mind,
Guiding us along robust journeys.
Across the mighty sea,
And around the pillars to heaven.
We always seem to look up.
To the tiny bits of light;
The angels chipping away at the sky.
We hope and we pray,
To someday be one of those stars.

Maybe we will one day.

Maybe we will find that secret place.
Where we can be whoever we want,
And be together once again.
I wrote this at the same time as "I Wanna Be There" so they kinda read similar to each other.
Anna Magill Jul 2020
The place we all dream about.
The place where our pain never existed.
Can there be such a place?

Everyone always asks
Where will we go when we die?
I always wonder, where were we before?

Before our creator shaped us into beautiful beings,
And before time itself burst into life.
When all of a sudden,
Colors we couldn’t envision exploded in a whirlwind;
And the stars built planets of great magnitudes.

To the ends of the earth,
We search.
For that place, we call home.

Is it real?
The feelings and thoughts we endure,
The rooms that fill our minds?

We may never know, I’m afraid.
For all we can do is live this life to the fullest.
Anna Magill Jul 2020
There is no limit to possibility
There should always be tranquility
No one takes away my peace
We are inclined to cease
Still, we fight and we rage
Like the bronze age
The burning walls
Become our downfall
Be our dying light
Oh, to see that sight

— The End —