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Shaylie 2d
I use to get so mad
When you’d wake me up
Midnight hours
Asking me questions about myself
I’d say
Let me go back to sleep
Such an annoyed tone
Now it’s 12 am again
But it’s silent
I find myself saying things in my head
Sorry I got so annoyed
I miss anyone
Anyone at all
Asking questions
About me
Shaylie 4d
Hey, I haven’t stopped loving you
But every time we speak
You and I
We are with other people
Maybe not this time?
Shaylie 4d
I can’t possibly understand how it could be anyone other than you
I thought maybe we finally had our chance
Our day beneath the honeysuckle
I miss you
Trying to figure out why you’d stop
Talking to me
I want to finally share that meal
So much time has passed and
I’m almost 30 now
Please call me
Please call me
Shaylie May 12
I keep trying to talk to you
Reach out to you
How long will it be this time
Another year
Maybe 5
I love you
Shaylie Apr 25
It’s ten o clock, and I am on the way to the car for a solo adventure to chicken nuggets. The sinking feeling of emptiness is heavy like the beginning summer air around me, I miss you. I open the car door, I plop down, I place my hands on the wheel and let out the biggest sigh. I can feel the tears coming already, falling down. I don’t want to start thinking about you again, but here come the questions pouring in, garage lights faintly illuminating my skin.
I need to pull out now, I need to go and eat. I am angry that you have once again taken up so much of my time, I am empty because I can’t remember what you smell like.
Shaylie Apr 13
If you are reading this
I want you to know
I can’t talk to you anymore
But if you ever find yourself
Sitting down
Sharing a meal
And I cross your mind
It’s probably because
I am thinking of you too
While somewhere around the world
I eat
And I sit
-For B
Shaylie Apr 10
Waiting for the day
I look back on my own words
With disdain
Instead of longing
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