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Seema Jan 12
Spinning threads to let me know
How much you love me
And how perfect I am to you
The reasons preach of an angel
That you say I look like
And that's how much I mean to you
The grin on your face tells me another story
Yet, I believe in you
And the honey suckle words you blow
Just, mists that dark love
When you say, I am made for you
I know the truth, Oh, yes I do
But what good it's gonna be
Holding me tight, you whisper your vows
Your grip so strong
You already straggling me now
Love you till eternity
Till my breath runs out
I'd reach the depth of your dark soul
To set it free
For your love to me means alot
In times like this
I'd accept death
In the form of your shadow
If it's meant to set you free
I'll love you more
From the starland where I belong
My love
I'd wait for you
I'd wait for you...

Seema Jan 10
In this world of sorrow
Evidently, the wind blows,
away the tannic flames
And water dries up its flows
Whistles sound like whispers
While speeds jag and slows
Little breaths puff off
As to them, my prayer goes
Never experienced anger
That run from head to toes
Lagging behind in time
I am sure everyone knows
But a wish for a dream come true
That just this night, it snows
However, it turns a pity
We slim slot to pose
Happy like glass thin
Accepting a bunch of rose
Walking behind an old building
Whiping up my leaking nose
Sniffing on temptation
And in goes the dose
Mocking myself with lies
Yet, happy to be on toes
Rushing winds sing with delight
While the sunset aura glows...

Spilling thoughts.
Seema Nov 2019
Like the torn pages of some book, my heart leaps in to look, dabs of watermark, screams with ache, shattering in the corner with a broken quil, scarttering ink
The spurts of red ooz, down the thin lining, skating through the white sheets
I think of, what my fears tend to paint, a terrible sin, taled by a dark saint
Robed in pale, clear as a glass trans, bears the spurts with that of an ink mark
Glows with the hit of ray, ignites the jealous spark of the impossibilities
It's breath, hovers my shoulder with a sticky wetness odor
Clenching and sniffing as if ripping my veins out of order
A slight touch of my hand spooked ****** ambience in a blink
Of that of some air brush smearing spurts of ***** ink...

Spilling imagination.
Seema Nov 2019
The chirping of birds
Alarms the time to wake
Another day of living
A sound of daybreak

The smooth silky ripples
Pave, the so calmed lake
They smile to the sky
Raising high to take

I stretch my hands high
So to touch the puffy cloud
The rumbles warm me
With beat grumps so loud

The walk through the trees
Pitches the light to cast my shadow
Like a laser blade
It attracts me towards the meadow

There I sit, looking down
Where the lake dances with its flow
Taking a deep breath
And then exhaling it slow

To the life that sheds my tears
Breaks my heart and shatters apart
Caged like in a glass orb
Shelved in a busy mart

This feeling crawls in slowly
And mocks through my fear
The fighting gist sits back
With no one to hear

I feel alone and slumber in the dark
Voices fiddle to my in
All are doing it
C'mon, it's not a sin

But I run to hide to reach
The path which I've walked before
Through the smiling trees
Next to the lakes shore

Where nature welcomes me
With ripples and a puffy crown
Radiance full of golden sparkles
In which, my dark feelings drown...

Weaving thoughts.
Seema Jun 2019
Your talks are like the rain on a much-needed soil that cries for your storm
Your smile, like those wild flowers that gets brushed by the scorching wind
The fragrance from your body, sends a vivid signal to my ultimate form
Like that of none imagined, bound by this earthly ground
The seas and pasters dance to thrill the view of your existence
As now, I feel the elements of natural beauty, whole-heartedly surround
The pearly glossed lips, part to utter a sweet siren
Chanting a rhythm, of a scared love scene under the deep blue sky
And I, who stand apart, miles away moan my heart in silence.

Spilling imagination.
Seema May 2019
The lies that lie within me
Has tortured my soul
And renched my body
Drenching in my own sludge
Where coming back
Seems too hard
The smile that stretches
Across my face
Is another lie
Inside, its another me crying
To breakthrough from
The unworthy bonds
That promise alot
And laugh away
Like nothing ever mattered
As tho, my existence
Is meaningless
How much will I cry?
How much will I subdue?
How much will I endure?
Before, I let go off this life
Merging with the fear
And losing self control
Over the past years
Living like a hog
Rooted to the reclined
Unmotion state of speaking
How am I going to emerge?
How will I continue this life?
How will I matter to anyone?
In this selfish world
My existence, will not matter
For even, if I disappear
My existence, will not matter...

Spilling thoughts.
Seema May 2019
I hear you calling
From the white sandy shore
To join you, watching
The sunset, like before
Your voice fading
With the trade winds gust
Yet, it echos
As I write your name in the dust
For love is what I breath
And you are a core part of me
Here, I stand gazing
At the deep blue sea
Your memories float
To the places we've been
There are still places
Left to be seen
As usual,
I am waiting for you
At the same places
But seems you've disappeared
Among your traces
From the mountains to the valleys
I've called out your name
In deep trenches and flods
My echo's playing game
The seasons changing
More than it used to
Like it rains, more often
And so does my eyes too
Fear breaks, on my whaf-ifs
But I've kept our promise
Hope you come soon
For your longliness, I dearly miss...

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