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a sole butterfly
lightly pirouettes around
the floral garden
what is a (has been) doing here
writing outmoded poems
which never of others
will entirely endear

heck there's but one thing to do
get off the poetry site
and let talented penners
entertain you

since it's a dud at the art
of poetry creation
it'll be taking a no hoper's
extended vacation

the fossilized matter must
bore no more in **-hum fashion
tis time to exhibit departing
How important is grammar when writing?  Is it a big deal or is it something that don't really matter?
Are you a grammar police officer?
As long as I can follow and understand what your saying then it's all good.
But I do want my poems and prose to be correct.  I want the reader to be able to understand and follow what I'm saying.
 Sep 2017 Sasevardhni
Words spill out my mind
As I write my writes
There is always a find
To ink in with highlights

Subjective, scenarios, facts
Imaginary, dreams, best
I am so consumed, infact
I hardly take time to rest

I feel at ease when I write
Words speak up from every line
Dull days light up, too bright
Rest of the days go so fine

I scribble on paper but
It's hard to read
So I type in my notepad
And post it, in the feed

Writing is part of my relaxation
A therapy that takes away my tension
It's a wonderful feel of sensation
Like my heart is beating in it's mansion...

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