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 Oct 2015 Rhiannon Grace
Under my bed,
I lay silent.
Hes in the other room,
drunk and violent.
He storms down the hall,
and busts down the door.
Liquor in hand,
it was thrown to the floor.
He calls out my name,
and I remain quiet,
under my bed,
I lay silent.
This has nothing to do with me. If this is happening to you though please call the domestic abuse line.
 Oct 2015 Rhiannon Grace
I'm done,
I'm done never being first and always last,
being the loser in the back of the class.
Watching my friends disappear
as if friendship requires gas.
I'm done with this hell,
being depressed and being told oh well.
I'm done.
Who can feel these drops
Who can heal this numbing pain
Can you feel how this heart stops
As tears begin to fall like rain

One drop, two drops, now three
Tear after fallen tear I will cry
Too many drops, I am too blind to see
An empty room and I wonder why

Four drops, five drops, now six
No one will see, no one will come
Broken heart that no one can fix
Too many drops for some
Copyright © Chris Smith 2008
There is no way to run away
There is nothing to stop the decay
Just go weak and let the tears fall to the floor
Nothing to hide or hold in anymore

I just need more time
But my hope is smaller than a dime
This kind of life is painful
But everyone says to be grateful

But what can we be grateful for?
Shattered hearts and broken dreams
People coming apart at the seams
Beaten until we're black and blue
Killing the things that could have grew

Killing love, killing innocent kids
Killing hope, burning eyelids
Killing faith and ourselves

A million reasons to hate the world we live in
Seven billion people full of laughter and tears
Full of taken years
Kick the bucket and thank yourself for the win

We **** everything and leave nothing...
There is a quiet whisper
in the corner of my mind
it speaks to me on dark days
when the sunlight I can't find

It speaks of secret hatred
wrapped up in friendship's ruse
and though I try to fight it
my will it soon subdues.

I struggle in my silence
hiding all behind my smile
no emotion breaks the surface
as I tell the world "I'm Fine"

There is a quiet whisper
growing quickly to a scream
as I weave a noose of secrets
bringing end to foolish dreams.
 Sep 2014 Rhiannon Grace
Dear heaven
I beg you times seven
Let her in, and welcome her
Forgive her sin, and welcome her
Lover her
Love her like I loved her
Love her more
More than she's ever been before
Dear heaven
I beg you times eleven
Comfort her
Raise her
Dear heaven
Be her home
I beg you a million times seven
I can't breathe, the dirt is filling my lungs
Trying to scream out the lies of their tongues
No one hears, and no one cares
All they give is glances and sad stares

Pierced hearts and missing eyes
Thinkin' they won a prize
Saying good-byes with no tears to be seen
They say they don't remember
But I know they do
Skin is turning blue

My life is fading
Never dealt with this kind of aching
Spine broke in half and neck snapped
And now I'm trapped.

I'm running out of air
Take me to place of bare love and tear
 Aug 2014 Rhiannon Grace
Friends at war
Bonds are broken
precious words remain unspoken.
Get together
Sort it out
Kick and tussle, scream and shout.
Make it better
Let it lie
Say forgiveness, not goodbye.
Hold your hands
and not your tongues
get it sorted, get it done.
Admit your faults
Don't let this fester
You're his muse and he's your jester.
Please repair
this friendships tether
Before I bang your heads together!!
Come on you guys, you're better than this......sort it!!!.
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