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  Dec 2018 Piglet
calpurnia mockingbird
The tree is decked with tinsel
the house is full of light
we sit around the fire
on this holiest of nights.

We sing our hallelujah's
praise the little baby born
then wonder at the magic
of another Christmas morn

The table's overflowing
the champagne sparkles bright
the gifts have all been opened
and there's not a tear in sight

We open all our presents
laid out for all to see
under the glittering branches
of a laden Christmas tree.

Then with some wine we snuggle down
our spirits filled with cheer
and raise a glass to absent friends
so missed this time of year

And when the day draws to a close
Its plain for all to see,
The greatest Christmas gift of all
Is love and family.
  Nov 2018 Piglet
calpurnia mockingbird
The pain is subtle at first
A still whisper of solitary words
Stitched together with pulling scars
and stained pages.

We weave the night,her mysterious follies
take shape against our reflection
keeping score for the needy
while damning the meek.

Bravery reigns as sword touches flesh
etching fears to woven rhyme
blood let in letter form
a release to all who know death.
I'm in a really dark place at the moment and finding it really hard to write. Please be kind! x
  Jul 2018 Piglet
calpurnia mockingbird
Could you love me for a while
upon a summers day
We'll drift the seas in paper boats
and kiss the time away

Could you love me come the fall
where hues of russet play
We'll kiss among the falling leaves
then in your arms I'd stay

In winter will you love me still?
amongst the ice and snow
a thousand twinkling fairy lights
will hold us in their glow

And when the spring she comes around
and blossoms are in bloom
will you pick some daffodils
and lay them at my tomb.

For I must leave you now my love
for heavens distant shore
but I will hold your heart in mine
until we meet once more
  Jul 2018 Piglet
calpurnia mockingbird
If love was just a wish away
and every dream came true
I'd pull the stars down from the sky
and give them all to you

For all the words I write are yours
I bleed for you alone
If I could hold your pretty stare
it's there I'd  find my home

But I am just a lonely scribe
of whom you're unaware
if I was graced with just one smile
my parchment heart would tear.

So I will wish upon the moon
and beg upon her grace
that I will love forevermore
her light upon your face.
Piglet Jun 2018
Please go to sleep little baby
Please let me lay down my head
Please go to sleep little baby
Please let me get into bed.
Please don't cry little baby
Please let your mind slip to dreams
Please let me sleep little baby
I'm coming apart at the seams!!
Parenthood is tough!!!
  May 2018 Piglet
calpurnia mockingbird
The poppy field stirs
as spring breezes graze the silence
sending birds to flight
Hush, do you hear them?
a thousand souls that cried for home.

All men wear white crosses here,
the rows glisten
standing straight and tall against the sky
Shoulder to shoulder
finally at one with peace.
There will be no reveille as dawn breaks
No call to arms for these brothers of battle.
Only quiet remembrance.
  May 2018 Piglet
calpurnia mockingbird
I travel roads of deep despair,
chasing a shimmer of hope on the far horizon, forever out of reach, it's  sullen beauty lingers at dusk, calling
yet never yielding to my touch.
Time sleeps within the darkness
it stretches and wanes within waves of poison doubt
speaking my conscience
killing the last of me.
Knowledge presents itself slowly
that caustic drip
an ancient thirst
to  covet moons.
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