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RaeAnn May 5
I hear you screaming,

But you’re still drinking
    From the bottle.
RaeAnn Apr 30
There was a moment,
I was so dazzled by you,
I stopped looking for shooting stars...
In that moment, I just knew
How madly in love
I was with you.
RaeAnn Mar 23
There you go again.
Where’d you go this time?
What do you keep locked away
In that vault you call your mind?

I know it's dark out there,
So bring your flashlight -
Even if it isn't me.
Take someone
Into the dark spaces
So they can help set you free.

I pray you don't get swallowed
By the daunting night-sky sea.
But if you get lost, look out,
The lighthouse there is me.
RaeAnn Mar 9
I stood there in the doorway,
The last line of defense.
The second it’s hinges release
Temptation overcomes me.

6 steps to the bathroom,
Where a hundred pills await.
I haven’t heard their call in years
Now they’re calling me by name.

4 steps to the office
Sweet relief each place I see.
Plastic protection pulled away...
But who protects the blades from me?

9 steps to my bedroom
Where dust covered glass rests.
Its bitter fluid floods my mind
And fills the hole inside my chest.

12 steps is what they say
And the nagging ache will wane,
But 12 steps in which direction?
Because they all will numb the pain.
RaeAnn Mar 3
You were an architect
Who built sturdy walls around me,
And hung up perfect pictures...
Ones I mistook for truth.

Had I been less content,
In this dollhouse you created,
I would have seen the one next door...
The one you built for her.

— The End —