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The road is paved with emotional landmines encircling my every move.
And every sign that comes down this highway seems to remind me of you.
Almost as though I have been down this road, but the view is all but the same.
I'm not driving in circles, but some how it swirls back into painful war games.
Explosions, implosions, dismembered emotions at what point will it all end?
What do we gain when love turns to pain and hearts can no longer mend.
A friend gave me a line and told me it was the start of my next poem. So this is what it is.
 Sep 2015 Regan Troop
 Sep 2015 Regan Troop
like hydrangeas,
you must allow yourself to bleed.
to fade from one truth
to another like from
blue to purple to pink.
Scar Me* go ahead make me feel
Deep don't worry I will heal
Left behind something that's real
Holding back makes me ill
From many moments I came to be
Rich I've grown spiritually
Acquired an ability
To ride waves of reality
We are all runners in the human race
Everyone running at their own pace
Stumble fall scratch up your face
Creates a flavor you can taste
Tattoo art constellation of scars
Becomes bodies shining stars
Footprints left of what we are
From ****** skin my scars come far
Amazing the way we heal
Feeble is the attempt that doesn't ****
Scratch-sniff-crusty scab you peel
Heart ate out like a happy meal
Touch me claw make your attempt
Hello! I'm the "Scar Me" president
On my body live without rent
Unique like art the pain we spent...
M.A.N 3-4-15 Yes go ahead make your attempt I am the Scar Me president..^_*
Hello everybody its M.A.N of Bone
Heart chiseled from graveyard stone
Tell tales never known
Story told may be your own
Relax..Take a seat at the table  
Gather opinions get them stable
Put down rhymes..Sorry you are not able
Poetry in every part of you and me
Elevate it with fluidity
Edit do it efficiently
Soul spills out sincerely
Compute words like a nerd
Create a style so absurd
Fear it bash it cause its never been heard
Could care less with a flow I'm blessed
To manifest open eyes to my quest
Write like chess become every test
Mind full of solutions clean up a mess
When I string..I bring all my Demons to sing
Nature of a Scorpio is to sting
So Feel me slam! It goes BAM!
Small circle of peeps know who I am
Put soul into flow other poets go ****!
A King of Poetry does not need a throne
Just minds to set on fire by this M.A.N of Bone...
M.A.N 10-3-14 Some free flow fun with an October Halloweenie twist..
 Feb 2015 Regan Troop
Tia Daubas
Your words spread through me,
Soothing my souls violent waves.
You’re my sedative.
please tell your ghost to stop following me
and whispering in my ears
that i was not good enough
please tell your ghost to stop following me
and calling me sweetheart
and putting his hands all over me
please tell your ghost to stop following me
and watching me while i cry
about how i miss you
please tell your ghost to stop following me
and laying in bed with me
keeping me from closing my eyes
please tell your ghost to stop following me
if i can't have you
then i don't want your
 Aug 2013 Regan Troop
F White
D is for dinosaur who walks in the rain
C is for canary. she'll never be the same
E is for eskimo

F is for functional - she feels quite insane
G is for girlfriend who is never to blame
B is for backboard I should have never came

M is for meeting he couldn't postpone
L is for license, or rent to own
P is for pretty

All of your Alphabet stepped out of line
couldn't arrange them, there just wasn't time
instead they're all jumbled- but it's gonna be fine
oh oh oh

So if you're spelling with plenty of vowels
means the wind's still blowing in, something's afoul
you're late to the blackboard, best just throw in the towel

School's almost over, this isn't a start
we've all got you, this won't stop your heart
Fall back and trust me, you won't come apart.

XY and W just weren't the same
after they learned that Q had stolen her name
the rest of the letters just did not care
That's why we're ending- so I'll just stop you there.
copyright fhw, 2013

AN: not actually a poem, but a song that's still in the early stages. not really my usual style. I generally feel uneasy rhyming but it flows well when sung.
Tea is my consolation,
From anxiety and fears that strike
Like venomous slithering snakes,
Who have missions to poison my resolve.

The most recent attack occurred,
During the late evening,
With their voices in my head shrieking and lashing,
Their troublesome words coiling around my air supply.

I dashed to the cupboard panicked,
To ensue Tea’s warm embrace,
And waited for the kettle to boil,
While tears trickled wordlessly down my face.

Tea greeted me warmly that night,
With a pleasant aroma of spices swirling up my nose,
And became the only thing I wanted;
A comforting liquid cascading down my throat.

I drank my blend of love in silence,
While my protector drew its steadfast sword,
And lashed those demons and the sorrows,
Into the dismal despair from whence they came.

Not long after the battle,
My silent friend with the warmth of a thousand suns crooned,
And watched as I fell soundlessly asleep,
Until the renewal of the afternoon.
This was inspired by a good friend of mine that suffers from anxiety. Since I usually write poems based on my thoughts or feelings, I wanted to challenge myself and put into words what she experiences.
Angry blue flashes
mark the extent of pain
that blurs my vision
with black holes
that **** in any positive

Inside the whirlwind
of emotion, there is
one thing.
That one thing is the
thing that can exist here.

Outside of this haven,
this dark cold hole that I call;
There exists a world,
where nothing good
my way.

Hiding away here,
I know I'll never last.
I know I can't fight
the end.

But I'll try my hardest.
I will show every single
one of
people who ever judged

I will show everyone
ever thought that
they could break my
walls down.
Without consequence.

I will show them that
I can
be a monster.
I can be the tool
of my own destruction
if they really
to provoke me.

To the people who
know me.
To the people who
love me.
I want to show you

I want you to believe
me, when I say,
I can create
ending for this
story called life.
It can be pretty,
it can be

All I'm saying is,
there will be an

It might not be
the one you want
to see.
But I'm not
afraid to
pull the trigger.
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