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Korean cherry blossoms cling to limbs  like frozen drops of water. Each pink blossom with its red throat when near a body of water
leaves a beautiful water reflection. As the wind makes its way through the trees, the sky is like a parade  full of whirling confetti.
 Aug 2019 Pyrrha
 Aug 2019 Pyrrha
even though you’re no
longer in my heart
you are still on my mind
 Aug 2019 Pyrrha
 Aug 2019 Pyrrha
i just realized that tonight might be my last
to spend in bed with my obese cat
purring under my arm
because now im an adult
and my life will move on
no more crying too
or talking and cuddling
and holding in front of a mirror
so she can see her reflection
no more petting or kissing
or waiting to scoop up when i come home
because now im an adult
and my life has to move on
and im moving out
a kiss on my finger
one last cuddle by my face
as she walks on my keyboard
as i type  this
accidentally hitting space
the saddest of goodbyes
that i'll ever have to face
true story
 Aug 2019 Pyrrha
You didn’t realize
All the blinds were shut
For once I didn’t care
If you came back or not

You didn’t realize
All the lights were off
For once I didn’t care
If you tripped or not

You didn’t realize
All the pillows were damp
For once i didn’t care
If you knew I was crying or not

But perhaps you didn’t realize
Because you no longer care either
 Aug 2019 Pyrrha
Ana Habib
 Aug 2019 Pyrrha
Ana Habib
Now I don't believe in genies
I don't blow on candles
Look for dandelions
Or throw pennies into wishing wells
But I do wish for some things
I wish I was smarter
I wish I was prettier
I wish I was skinner
I wish I was clever
I wish I was good with numbers and statistics
I wish I was musically gifted
I wish I was genius with food
I wish I more organized and resourceful
I wish I didn’t love so much
I wish I didn’t care so much
I wish I didn’t feel so much
I wish I didn’t have to hurt so much
I Just wish I had been enough for him
 Aug 2019 Pyrrha
Don't be discouraged by the chains around my wrists
I've walked this path for far too long not to know the risks

The saffron smoke around me swirls, the buildings crashing down
I hear no noise, my ears are deaf, there is only silence now

My heart beat skips, but I do not fear a world turned to dust
If you need space, please soar the skies, your heart is my must

Barefoot on the rubble I'll walk these jagged rocks
Don't listen to the cries of mine, I'm in a cage that's locked

I cannot reach the moon or stars, I cannot fly to you
No matter how hard I try, no matter what I do
 Aug 2019 Pyrrha
Talking Back
Knock me down,
I dry my eyes.
Push me twice,
I still rise.
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