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Pyrrha Apr 17
Have you ever loved something so much
That you would do any task
Give up any possession
To chase what no one else could see?

In your heart
Have you ever held something so precious
That you would teach a fish to fly
Just to keep it within your grasp?

In my life I accomplished everything I was told I couldn't
I put myself below no one, I refused to face any discrimination
Because with my art I could make the invisible seen to all
I could change emptiness into brilliance
And I could capture an ephemeral moment and make it immortal

I was told countless times to give up for I was destined to fail
But I'd rather have tried and failed
Than live my life regretting that I never did
I am no coward, my paintbrush is my sword
And my canvas is my battlefield

For my art I would turn nothingness into magic
Because with my art I could make magic tangible
Mar 1 · 75
Sapphic poem
Pyrrha Mar 1
How could I spell out love when it is absent of her name?
The way her eyes reflected a sunrise
She was like honey in the sky
I was bewitched

She was a masterpiece drawn with starlight
An ivory sculpture crafted by the hand of a god
I remember the time I was blessed by that smile
A vilified promise
Feb 28 · 50
A poets apathy
Pyrrha Feb 28
There are many things I cannot do
More are there things I do not understand
Countless are the things I do not know
But what I can do, what is tangible for me
I imagine in the palm of my hand
And lock within my fist, it's bottomless cage
What I do understand, I wrap around me
Like a chrysalis, a sheild of safety
And it protects me, my ward against the world
However what I know, that I do not covet
I give that away to passerbys, to strangers and friends
Like a sage, a mentor or philosopher

Perhaps things like emotions escape me
As my heart abandons feelings
The ones that pass through my fingertips
From my pen to paper
But writing is what I hold within my fist
It is how I makes sense of the world
It is every one of my senses
I see, taste, touch, smell and hear
Through a world beyond words
Like a magic veil, I see into anothers conscience
All the things they hold dear, what they cannot live without
All the things they regret, what they wish would wash away
In even the faintest moment and smallest thing

I feel all those emotions of which I've never known
But more than that I feel one thing that I can call my own
The passion, I feel that tearing through my bones
I can feel it burning in my lungs and my heart becomes a hearth in a cabin of nothing
For a moment I am filled with warmth like no other
And that feeling is one I'd chase to the ends of the Earth
Into the darkest chasm and within the brightest light
For it is the only one thats real within my world
Pyrrha Feb 26
She painted words that flew like Eros' golden arrows
Straight through the hearts of all they reached
Timeless ethereal words of feeling
That no other could capture in such brilliance
A tenth muse proclaimed by Plato
How could one write such words of passion and  romance
Without some blessing from the gods above?
Had Apollo himself whispered in her ear all the ways beauty could be described?
How a gentle touch can be painted in song?
How strong were the blessing of Aphrodite,
To burn such deep emotions into the heart of the poet

Love had guided Sappho through life and so it guided her out
Her heart leapt far across the sea
So far and yet for once
They could not reach the one she wanted
And as she fell from the seaside cliff
Her essence remained
Within the words she wrote
Within the notes the lyre played
Sappho remained, heart shining through
Perpetually enlightening the world
With her pulchritudinous words of love
Feb 26 · 66
Sappho; the poet
Pyrrha Feb 26
I wanted the world to see through my eyes
I desperately longed to share the beauty I'd seen
But how could I hope to ever capture such sights in writing?
The way love takes your breath away,
How could I share the feeling without cliche?
In what way could I hope alone to share the feeling of ecstasy that comes from redamancy?

I look into the eyes of those who hear my words
Do they feel it?
My heart, can they hear it?
Do they see love in all her glory?
And I see it, the glimmer of excitement
The anticipation and nerves,
How they squirm and giggle
And in that moment I know
My heart has reached them
Feb 10 · 115
Maladaptive Daydreaming
Pyrrha Feb 10
I feel captive, hostage, trapped and bound
Within the corners of my own mind
Deep within my skin

I feel like there  is no exit sign, no escape, no doors or windows
But I feel so free
Like I can be, do, see or say anything at all

I push everything aside
Tell my heart and mind that I don't feel a thing
I turn my senses off and I escape

I go where no one else can see
I know people I've never met
And I've been places no ones dreamt

But I  can't help it
I can't turn it off
I can't escape when I dissociate

I am a prisoner inside my mind
I've been hurt and this is how I cope
But I don't feel anything

I only feel the feelings of someone I am not
Someone I can never be
I have memories of someone foreign living in my skin

But I can't help it
I need to leave, pause, reset and breath
I can escape when I dissociate
Feb 10 · 179
Like a Stone
Pyrrha Feb 10
I want to take your hand
walk together on the oceans shore till dusk
hike along the mountainside to see the sunrise
I don't want to be alone
So I'll take you with me where I go

I want to take your hand
But it's not there for me
All I have is the memory
I don't want to be alone
So i'll take it with me where I go

I want to turn back time
I'll make things right
till there's no sorrow left
I'll keep you captive in my dreams
When I slip away inside my head
I don't like to be alone
So i'll keep you right here by my side

I want to take your hand
But it's not there for me
All I have is make believe
I don't want to be alone
So I'll stay like this inside my mind

I'm like a hostage in my skin
All the feelings
If I keep them deep within
If I stay quiet like a doll
Will you take my hand
Will you stay like this by my side?

I don't want to be alone
So I'll treat my heart just like a stone
All I have are memories of false realities
I don't want to be alone
So I'll treat myself just like a stone
Not inspired by Audioslave, but it's actually not a love poem either. This poem is about Maladaptive Daydreaming disorder and is about how you feel caged within, i want to do another poem that goes deeper into that.
Jan 30 · 57
Zeus; the Husband
Pyrrha Jan 30
I love my wife
A fact so many overlook and don't believe
When I see something beautiful my first thought is Hera
Our marriage is everything to me
Hera is my reason, my judgement, my rationality
She is my freedom, my understanding, my sentiment

I am the king of Gods
I know things no mortal could understand
I know of hero's who will be and who must
And I know that it is my blood that must flow
Into those mortal veins to make them strong as Ares
Fast as Hermes and as smart as Athena
I know there is no other way

My beloved Hera,
She forgives me for what I must do
But her heart is broken, shattered and crumbled
I see it fall apart more and more, my own a shallow reflection
To hold her all together, to make her whole-
My most selfish desire after all I've done

To see her happiness shine through those cracks
Fleeting now, unlike the time before we had such responsibility
Before hero's were needed, before duty and divinity
Back when the world was new and it was simply the two of us
Hera and Zeus
When her heart shone so bright it nearly blinded me
I took one look at her and I saw something no mortal could
Something no fleeting romance could give me

I saw the Heavens in her eyes, I saw paradise
Pyrrha Jan 30
They call me ugly and shun me, hide me from their sight
But they don't know what true beauty is
True beauty is the sunset of my forge
The artistry of my blades
All the passion and dedication in my armor
True beauty is seen in my presence
But it's a sight for only those who are worthy
For someone who wants to appreciate real beauty
Must be someone willing to look where others won't

What separates me from my wife is beauty
It's what separates putrid and clean, fragrant and rotten
But that is just the base of the reality
True, unfiltered beauty is unconventional
It's the sound of metal on metal
The feeling of heat embracing you like a blanket
It's not an appearance, but a feeling
True beauty is irrational, it can't be reasoned
You can list a million reasons why Aphrodite is beautiful
But when it comes to describing love your words stumble
Because beauty is something so unimaginable that there are no words
There is no rationality or reason
Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder
It is in the eyes of those who are willing to look beyond tangibility
Jan 5 · 170
Artemis; the Valiant
Pyrrha Jan 5
Yes, I am a woman
We're forced to say it like a curse
Because the moment we are discovered
Evil eyes of all sorts gaze upon us, questioning and curious

Is she beautiful?
Is her skin like porcelain?
Her hair, is it soft like silk?
Do her eyes shine like the stars?
And her virtue above all else, is she pure?

Men compare us to treasure as if it's a compliment
Saying our eyes are like sapphires and emeralds
To them we are silk and gold
Nothing more than measurements of their wealth
It's as if they think we won't find out it's just another way to measure our worth,
As if they think we can't understand that it isn't a compliment, it's a currency

They don't see my warrior gaze
My impenetrable skin, thick with valor
They look at my hands and see a delicate doll
They don't see the way these delicate hands wrap around my bow
How my eyes are sharp and steady
No, they only see the innocent sparkle

They aren't looking for my capabilities
They seek value in my appearance alone
They are putting prices on me,
Comparing me to the latest trends
For what is my courage worth when I have such a beautiful face?

Yes, I am a woman
But I am a warrior first
See my battle scars, see my victories
See my strength and bravery
My honor, see it an recognize me

I am the protector of women
Not because they can't defend themselves
But because they shouldn't have to
I am the one who shows the truth
Who guides the moonlight into their veins
The one who takes away those sparkling lies
For before my eyes, no woman will bend to the whims of man
Dec 2020 · 51
Pyrrha Dec 2020
It's a slow poison
It's the sound of a certain cracking
That can't be placed to any specific memory
A sound so nostalgic and familiar
It's the sound that takes the place
Of laughter and lullaby
The sound is a million tiny cracks
In a broken mosaic glass
Like a spiderweb that holds
Every feeling of hurt in each tiny crevice
One day enough pressure will be applied
To completely shatter
Your fragile glass heart
And that cracking sound
Will be the last you hear
Nov 2020 · 3.8k
I see color
Pyrrha Nov 2020
I see a rainbow sea of people
I see your culture; your history
I see your pain; your fear

I don't want to erase the battles you've won
I don't want to belittle your fight
I don't want to erase your uniqueness

I want to see a painting with the colors of life
I want to recognize your diversity; your struggles
I want to see your healing; your relief

I don't want blissful ignorance
I want to see the truth
To say a life matters
Is to address the ways it once did not;
to address the history of hatred;
to make sure that the future will change
Nov 2020 · 78
Pyrrha Nov 2020
I tried to burn you with the Two of Cups
I hoped it would stop my love for you
But I didn't have the heart to let you go
So I fell asleep with the Three of Swords
I gripped the Lovers tightly to my chest
And hoped it'd some how stop the pain

You were the Magician and I was the Fool
I would always follow you right off the cliff
And like magic you would just keep walking
The same magic that carried you away from me
You just kept walking and I kept on falling for you

I was the Empress, but you weren't the Emperor
I was the Queen of Wands, but you weren't my King
I was the Hanged Man, you were the World and Wheel
I was a reversed Chariot, falling endlessly in love with you
and you were the Ten of Swords, you weren't ready to receive
The Ace of Cups overflowing with my love and adoration

But I am temperance, I can wait and back away
Nov 2020 · 207
River of Styx
Pyrrha Nov 2020
My life feels like it's hanging by a thread
I've pushed away all my stress and worry
And now it surrounds me everywhere I look
It's like I'm tight-roping over the river of Styx
And all my fears, concerns and doubts
Are reaching for me
Like desperate hungry hands
Searching for their relief
Like the hands of those souls
Begging for a release

But where exactly is my relief?
Where does the end of this rope land?
Tartarus or the Elysian Fields?
Will I make it to my Elysium
Or will I bathe in the sea of souls?
Will I bear the Curse of Achilles
Or will I be trapped there myself?
All the worries that surround me
Make me feel like diving in
Isn't so bad
Oct 2020 · 686
Witchy girl on my mind
Pyrrha Oct 2020
You took the Sanderson sisters seriously
When they said "I put a spell on you"
You were there taking detailed notes
For the day our eyes would meet
Because since yours met mine
I've been living inside a trance
An endless dream
Where you ask me my name
And I give you my number
But April love
I can work some magic too
I can make the seasons change
And I'll have time stand on it's head
I will take your breath away
Just like you did to me
When you walked my way
I will steal your heart with my words
I'll keep you captive in my heart
And lock you there with my lips
I met a Girl at earthbound and she doesn't know it but I love her 👀👄👀
Oct 2020 · 371
Pyrrha Oct 2020
They are like sirens
Luring me in with so much temptation
With their eyes like paradise
And not a single lie hiding inside
Their smiles bright like lightning
And no crooked or wolfish grin at all
Their delicate bodies like porcelain
So fragile and deadly
Like a drop of poison and a butterfly wing
They make me fall without words at all
Oh but when they speak it sounds like fiction

They are so pure they make me want to cry
I'm under a hypnosis, it's just a trick
But their sweetness, it draws me in
They are like roses with their skin soft like petals
And their nails as sharp as thorns

How lovely, how beautiful
How sick does this make me now?
Now that I'm so torn
How can I cope with so much confusion?
They're like devil's with their haunting eyes
What demons-
Those seductresses with their adoring curse

How lovely, how sweet
How is it I've missed this puzzle piece?
I didn't even notice I was incomplete
Does this make up for the uncertainty?
They're like angels with their paradise eyes
What blessings-
Those treasures with their electric cure
Oct 2020 · 61
Pyrrha Oct 2020
My hands dance across the spiderwebs of fate
My eyes see inside, above and below
They see into now, never, before and beyond
My hands paint the pictures of possibility
They unfold the stories that no other knows

A possible future
A distant past
A painful present

My, I see it all within your palm
With my cards, my stones and with my pendulum
I know all as I read
The leaves, the bones, the flames and smoke

I have all these tools at my disposal
To uncover mysteries far beyond my mortal sight
And yet somehow I never see
What is standing right in front of me
Oct 2020 · 56
Child of God
Pyrrha Oct 2020
As a child I was told to never speak about my faith
I felt such fear and shame when my mother said those words
Will they truly burn me at the stake?
My mind was trapped in innocent confusion

I went to church with my grandmother as a child too
They told me my soul would be ****** to hell if I don't bow my head and pray
They said trust in the Lord for I am his child, or sin like Lucifer and be punished in purgatory
With such threats what was I to think?
My love of the moon, kindness to the spirits and adoration for the Earth-
Will it truly make me a sinner, will I really rot in hell?

I bit my tongue and closed my eyes
When I was asked if I believed in God
For I could never say I did
And I feared saying I did not
It felt like I'd be killed on the spot
All because I believed what they did not

As I grew up my fear remained
It felt like a secret, my soul felt tainted
But as time passed on that fear subsided
If it is my belief then why must I hide?
When that thought emerged I felt relief
If my pentacle means safety and protection to me
Why must I hide it from the ones who wear the crosses which mean the same?

My religion is not wrong
My belief is mine and mine alone
It took so long to understand these things that should be common sense
Because since early on I was told that I was wrong
But I removed the veil of lies that covered my eyes
I broke free from the chains of doubt and fear
And I ran from the expectations of society that bound me

I dwelled there for so long, suffocating in my 'sins'
As a child I had to feel like a criminal
When all I wanted to be
Was a child of the Goddess,
wrapped in her loving light
I am actually not a Pagan, I am a Hellenic Polytheist but the line with the Goddess at the end represents how I wanted to be as a child when I was a traditional Pagan like my mother.
Oct 2020 · 116
Children of the Moon
Pyrrha Oct 2020
To my moon-kissed brothers and sisters
Hold yourself high with confidence
We are the strongest force known to mankind
For we've walked through fires just to be heard
We've raced through shadows and sung under stars
So we could be free

Come dance with me under the moon
As we manifest our dreams
Our intentions true
Our spells be carried through
If it is our will, so mote it be

And when their flames embrace our bones
as they vilify our souls and condemn our bodies,
we will hum our songs of virtue and light
for we walk the path of honest faith with no room for doubt

As they light us up like fireflies upon their pyres,
Let us smile to our Lord and Lady, our Gods and Goddesses
We will show no fear as they stare holes into our hearts
for we have magic in our blood and mystery in our eyes
We who dance with demons and fancy the fae
Spare no time to those with ill intent and hateful minds

With no fear or worry we are the awakened ones
aware to the world beyond and within our own
We stand hand in hand with mother nature, with Lady Gaia herself
With glory we travel to Valhalla, the Elysian Plains and the Fields of Aaru

They can light their fires to satisfy their hunger for our blood
But brave children of the moon,
they can never have our valiant courage nor our souls
they can never taste our magic or see the astral
because we allow ourselves to soar above what can be seen
above what we are told is intangible
We climb the towers of our minds
and rise to our higher selves

We chant our songs like sirens blessed by Apollo
We won't bend or break because they call us sinners
Sinners in who's eyes? I refuse to kneel to a bloodied faith
We will not shatter with their looks of disgust
We will not crumble under their evil eye
We will kiss the hands of fate and spit in their naïve eyes

We are the blessed ones who tower above the wicked
For we are the sons and daughters of the witches they could not bind or banish
We are the children of the moon who bow to none
We are the ones who will rise like a phoenix from their fires
For we are the witches who refuse to burn
Oct 2020 · 63
Pyrrha Oct 2020
He's married to misfortune
bewitched by the pain
those cruel and unwelcoming eyes
tore him limb from limb
his trust disposed of
like a used and worn down crutch
crumbled down so small
till it could be carried away on the wind
he dissolved until
all he had left to call his own
was a shriveled piece of hope
caught inside a spiderweb
of fear and deception

I tore through the silk of insecurities
I fought through all the lies
till my arms were numb and heavy
I carried his hope
cradled in my arms
like a newborn baby
and when I found him
laying in his chasm of dispair
he turned from the light
but I stood my ground
I held him without a sound
I held onto his withered form
in my weary auspicious arms
until he turned around and
at last embraced himself in forgiveness
and reclaimed his hope once more

But I've been wed to 'almost'
a sly hex placed on me
where I almost get to cherish him
I almost get to erase his burdens
where I almost take his worries in my hands
and bury them in my own
I almost have the right to ease his mind
I almost get to be more
than a healing hand
a refracted beacon of light
where I almost get to hold him
where I almost get to stay by his side
till the stars become one with the Earth
I almost get to sheild him from loneliness
I almost get to protect him
and guard his traumatized heart

A curse so fowl and deep
that he is always almost within my reach
yet our hands can never seem to touch
where I almost get to dry his tears
where I almost help him see his worth
I almost get to save him
from all those unkind words
that slip from his mind and out his mouth
that leave those marks across his heart
I almost stop those cruel voices
full of betrayal and envy
But worst of all I must live with the everyday
realization that had I been
just a little more selfish...
He was almost mine
Sep 2020 · 274
Pyrrha Sep 2020
I'm not good with hello's or goodbyes
because when you are someone as invisible
as a whisper on the wind
as the atoms in our skin
or a melody trapped within
there's no one waiting to greet you
and no one there to leave you

I'm just a cellophane wrapped scream
waiting to be heard,
waiting to be seen
Sep 2020 · 63
Pyrrha Sep 2020
If letting go was an easy thing
Then like balloons we'd all be mindlessly drifting
With no hand to hold us, to ground us
We'd soar higher and higher
With no thought of ever coming down

Who'd ever want to come back down to Earth once they've lived among the stars anyway?
Sep 2020 · 413
Pyrrha Sep 2020
They say in love you go by personal tastes
Love can taste sweet like strawberries and honey
Or bitter like a freshly cut lemon on your tongue

What flavor was our love, do you think?
I think it was like apple slices and nutella
Healthy, but a little too sweet to be sure

Or maybe it was mint chocolate-chip ice cream
Fresh and sweet, the outcast that so few love
I'm not sure quite what it was, but I still crave that taste
Sep 2020 · 53
Parting on good terms
Pyrrha Sep 2020
The least you could have done was make me hate you
Give me a reason to curse at your name
A reason to get angry and say things i'll regret

You couldn't have left me with anger or resentment
No, what you did was worse than a thousand paper cuts
Worse than wearing wet socks after getting caught in the rain
And far worse than sticking a hand in an open flame

You left me with a heart full of love, desire and longing
You left me with all this wanting and wishing
With daydreams that can never and will never be
Like a diamond hanging on a rope right in front of me
On a cliff, just out of reach with a little note that says
'This is not for you, but nice attempt'

You walked away but you took nothing with you
You didn't take my feelings away
You left them with me and for that I wish I could hate you
Hate you for leaving me with this love I have no right to feel
Hate you for the golden outlines your footprints left behind
Hate you for the final farewell I didn't want to hear
But it's not your fault that I can't let go of these pieces of you

It's all because you were mine
You were my favorite gem
And our love was a blossoming garden

'Were' and 'Was'
Such ugly words
Sep 2020 · 164
Pieces of you
Pyrrha Sep 2020
Every time I open up my camera gallery
My eyes stop on the folder with your name
Why are you so hard to erase?
My finger hovers above 'delete'
But I never follow through

I still walk around with thoughts of you
'Wouldn't it be fun if he were here?'
I'll think and then recall
That I can't daydream about you and me anymore
And what really breaks my heart
Is to see the poetry I wrote about you, the ones you never saw

I almost want to curse at you for not breaking my heart
Because your kindness is the worst part
How do you let go of something good for you?
How do you forget the smiles that they gave you?
How do you expect me to cope with all these pieces of you?
Jul 2020 · 102
How I've loved you
Pyrrha Jul 2020
I loved you like a melody loves to be sung
Like a poem loves to be read
Or how a performer loves the spotlight

I treasured you like a person treasures their first love
Like a dragon treasures it's jewels
Or how Yin treasures Yang

I felt safe with you like a child in their mothers arms
Like a Princess feels safe with her Knight
Or how a caterpillar feels safe inside it's chrysalis

I've missed you the way the sea misses the shore
The way a flower misses spring
Or how a caged lion misses the Savannah

I long for you like a droughted land longs for rain
Like an idea longs for creation
Or how pain longs for release

I fell for you like a raindrop from the sky
Like a tear from the eye
Or how a snowflake melts into a warm palm

And I'd still silence your storms
Make the world wait for you
Hold your hand till you feel fine
Change the darkness into a blinding dawn
Bloom a rose in the snow

But I walk away from you like a Knight swears an oath
Like a King protects his country
Or how a poor mother gives her child away

I crumble for you like a Kingdom turned to ash
Like a child under pressure
Or how sand falls through an hourglass

I sacrifice for you, like a lover for their beloved
Jul 2020 · 175
Invisible scars
Pyrrha Jul 2020
Mental and emotional wounds are invisible, but a wound is still felt by those they inflict
Just like a tiny cut, you still feel the pain even if you can't see it
Just like the cancer beneath your flesh and in your brain, it still eats away at you

These are wounds that don't heal or go away if you apply pressure or put a bandaid over
There is no stitch that can put your broken heart and wounded mind back together
You walk with this pain
Feel it in every step and passing look

The goosebumps on your arms
The trembling of your hands
The darkness behind your eyes
The apathy in your voice
You can't see the wound, but sometimes you can see the symtoms

You can't feel the pain another feels
You can't see it but that doesn't mean it isn't there
You can't see a cough or a virus as it courses its way through your body
But that doesn't mean they aren't real

We carry these invisible scars with us
And they never truly go away or fade
Jun 2020 · 181
Hermes; my patron god
Pyrrha Jun 2020
Everyone loses their way
Lost in their chasmic minds
Lost in their bismol worlds
Lost in their abysmal emotions
Some find a light to guide their way
A melody; a sign; a feeling
Others search for a distraction
Someway to forget the failure and lose the guilt
But for me, Hermes guides my path
Like a soul into Hades,
He always brings me home
Back from my friendly worm named Loneliness
Back from my terrible sense of direction
Back from my endless attempts at self sabotage
He makes me see the truth; the reality; the destination

Everyone is all so full of deceit and corruption
Pleasing themselves by pleasing others
Becoming someone else to be above all others
Blinded by envy and seething with a jealous rage
They hold out their open hands to me
But he whispers in my ear
"It's all a lie"
And I keep my hand down by my side
And watch as they go to the next person
Holding their hands out just the same
And chaining the gullible fools with honeyed words and empty promises
Binding to them now like a contract over their souls
Enslaved to the whims of the corrupt

He has me dream of lands across the sea
Speaking a tongue that is not mother to me
I fall in love with these foreign things
The sights he sends me, the sounds, the smells
All the excitement of leaving to somewhere new
With no fear of the unknown, trusting only
In the path on which he guides me
I see it now, so far away
I reach my hand out and I feel it on my fingertips
I close my eyes and the words slip into my mind
With every phrase I learn, the freer I become
And I walk his path with knowledge I am safe

In meditation he guides me
On a starlit beach I find myself sinking my feet into the sand
Swiftly he approaches with a grin
He holds his hand out to me and I feel at ease
No strings or "you-owe-me's" await
And with winged feet he sends me back
Gently placing me in my body
And I awaken safe and sound
The worm part is a knock at my first poem The worm named Loneliness
May 2020 · 298
Like A Greek Tragedy
Pyrrha May 2020
When our love died
It's blood fell into the blessed earth
And from that drop sprung the fauna of our hearts
Sunflowers and Primroses grew in every place we've walked
Trailing back to the deathbed of Marigolds, Pink carnations and lovely Chrysanthemums
But what only you can see
Is the trail of Forget-Me-Nots
Leading back to me
May 2020 · 125
Pyrrha May 2020
Breaking up with someone mutually
Knowing you both still love eachother endlessly
Feels like your whole body is grieving
My heart and fingers are shaking
And my eyes are stinging from the mascara mixing with tears
The worst part of it is that I'm not sad or angry
I know I'm okay, but unfortunately my heart isn't as rational as my brain

You don't have to worry, I'm okay
May 2020 · 162
Pyrrha May 2020
If all the wrong doings and doers that have or will come to me
Were to hand over a key to their destruction before they leave
I'd melt it down to nothing so they never again feel that initial fear
I'd never allow such weakness to remain in these moments tied to pain
For from within every weakness either strength or evil is released
So as I melt away the demons fears, so too myself have I reprieved
May 2020 · 123
Second thoughts
Pyrrha May 2020
When did I become a second thought to you?
I always put you first
I assumed you did the same
I thought I'd at least be a second thought
Perhaps a third?
Or maybe not
Perhaps you do not think of me as I think of you

Or was it that you never did?
May 2020 · 176
Long Distance 2
Pyrrha May 2020
I text you when I am down or afraid
I ask "What are you doing?" or "How are you?" to set my mind at ease
Because knowing you exist is soothing in itself

But you've stopped responding

The lifeline-
Cut and abandoned
I still ask how your days is
But you don't answer

Because you've stopped trying
May 2020 · 218
Pyrrha May 2020
I bought sunflower seeds and planted them in a little *** on my window sill
I watered and tended to the leaves everyday
Every time the leaves seemed sick or browning
I had to hold back tears as I cut away the rot
Is it weak or dumb of me that I cried?
Like witchcraft I cared for that flower as if it were our love
As the leaves would rot so too did our hearts
As the petals fell so too did your love for me
And in every falling petal
Every cut leaf
Every inch of that flower
I felt you grow farther and farther out of reach from me
May 2020 · 252
Pyrrha May 2020
Why does this relationship feel like unrequited love?
I knew loving each other would be our downfall
But I didn't think it would feel so empty and lonely
May 2020 · 171
The worst feeling
Pyrrha May 2020
There is no worse feeling than knowing you love someone more than they could ever possibly love you back
May 2020 · 94
Pyrrha May 2020
Our love was such a beautiful flower

One so unique and brand new it didn't even have a name
As it's petals bloomed and towards the moon it grew
I felt a love that was so deep and true

I thought that it was so beautiful and ethereal
That it must be immortal
That I'd see it in this life into the next and the one after

But it wilted
All the petals browned and fell
The roots rotted and leaves receded

Every flower has its season, this one just came late and let false hope into my heart

No matter how much I watered
How much I changed the soil
How much love I poured into it-

I could not save our dying flower
May 2020 · 79
What love is
Pyrrha May 2020
Because of him I've come to know what love is truly like
And it's not the way I've written it
Love is painful
Love is insecure
Love is questioning

I've always written that
Love was healing
Love was confidence
Love was knowing

While sometimes it may be all those things, it alternates
Love is bittersweet
Love is longing
Love is searching

Now that I know love, I've come to understand it even less
Love is having constant questions and having the answers just out of sight
Love is wanting to hold someone and them being just out of your reach
Love is desiring the sweetness in a romantic ballad while the sound is deafening

It is both everything I can't live without and everything I wish I could
Pyrrha May 2020
He carries my heart in the soles of his shoes
So when he's looking down it's not because he has the blues

But lately it seems he forgets me at the door
He walks out into the world barefoot, sad and empty

I wish I could catch him before he leaves
Climb into his pocket and make him feel relieved

Watching from the window I am helpless as he sighs and frowns
On the window sill I sit on edge, patient and waiting for a chance to hold him

He looks like a person searching for something lost, something forgotten
But when he comes home he'll see it's me he has forgotten

I see him turn the corner of our street, he looks up at the window of our home
His gaze fills the room like sitting by a warm hearth

But he looks away and all that remains is the sounds of his shoes hitting the pavement
Our home is now cold and empty as he walks away
May 2020 · 294
Will you still love me?
Pyrrha May 2020
Will you still love me if I'm not pretty?
If all my teeth were broken and chipped
If acne covered every inch of my skin
And if my hair was always oily to the touch?

Will you still love me if I am no longer young?
When all my teeth have been replaced
When my skin is softly wrinkled like a well read book cover
And when my beautiful red hair is turned white with age?

Will you still love me if I am truly me?
All my insecurities and flaws I try to hide
All the fears and doubts within my heart
And all the dreams and ambitions I hold so dear?

Will you love me for me if I let you try?
May 2020 · 43
I'm not who I seem
Pyrrha May 2020
I feel somehow I am fooling you
That I'm not as captivating as you imagine in your mind
I'm not as mature or put together
I'm deceiving you surely,
I'm confused and all over the place
I'm hesitant and scared all the time
I always forget things, I'm not pretty or smart like other girls
I wear a mask of confidence
I'm not really so sure of myself
I'm truly terrified of all my uncertainties
So many qualities I wish to lose and wish to gain for you
But when you say my name I forget that these insecurities ever even mattered
How is it you see me so clearly that I only truly love myself with you?
May 2020 · 164
Long distance
Pyrrha May 2020
In the silence I find comfort looking out the window at the beautiful sky above me, knowing that somewhere in this world it sees you in the ways that I can not
That when you step outside the sun embraces you and holds you in the warmth and gentleness that I long to
And when it rains you can hear, see and feel me for within every drop I am with you in these unknown ways
Because in these ways, through the distance between us we are connected
When I glide my hand along the sunbeams around me I feel the traces of you carried back to me

When the sun sets and darkness surrounds me I feel your heartbeat in the quiet
Under the moon you are reflected in the light, dancing off the beams of her mystical magic
And the dazzling sea of stars calm me in their endless cosmic stretch
For if the stars above can live so far from the people who adore and love them
Then the distance between us is nothing

And I feel comfort knowing you can feel me in these ways that I feel you
When I close my eyes, in this way the distance fades away
So when you step outside, feel me in the warmth of the sun
See and hear me in the pouring rain
Watch me dance in the moonlight
And forget the distance in the stars perpetual range
Apr 2020 · 50
Pyrrha Apr 2020
It's so curious the way the human heart
***** us in through the eyes
Captive to these unfair emotions
Covering every inch with stitches on our skin
Reflecting all the love torn apart within

Bruises on our egos, showing how shallow we can be
Everyone trying too hard to please
The social norms that leave us on our knees
Praying for release from the things we can't control
Because we're all so scared of the unknown

Fake your intentions, pretensions feed the flame
All of the questions that are keeping us awake
What more can we forsake for those illusions we all chase?

And is it worth it in the end
When we look back at the lives we've lived
Knowing every move was calculated, faked for show
Because we were told to live that way
Faking our emotions, driving out the sin

With the same hands used to yield we beckon with a wave
Inviting back all the things we've thrown away and overcame
All the envy rinsing off our skin, falling into life once again
Because we long for the touch of other's to fix what we cannot
Yet we hate and love each other in the same fragile thought

How is it that you fear me like I'm a toxic flower
But still hold me in your arms like I'm all that you desire?
Feeling up my emptiness, caressing away all that is corrupt
Walk with me in the shadows of my soul, breath the air within
Will you hold me up to the sun, that I may feel again?
Apr 2020 · 170
Witches; the innocent
Pyrrha Apr 2020
They were innocent
The ones who walked this path before me
The ones who never did any wrong
Who committed no sin
'Do what ye will but harm none'

They were the ones who loved the earth
Listened to the cries of the wind and the heartbeat of the sky
Saw the dawn kiss the night sky goodbye
And how the moon would watch over them all
The ones who fell in love with all of Earth's mysteries

The ones who loved to heal
Who cherished all life, and wasted none
The ones who saw everything and nothing
Who ran with the rain
And sang to the storms
Who thanked the crops and respected the Earth
The ones who wrote in runes
And spoke in code
To save our craft and protect our herbs

They were stripped of dignity, but not of pride
Dropped into the water but embraced by the gaurdians of the West, resting in defiance on the surface of the sea
They burned their bodies, but not their souls
They wounded their flesh, but not their will
And like a Phoenix, they rose again
Reborn more powerful, more proud

If again we must, again we shall
No longer will we hide our pride
Our symbols, our spells, our rituals, our magic
No longer shall we fear the ones who do not love the earth we live upon
The ones who burned our brothers and sisters out of hate and refused to understand
The ones who slaughter the land and do not value
all the life that exists together
For we are witches who honor our past and rise together as a Phoenix, rising from the ashes of the ones who crumbled so we could soar
Apr 2020 · 372
Aphrodite; the insecure
Pyrrha Apr 2020
I don't claim to be the most beautiful for simply vanities sake
From my first breath of life I learned
That in this world my beauty is my worth
If I am not desirable, then I am nothing
I am beautiful because I have to be
Since that first breath of life
I was told that I was beauty, through and through
If I am not beautiful, then what am I?
What purpose would I serve?
If I am not the most beautiful, then have I lost my worth?
The diamonds on my skin
The blinding, dazzling layer of my shallow beauty
Hide the precious gemstones that cover my heart and run through my veins
For I am beauty, through and through
Pyrrha Mar 2020
He carries my heart in the soles of his shoes
So when he's looking down it's not because he has the blues
I hold his dreams on my shoulders so when he's depressed
He'll have a safe space where his mind can rest
Feb 2020 · 88
Pyrrha Feb 2020
The crushed wing of a butterfly still inspires me to fly
It shows me not to take my own for granted
Feb 2020 · 119
Valentine's Day
Pyrrha Feb 2020
How many?
How many holidays are to be taken away?
Valentines day was once Lupercalia
A day to celebrate fertility in honor
Of the Roman Gods
Now it's looked down on
Called a consumer's holiday; A day of romance
Either loved or hated; stolen nonetheless

When I am asked how I feel about Valentine's day
I look at Christmas; Yule and Saturnalia
Easter; Ostara
And who knows how many others
If you are going to steal a holiday,
At least don't make it on the same day

It makes me think
Why am I forced to hide
On these oppressive days?
My religion has been demonized
Stolen from and misrepresented for so many years
Suffered in witch trials, burned and drowned
If we have done so much wrong
Then why are you stealing our sacred days?
Giving them new names, copying the rest

Our symbols, our holidays, our spells
All stolen
The cross, Valentine's day, a prayer

When I think about Valentine's day
I think about how much has been taken from me
And how much it hurts to hide
In the shadows of a vilified faith
'Do what you will so long
As you harm no other'

Our kindness has been trampled on
By the 'generous' faiths
With their arms outstretched
To ruin and take
Rather than forgive and accept
Forced into the shadows
To practice my religion
Wearing my symbols
Like chains of shame
Looking at my holidays
In envy and with heavy heart
Happy Valentine's.
I wrote this in response to a Scholarship response, "Write a poem on your thoughts about Valentine's Day."

I'm a Hellenic Polytheist(A branch of Paganism)
Jan 2020 · 76
Pyrrha Jan 2020
I wish I could walk along the path you leave behind
Do the things you do to me that I'd never do to you
Say the words I know will hurt and cut you deep
So you can understand what it feels like to have
Those scars that run across your heart and weaken your mind

I'm jealous of how highly you think about yourself
How easily you hurt others without a second thought
How you can do whatever you want
Say whatever you want
And never face a single consequence

If I could walk a day in your shoes
I'd break a million hearts with every step
And when I'd get tired I'd have a glass of water
Poured from the ocean of tears from all those you've discarded

And I feel like I'm your ghost
Pacing in the steps of the one who hurt me most
Bathing in your legacy of tragedy
In all these memories I am searching for my remedy

But all I have found is a band-aid to rip off
A quick and momentary pain I won't remember once it's done
In my mind I shake the walls of insecurity and reminisce
About the times I was able to commit such crimes of passion
About the times I was stronger than the person that I am now
When I wasn't too scared to rip that band-aid off
Jan 2020 · 81
True love never satisfies
Pyrrha Jan 2020
I hear that love is the strongest blade
With the kind of strength that cuts through all that's wrong
And builds whole kingdoms from the rubble
But every day through lover's eyes
I watch it defile all perfection
And empires fall with every deception
All the dishonesty that is unburied
Teaches lessons you ought to learn before you're married
Hold yourself and don't look up
Eyes that search will surely find
Perfect love that masquerades with devil's at night
I find that within this life there are no gallant knights
True love never satisfies
A hungry heart that feeds off lies
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