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1d · 62
Narrow Minds
Pyrrha 1d
If you could see him through my eyes
You'd think he's wonderful too
If you could feel through my heart
You'd fall for him just as deeply

But keep your narrow minds
Your selfish expectations
All your rotten, hollow words
Far away from him

Simply because you can't see his worth
Doesn't mean he isn't worthy
1d · 40
Pyrrha 1d
The bravest boy I know
Sits in the eye of the hurricane
All alone

Surrounded by so much fear
Hatred, loathing, and pain
He doesn't run away

He faces the storm
Even if he has to do it
All alone
6d · 338
Pyrrha 6d
Behind her eyes I can see
Inside her heart and in her soul
Her veins and all her bones
All are painted gold
6d · 116
Domestic violence
Pyrrha 6d
Domestic violence in my heart
With eyes that wage a war
And lips that speak of more
He takes our ******* and calls it art
Immediately after this I got Marilyn Manson's cover of ******* stuck in my head again...
Jun 8 · 313
Pyrrha Jun 8
If you need someone to hold you together let me be the vase to your beautiful bouquet
May 20 · 95
All or nothing
Pyrrha May 20
I want to fall in love with his bad days
His insecurities
Become a best friend to his loneliness, his fears
A partner to his loathing

I want to love him for all he thinks he isn't
So I can prove him wrong and kiss away his hate

I want to fall in love with his tears
His messy hair in the mornings
His grogginess before his cup of coffee
His clumsy and nervous stutters

Everything about him, I want to find myself fawning over
I want to give him my all and love his everything
Because love doesn't pick and choose
It consumes all or it leaves with nothing

If I only choose to love his shimmer in the sunlight
Or his childish smiles and giggles
Then it would be as if I loved a portrait
Our love would only tarnish and fade with time

I will love everything or I will not love at all
Apr 29 · 127
Some days
Pyrrha Apr 29
Some days are ephemeral
A short but sweet memory

Some are longer days
That carry me far away
And I simply drift

The days that are the longest
Are the ones that take me farthest

And I simply drift
Into the abyss of time
Chasms of nothing

The void of desolation
A veil torn to shreds by light

Till I find the path
That leads me back to myself
I will simply drift
A poem I wrote for my friends creative writing class cuz she was too lazy
Apr 26 · 326
A room full of strangers
Pyrrha Apr 26
It's a sad thing
To be around so many people
And still not feel
As if any of them care for you

It's a sad thing
To see them laugh and love
And still not have
Enough love and laughter

Left for you
Apr 26 · 120
Untitled 11
Pyrrha Apr 26
Abusing his kindness
Is like giving a child a kite
Then cutting the string
Apr 24 · 831
What do we truly own?
Pyrrha Apr 24
Your actions and words can be manipulated by others
Your body can be told to do things you'd never wish it to
Souls can be corrupted and minds can be harshly invaded
Memories can be twisted and forgotten, faded and changed
Even our emotions can be controlled by another living being

The only thing in the world you truly own is the truth
Apr 18 · 108
Pyrrha Apr 18
It's so weird how speaking for a certain amount of time or to a certain amount of people is an accomplishment to me
Sometimes it feels like I have a limit to the amount of words I'm allowed to speak
As if I don't have the right to voice the endless thoughts flowing in my mind
I love to make people smile
To make others not feel alone
But I'm so quiet that I often make others uncomfortable
If I only gave myself back the right to speak
People would hate me for my noise
Instead I hate myself for my silence
Apr 18 · 106
Pyrrha Apr 18
I feel mute sometimes
I've gone days, even weeks without saying a word
It never used to bother me
Being left alone to observe others
But I'm tired of living as a spectator
It feels like I was casted as an extra for my own life
I know that it's not right
But what can I do
As I stand alone outside this snow globe world
I wish I could pick up a hammer
Shatter the barrier
But I know I could never do it

I'd feel pity for the broken glass
Apr 16 · 98
Pyrrha Apr 16
My biggest form of shame
Is how often I give up on today
How soon I dread tomorrow
I feel guilt in my weakness

The present is a gift I can't open
Apr 10 · 181
Pyrrha Apr 10
A light within the dark
Sings a song inside my heart
Turns the beating into music
A symphony of my own design
A sound to fill the silence
Inspired by the light within the dark

The way he glows
You'd think the sun was in his veins
Apr 10 · 197
My love
Pyrrha Apr 10
My love fills the vacuum of space
It melts the ice caps in the north
Reaches to the center of the earth
Stretches from sea to sea
Yet my love still can’t seem
To find you

My love screams above the thunder
It sings softer than a lark
Turns lava into rock
Fills the stars with light
Yet my love still can’t seem
To reach you

My love grows roses in the sand
It turns shadows into sunlight
Makes salt taste like sugar
Takes strolls across the universe
Yet my love still can’t seem
To touch you
Apr 10 · 432
Tomorrow in today
Pyrrha Apr 10
I want to know what awaits for me beyond today
I want to see into tomorrow before the sun returns
I need to find the sunshine living in the living
I need to feel tomorrow in today
I was inspired by the writing style of The Beatles and started realizing that the reason their writing is so relatable is because they wrote from the heart not from the mind, so I tried it out.
Apr 10 · 479
Pyrrha Apr 10
as the stars trickle down from the sky
they take the form of raindrops
every time they splatter down on me
i feel every shattered aspiration
in those little splashes of starbursts
i feel them stab into me demanding to be set free

crushing a dream
is like ripping the wings from a butterfly
and then asking it why it can not fly
Apr 2 · 169
Pyrrha Apr 2
Standing next to her is like putting myself next to Aphrodite or Helen of Troy
and still trying to demand attention
her beauty alone captivates and blinds the world
those pools of coffee brown eyes and dark thick curled hair
wrapping around my neck and flooding my lungs

Yet I wouldn't like to find myself in any other place
even Aphrodite deserves someone she can trust
I see her for who she is
I see the insecurity behind her eyes
I refuse to let someone worshiped by so many for her beauty feel so ****
at her side I get to tell her that her beauty does not stop at her skin

Beauty dives into her flesh  and runs within her veins
it coats her heart in a rich and healthy glow of glitter and of gold
my Goddess here on earth, Aphrodite
you aren't a goddess because you have a pretty face

You have more love in you than your heart can handle
that is what makes you so powerful, so beautiful, and so beloved
Mar 26 · 235
Untitled 10
Pyrrha Mar 26
Could we stay here
sitting in the stars embrace
until the day we all collide
and become the stars themselves?
One day
would you help me light up the sky
with a constellation of our own?
Mar 8 · 186
Untitled 9
Pyrrha Mar 8
Love is such a funny thing to me sometimes
How can one person have so many lovers in their lifetime?
I want just one person to fill all the empty spaces I have left between now and eternity
I swear I have seen my friends fall in and out of love faster than I can spell out my own name
Mar 4 · 310
Pyrrha Mar 4
You know how when you break open
some rocks you find crystal?
My heart is like that
break it open and you will find
all my love for you

I'm like a geode
I seem **** and hollow at first
but after you break me apart
you will see all the treasure in me
that was hidden on the surface

Only now it is no longer yours
every touch from then on
turns my crystals to rust
one shard at a time

A geode turned to coal
for the next heartbreak
to reveal my hidden gold
Mar 4 · 158
Pyrrha Mar 4
I am tired of the dishonesty in the blue
The tiredness in the grey
The snobbishness in the green
Disinterest and false warmth of brown
Distracted hazel eyes

I want eyes like rainbows
To carry me away
Mar 4 · 272
Pyrrha Mar 4
While we sit underneath the shadowy blanket of the night
counting stars and naming all the constellations
sipping wine and forgetting time
I can't help the jealousy that flows into me
as you get drunk off wine instead of me
how I wish I could intoxicate you with myself
It isn't until I part my eyes from those dazzling twinkling lights
that I see your gaze is on me
rather than the endless sky
Mar 3 · 137
Pyrrha Mar 3
Love is found in everything and anything
I fall in love with a good book; poetry
I fall in love with language; culture
But falling in love with people?

That is something I can neither understand nor figure out
Mar 3 · 308
Pyrrha Mar 3
I used to gaze at the clouds all day long
I used to love to dance in the rain
I used to love the sunshine on my skin
now I never go outside
I just watch as passion seeps from my life

I used to walk on eggshells for you
I never let them crack or make a sound
I used to stand on a pedestal with you
despite my fear of heights
but what did you ever sacrifice for me?

I'm not the same as I once was
the smiles that I wore
have all gone out of season and expired
but out of all the things that I have loved and lost
you are the one goodbye I don't regret
Feb 27 · 328
A short Ode
Pyrrha Feb 27
your words tangle
in my mind, a spiderweb
a mosaic; a garden
your words twist
they splinter, they collide
a million things I have felt
you summarize in a single line
i feel a deep connection in what we share
like looking in a mirror
i see all that could be mine
i see you conquering the world
one sunrise at a time
Feb 24 · 240
Untitled 8
Pyrrha Feb 24
I'm a diamond, I don't need your permission to shine
Feb 22 · 390
Pyrrha Feb 22
You can't look for pride in someone else to find pride within yourself
Feb 22 · 193
Untitled 7
Pyrrha Feb 22
I thought I stopped feeling
Really, I just started healing
Feb 20 · 842
Liars Playground
Pyrrha Feb 20
Lips are not the only playground for liars
Their eyes are holding back storms
Like cauldrons brewing lightning
With such a high voltage
To shock you so suddenly
You will forget there ever was
A word named truth
Feb 20 · 225
Supporting role
Pyrrha Feb 20
Sometimes I feel like I am just a supporting character
A sidekick in someone else's unfathomable destiny
Maybe that's why I am the poet, and not the muse
Feb 20 · 431
I could use the company
Pyrrha Feb 20
you want to be in my life
you want to make me smile
you want to cherish me
then go ahead
nothing is stopping you
my door is wide open
the windows are all unlocked
i am fully exposed and vulnerable

you want to hold my hand
you want to call me pretty, buy me flowers
you want to say i'm yours, talk for hours
don't hesitate
i long to feel whole just as much as you
my doors are wide open
my barricades are down

please, join me in my hearts humble home
Feb 20 · 271
Her Secret Power
Pyrrha Feb 20
She has the kind of smile that lights up battlefields and stops time
My best friend
Feb 20 · 201
Untitled 6
Pyrrha Feb 20
The people who make promises
         are the ones who get pleasure
                      when they break them
Feb 19 · 138
Pyrrha Feb 19
I think I'm always stressed out
Because my mind is always a mess
I must have OCD for my thoughts
It makes me
     o   m
T           a
     b                l
So I make lists of what must be done
What I want to do, what I'm going to do
And many more lists
To organize my thoughts, just a little bit
Feb 19 · 436
His scent
Pyrrha Feb 19
He often smelled like freshly brewed coffee
Sometimes like cinnamon, sometimes like lavender
But he always, always
Smelled like lies
Feb 19 · 173
An outdated vow
Pyrrha Feb 19
"Till death do us part"
I refuse to say this when I am wed
because love does not have an expiration date
I hope that long after I die
you will still look back and remember
how deeply we loved
If you die before me
I will love you into my next life

Till death do we meet again,
to renew our love and fall once more
Feb 19 · 976
A kindred spirit
Pyrrha Feb 19
I think asking for a soulmate is too much
Perhaps I should seek instead a kindred spirit
I'll find one along my journey across the sea
A fellow traveler, wanderer, foreigner
Someone else who sees the beauty in the little things
Who finds their passions in what others deem to be lesser
They will be like a sunflower in a rose bush;
A willow tree in a forest of redwoods

My moth amongst butterflies
Feb 15 · 365
Pyrrha Feb 15
my whole heart was not enough
for when he spoke to me
it wasn't a language that I could comprehend
he spoke to me like he spoke to a wall
a ghost, a doll, something that was not real
that was not alive
if he loved me then I would understand
any language, any dialect, any tone
because words of love can and will
bypass any barrier
Feb 12 · 725
Tree Roots
Pyrrha Feb 12
I'm like the root of a tree,
all my strength hides beneath the surface
while all my weaknesses are exposed to every season
trembling in winter, blooming in spring
burning in summer, changing in autumn
but my roots stay strong and grounded
they hold all my passion, all my determination

So long as my roots stay strong, all my leaves can burn
I'll allow my bark to be torn apart, carved into
If it makes you happy
but I will continue to grow, to change
because my roots stretch far and deep
I will bend and break, but I will grow back
much greener and with more passion than before

You can destroy me on the surface,
but deep inside the earth's protective embrace
you can't harm me
Feb 12 · 466
The Language I Love
Pyrrha Feb 12
You aren't just gold and starlight
you are my every word
my dialect, my stanza, my every thought
you leave me tongue tied

You are my entire language,
you make my speech so clumsy
all my words are tripping over themselves
just to please you and only you

You are my linguist dream,
I love to study the poetry in your veins
the sonnets in your eyes,
the limericks in your lips

You are literature incarnate,
and I worship you
Feb 12 · 114
Pyrrha Feb 12
Love starts out with the illusion of a perfect, delicate, gentle rose
And then it's a guillotine
A heavy blade to strike you without a cause or warning
A guillotine
To execute the ending of something that has come into tainted hands
Feb 12 · 1.3k
Shooting Star
Pyrrha Feb 12
I would cover you head to toe in the most dazzling darkest of lace
but you shine so brightly that even the darkest of fabrics and cloth
could never sheathe your radiant glow and contain your luster

I wish I could hide you away in a place so very dark, so secure
I'd bury you in a billion rose petals to blanket your eyes, your lips
to keep you from the world of temptation, lust, and sins

If only I was selfish enough to take you a million worlds away
away from this unworthy and inadequate life of insecurity
fear of losing you takes over my being, I fear someone else will see

all your beauty and light seeping from the flower beds
glowing from under all that lace and spilling into the world
filling all those tainted people with thoughts of stealing you away

but I can't keep you to myself, I'll not allow such selfish actions
I can't keep the sun, the moon, and the stars from the earth
you are needed for warmth and sustenance, to control the ocean

You are the light that decorates the night sky with illumination
as if the sky was kissed by glitter, you make up every constellation
you are my shooting star, safe to view and wish upon from afar
Feb 11 · 509
Pyrrha Feb 11
Maybe I can't wither or wilt
because I'm not a flower
maybe I'm still just a seed
waiting to sprout into something beautiful,
something powerful enough to take over you
or perhaps I'm already
a garden in full bloom
a gem hidden in a perpetual spring
maybe I've already enraptured you

Tell me world, do I already have you
wrapped around my finger?
Feb 8 · 562
Untitled 5
Pyrrha Feb 8
You held my hand today
Its not the first time,
But for some reason

It made me think
Pyrrha Feb 6
A picture paints a thousand words
but even a thousand words
is not enough to paint
a picture-perfect portrait of you
too ethereal, too unique
pulchritudinous in the way you think

Let's take a hundred thousand pictures
so we can make a novel out of you
Let's take a hundred thousand pictures
so the world can learn that perfect isn't a myth
perfection is hidden within your smile
within your eyes, within your voice

Let's take a hundred thousand pictures
so I can immortalize you in my art
Let's take a hundred thousand pictures
and maybe then I'll have all the words I need
to make you believe me when I tell you
just how perfect you truly are
Jan 31 · 483
Move On
Pyrrha Jan 31
Don't confuse my kindness for forgiveness
Jan 31 · 362
Untitled 4
Pyrrha Jan 31
"You've stepped in ****"
              "Oh I know, but he's gone now"
"You've stepped in ****" is an idiom for you have come across some bad luck or have gotten into a bad situation.
I usually never curse in a poem, but this is an acception.
Jan 31 · 355
Angel Wings
Pyrrha Jan 31
My life is like the the angel wings on my back
They give me the freedom and opportunity to fly away
But I choose to fly a different path instead
Not away from yesterday, but towards tomorrow
Jan 31 · 164
My world
Pyrrha Jan 31
My world is not
A giant chunk of floating iron
Orbiting a sun, harboring a moon

My world is not
Concrete sidewalks
Made for hopscotch and chalk

My world is not
A prayer in the wind
Sent from shivering lips

My world is
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