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 Jul 2023 Pyrrha
Ron Sparks
The work
isn't easy,
and doesn't satisfy,
but the burn of twilight whisky
sure helps.
 Jul 2023 Pyrrha
I'm so close to you
It's causing me pain,
My heart wants to hold you
It's too much of a strain,
Though I currently stand
As your confidante and friend,
I might fall in love
With you in the end.

Too close for comfort
I’m vulnerable too;
Afraid that I'm falling
In love with you.
 Jul 2023 Pyrrha
I sat upon the bluff last night
I looked across the canyon,
I deliberated destiny
I was my own companion,
The sunset spread across the sky
In a thousand colored tones,
Ancient voices echoed from the walls
The wisdom in the stones.

The evidence of centuries erosion
I have touched,
The absolute infinity of loving
I have clutched,
The tenderness of kindness
Presented by a friend,
These are things that have beginnings
But never have an end.

1994  (Paradise CA, Skyway Bluff)
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