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Is a life of torment,
nothing seems quite right
nothing is quite wrong
Everything is inbetween,
a purpose or
a song.

Playing Cards
Hard Chuckle

Playing Cards
Hard Chuckle

The laughing God of tricks
Ann Marie Peña Sep 2018
I want to fly.
Fly away like a little bird.
To Neverland.
And never look back.

Fly to a place,
Which only the clouds can see me
And only the clouds is what I see.

I will take myself there
Without hesitation.

Not even a spaceship will see me.
I will float.

But in reality I'm heavy,
So I will fall.

Fall so hard
I won't feel anymore.
Ann Marie Peña Sep 2018
I fell disgusted as I fell a hand on my buttons.
In my town, this is no strange.
But today was different because the hand in my private place wasn't a big one but a small innocent hand of a 10-year-old smiling at me while still touching me.
And trust me, that touch was not in a childish way.
Sadly is not the first time that happens.
  Apr 2018 Ann Marie Peña
I suppose if death is staring you in the face, the first one to blink
Ann Marie Peña Mar 2018
You are like the worst doctor
And I am the best patient
That is letting you do an open heart surgery
Without anesthesia.
Ann Marie Peña Mar 2018
Worst thing than being blinded by love
Is being blinded by friendship.
Ann Marie Peña Feb 2018
Today even if it was raining and dark
I could suddenly see a really beautiful and
bright light coming from everywhere I looked.
Life is getting better I guess.
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