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A fish could love a bird, where would they live?
They will thither and ponder till they get yonder.
They will hover, perch, swim, fly, frolicking
Savoring every moment.
The bird will hover the river and the fish would show its tail, constantly swimming towards the edge of the river to see the bird
They will find a way.

There are no milestones too great for love to conquer
There are no mountains too high for love to climb.
Love is the air that flows from cosmic beyond
The endlessness of time is love
The reason the sparrow flies and soars in rhythms
The strength of a man
The weakness of his heart
The frolicking and intertwining of two hearts into one
The song the heart sings
The tune the soul hears
If love is a sea
Let me drown in it
Spreading and leaping far and wide
Let it swallow me
**** me
**** me with love

Feb, 14th, 2017. All right reserved
For valentine and lovers
The old man gazed at the sun about to set
And its molten core soon to dissolve in the sea
Scratching his head with tremulous hands
And running his fingers on the stubble of his unshaven face
He held once more tight to his wheel chair

Casually he had a glance at his hands
Those dry, weak and shriveled hands
Gone wrinkled with passing years!
His hands once so busy are now limp
His days once so brisk are now long and dull

He noticed the discolored patches on his skin
Under them the lattice of tortuous veins on the dorsum
They run down to join with the bigger ones
Like small rivulets flowing towards larger rivers

      He remembered how the streams from summits
So vigorously come down with a gush
Also the noisy cataracts somersaulting down,
Leaving reverberating echoes all around
But they produce only a soft musical sound
As they join with the rivers and pass through plains
And finally end in a kind of hushed stillness
Just before merging with the sea!

The old man philosophized;
Life too, is like a river
Fierce and ferocious when one is young
Gentler and sedate after middle age
And slow and sloppy in old age
With this calm acceptance of the need to de accelerate
Wrapping himself in the shawl against the growing cold
He turned away from the window.

Pushing his wheel chair,
He moved forward,
Knowing no haste…..
Towards his bed for another night’s tired sleep!
Though I dread old age, I love old people especially those who are uncomplaining, spending the evening of their life in quiet resignation! I was inspired to write this after a visit to an old man- a distant relative of me, now on a wheel chair!
The briny tears have dried
The sounding knells are stilled
The grieving crowd, dispersed
The parting pain, allayed

Benumbed lie the dead
Beneath the marble vaults
Bereft of power and prowess
Benighted and beaten.

The sun shall never cast its glorious rays
The stars shall never their brilliance shed
The breeze never shall bring tidings new
The showers shall no more drench them through

A thoughtful friend sometimes seen around
A fervent prayer at times chanted aloud
A plaited wreath, rarely laid over
A trite rite, randomly carried out

There’s none left to mourn or weep
Nor anyone to sing, sigh or sob
Leaving the dead to rot in the closure of graves
To life’s alluring charms, the dear depart.

Cold as clay the dead lie so still
To be feasted on by maggots and the worms
Life with all its glory – defunct
Its fever and fret too – extinct.

How in vain we run after wealth
The power and position we deem so great
Shall come to naught within Time’s gloomy vault
Yet we run and yet we straggle behind.

In vain ends our travail for might
Inglorious is our quest after fame
Transient turn the riches, we garner
Short lived is their gleam and glitter.

Oh Lord! Lead us not into illusory charms
Deliver us of our avarice to hoard
For all that is born and made
‘Must consign to death and come to dust.’
This is one of my earliest poems...... ! Recently I have been attending a couple of funerals at a stretch.... of those who died rather young. Only one was ripe enough (89) . Two others were pretty young... died of cancer in whom cancer was detected only at the fourth stage ! This close encounter with death made me brood over the transitory nature of worldly existence!
Black night

When the moonlight goes into hiatus
and no star beckons the dark sky
Two lovers will hold hands
and side by side, they walk
Moments after moments
hours after hours
Their smile will wake the night
and their touch will be its light
Guiding them yonder
As they conquer the night


When the stars floats and go into hiding
And the day breaks, yawningly yearning
Two lovers will bloom like dew falls
On the spiraling grass, fresh and green
And as birds chirping
Calling after calling
Their song will seize the day
and their love will lead its paths
Blossoming the day, blossoming
Flowing the day, flowing
And love will be its fruit

Ovi Odiete
All right reserved, Feb 2017
For love and the season of love
                ||        ship
upon the sea • fractured
light to port and lee • the  
wind it howls and makes    
its pass • thru the rigging    
made of glass • rainbow      
colors splash the waves    
who'd know this boat put
men in graves • though
they were both brave
~~~~~~~~ and bold • they ~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~ disembarked ~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~  ~~~~~~~~ on the ~~~~~~~~  ~~~
~~~~~ ISLE of SOULS ~~~~~

(C) 1/18/2016

I know that this isn't the best
concrete I've done. I did it to
take my mind off things. I'm
going to read a little, then go
to sleep. Very tired.



It is the poetry of little things that causes the earth to shred and shudder
The poetry of little things that ignites the greatest moments of bliss.
A smile from a little child,
A chuckle from a stranger.
The warmth of a knitted family
The entwining of old friends
The humming from the sea shores
The journey of the moonlight
The waves, the traveling waves
The Sea, the meandering sea
The Earth, the boundless earth
And the sweet song that nature sings.
These little things, garnered with the greatest love
Observed in silence
It is this poetry,
The poetry of little things that elicit the greatest happiness

Ovi Odiete© All right reserved
The poetry of little things..

Thank you all for the hearts and comments for this little poem of mine being picked as my SECOND DAILY
I can't thank you enough
May your rough road be smooth
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