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Aurora Jan 2015
The tears I shed are not for you.
They are from the regret of the love and effort I put for you.
I am human,
With your words, I feel like

The tears are for letting myself down.
I let myself fall,
Having high expectations that you'll save me.
You were never there.

The tears are the lies I let myself believe.
I went through humiliation thinking that you
loved me.
I lied to myself believing that you were the one,
But you're not

The tears is my shame.
Shame on me for being too open to the wrong person.
Now I am going to make sure it does not happen again.
These are the last tears I'll shed.
Aurora Jan 2015
My heart is smarter than my brain.
It knows who is the right person,
And who is the wrong person.

If my heart doesn't choose you,
Then you are the wrong person.
However, my heart makes mistakes like my brain.

You can trick my heart
Not my brain.
They work together to know who is wrong or right.
Aurora Jan 2015
I might be better off without you.

I don’t need your lies, I don’t need your attitude.

You only give me fake love, I see right through it.

I’m not your toy, I’m your friend.

You smile when you are with me

Or you use me as a distraction from your pain.

You don’t know the REAL me.

You see the outside, and for now, that’s all you’ll see.

I’ll stay as your friend until you grow up.

Because I only date men who doesn’t treat me as their pet.

— The End —