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I found my boyfriend was cheating on me,
I changed the names of the girls on his phone,
And mixed their numbers,
And then calmly waited for the drama to unfold.
 Jun 2020 Orion Lesneski
 Jun 2020 Orion Lesneski
.Roses are dead,
Violets are crying.
I'm stuck in the hospital,
They say that I'm dying
 Jun 2020 Orion Lesneski
 Jun 2020 Orion Lesneski
 Jun 2020 Orion Lesneski
Sigh and slave
Sigh and slave
I'm wasting away
We're wasting away
A long time after bedtime
When it's very late
When even dogs dream
And there's deep sleep
Breathing through the house

When the doors are locked
And the curtains drawn
And the shops are dark
And the last train's gone
And there's no more traffic in the street
Because everyone's asleep

The window cleaner comes
To the main shop fronts
And polishes the glass
In the street-lit dark

And a big truck rumbles past
On it's way to the dump
Loaded with the last
Of the day's trash

On the twentieth floor
Of the office tower
There's a lighted window
And high up there
Another night cleaner's
Vacuuming the floor
Working nights on her own
While her children sleep at home

And down in the dome of the observatory
The astronomer who's waited all day for the dark
Is watching the good black sky at last
For stars and moons
And spikes of light
Through her telescope
In the middle of the night
While everybody sleeps

At the bakery
The bakers in their floury clothes
Mix dough in machines
For tomorrow's loaves of bread

And out by the gate
Rows of parked vans sit
For their drivers to come
And take newly baked
Bread to the shops
For the time when the
Bread eaters wake

Across the town at the hospital
Where the nurses watch in the dim-lit wards
Someone very old shuts their eyes
And dies
Breathes their very last breath
On their very last night

Yet not very far away on another floor
After months of waiting
A new baby's born
And the mother and father
Hold the baby and smile
And the baby looks up
And the world's just begun
But still, everybody sleeps

Now through the silent station
Past the empty shops
And the office towers
Past the sleeping streets
And the hospital
A train with no windows
Goes rattling by

And inside the train the sorters sift
Urgent letters and packets on the late night shift
So tomorrow's mail will arrive in time
At the towns and villages down the line

And the mother
With the wakeful child in her arms
Walking up and down
And up and down
And up and down
The room
Hears the train as it passes by
And the cats in the yard
And the night owl's flight
And hums hushabye hushabye
We should sleep now
You and I
It's late and time to close your eyes

It's the middle of the night.
I hope i was able to make you visualize everything iv'e written here :)
I like the sunshine
I like the rain
I even like the thunder
it sort of soothes my brain

I enjoy the light show
of the lightening as it strikes
Sheet lightening and fork lightening
but scary it is oh yikes

perhaps I have thunder
in my heart
and lightening in my soul
Thunder is only just a part

Thunder and lightening is the whole!
A year that everyone wishes would be cancelled
So much death, hate, pain, racism, etc.
As much as I’ve been feeling the impact of all that’s been happening you somehow keep me grounded. You’re my peace, my favorite person, my best friend and lover. You’re my blessing, my queen and the best gift of 2020.
 Jun 2020 Orion Lesneski
I love being
in love,
I love
being love,
I love
being loved.
I love being
treated kindly,
and being able
to show someone
I care for them.
I love the
thought of love,
but I never faked it
I love the thought
of marriage
even when mines
failed miserably;
but why shouldn’t?
Love is what
I was born to project
and that’s
the impression
I will leave
when I pass.
I’m willing to
be in love
and stay in
love as long as
it’s within me
I was reminded of something important
Nothing is really permanent

He was always going to leave
And I still have to live
Getting back up
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