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Syomone Jul 25
I wanna know
are you safe
with love
I wanna know
if I can trust you
with love
I want to know
if I tell you my secrets
will you respect
me in the morning
Don’t use my
Talk against
That will just
Silence me
Syomone Jul 7
Lost summers
here as we
both bathe in
sweet sin
Leave it to me,
I’ll give you
To believe in.
Serving ***
With some
Mangos on the side
Personal space
& privacy
No longer
Exists around
Syomone Jun 7
Her name
his name
Your name
my name
Your tongue
my lips
Their war
our forbidden
Bitter feuds
sweet roses
A new desire
that exposes
Do I risk it
all and
deny my name
Will she do
the same
or is this
all a game
Syomone Apr 11
I carry
that kind of love
in my heart
that you will
never find
see some people
scared of they demons
I make friends
with mine
I might of bend
the truth
but I never lied
I need something
to feel alive when
I’m dead
inside all
my personal issues
I’m learning
to set aside
cause I planted
the seed and
people came
with pesticides
give y’all my
but never
will I testify
Syomone Mar 27
I had my heart
once before
but not anymore
the person
I left it open
too shattered
it to the core
left pieces
of it all over the floor
I trusted
with it
who I truly
treated it like
it was worthless
feels like
their intentions
was to
break it on
Syomone Feb 26
I was afraid
of you losing you,
until I realized you
never really belonged
to me
in the first place
because even
though my heart
was with you
was with
everything and everyone
else so instead
of being afraid
to lose you
I sat back
and watched
you lose me
Syomone Oct 2021
When I run
I’m running
Into your arm
And when I sing
I’m singing to
Your heart
I feel you near
In my moments
Of fear but
When I open
Up my eyes
I see it clear
It’s only in
My dreams
That you are
You’re not
The thing people don’t say grieving never really ends
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