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776 · May 2019
Orion Lesneski May 2019
The life of a poet is hard,
People think that they love your work,
But it's not just work,
Its our life.
767 · Dec 2019
Worn out Book
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
Pick me up,
And open my cover,
But be careful,
Cause I might crumble,
Read my fine print,
Just don’t mock the way I am,
I’ve been through alot since then,
Heart breaks,
And more,
Are all the things you’ll find,
In my novel.
552 · Dec 2019
uʍop ǝpᴉsd∩
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
˙uʍoɹɟ ʇsnɾ ʎǝɥʇ ʇnq ǝldoǝd ʇɐ ʞool I
'uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ƃuᴉuɹnʇ sᴉ plɹoʍ ʎW
470 · Nov 2019
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
Razor Blades,
They take away the pain,
But they hurt the ones I love,
So that’s enough,
To keep me from slicing up.
411 · Nov 2019
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
You see,
You and me,
We made a tree,
Just you and me,
But it wasn’t free,
You got rid of me,
And cut down our tree.
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
Baby don't cut by Bmike
She's only 17, her whole life's ahead of her.
She hates school because the people there discredit her.
Her boyfriend tries to show her that's not how it seems.
But everyday she just gets lowered with her self-esteem.
He lets her know that every night will have a brighter day
She even tried to overdose and take her life away.
She's feeling hopeless there just sitting down beside her bed
Then he takes his hand and places it beside her head.
He tries to hold her but with every touch she still resists
And then he sees the scars that bury deep within her wrists
She's feeling numb, he tries to beg and plead and ask her, "Why?"
She says this way she has control of the pain she feels inside.
He's asking her, "How long it's going since you've felt this?
Way because you got me here, just feeling so **** helpless."
She says, "It's been a while. I guess I needed better luck."
And then he screams at her and tells her, "Baby, never cut!"
Nobody seems to get you, you feel you're on your own
But listen, pretty lady, you don't have to be alone.
So, baby, don't cut, baby, don't cut.
You can do anything, just promise baby you won't cut.
I know your heart is hurting, you think the road has end
You may just feel that blade you're holding is your only friend.
But baby don't cut, baby don't cut.
You can do anything, just promise baby you won't cut.
The next day at school she's feeling better than the day before.
Even cracked a couple smiles as she walked the corridor.
But all that seemed to end: she dropped her books when she walked into class.
And every student in the room just seemed to point and laugh.
She couldn't take it anymore, she sent her boy a text.
She said, "I love you with my body, heart and soul to death."
He thought nothing, typed "I love you", then he sent it.
By "death" he didn't know that she had literally just meant it.
She ducked the next class, ran home into the bathroom.
Thought to herself she wouldn't break her promise that soon.
One cut... two cuts... three cuts... four
The blood just started dripping from the tub to the floor.
Her boyfriend had a feeling in his stomach that he hated.
He followed it right down to her house he never waited.
The front door was open, he heard the water running.
He stormed into the bathroom and his heart just started gunning.
Nobody seems to get you, you feel you're on your own
But listen pretty lady you don't have to be alone.
So baby don't cut, baby don't cut.
You can do anything, just promise baby you won't cut.
I know your heart is hurting, you think the road has end
You may just feel that blade you're holding is your only friend.
But baby don't cut, baby don't cut.
You can do anything, just promise baby you won't cut.
He puts her arm around his shoulder, he's just tryna lean her back up.
Yelling out her name as he lays her beside the bathtub.
Feels his whole world just took a hit from a big avalanche.
Screaming out so heavily, "Somebody call an ambulance!"
Feeling mad angry like somebody's led her onto this.
Her eyeballs are rolling, drifting out of consciousness.
Thinking to himself why the hell did she just stop at will.
The tears just keep on rolling as they head to the hospital.
Paramedics rush her in, the doctor calls emergency.
She's lost a lot of blood the place looks like a ****** scene
An hour later, the doc walks over with a sour face
And says, "Excuse me for the words that I'm about to say.
I'm sorry for your loss, " the boy just starts collapsing.
His own world, his own girl just took a crashing.
Saying to himself that it's his fault and that he let it up.
"Baby, I thought you made a promise you would never cut."
Nobody seems to get you, you feel you're on your own
But listen pretty lady you don't have to be alone.
So baby don't cut, baby don't cut.
You can do anything, just promise baby you won't cut.
I know your heart is hurting, you think the road has end
You may just feel that blade you're holding is your only friend.
But baby don't cut, baby don't cut.
You can do anything, just promise baby you won't cut
359 · Dec 2019
Don't Care
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
You think I will be jealous,
To see another guy climb up your trellis,
But what you don’t see,
I don’t care how you’ll be.
354 · Nov 2019
They Do
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
They said never lie,
But they do,

They said don’t cry,
But they do,

They said don’t ask why,
But they do,

They said don't yell,
But they do,

They said don't use profanity,
But they do.
Guess Who
353 · Oct 2019
Orion Lesneski Oct 2019
( ̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅ ̲̅]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅ )
They do not help,
The blood just soaks on through,
No matter how many I put on,
It will not stop.

( ̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅ ̲̅]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅ )
Blood soaked,
The wrist is covered in blood,
No way I can stop it.

( ̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅ ̲̅]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅ )
I look into my sisters eyes,
She is pleading me to help her,
As the blood drains from her wrists,
There is nothing I can do.
( ̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅ ̲̅]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅ )
( ̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅ ̲̅]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅ )
338 · Aug 2021
Orion Lesneski Aug 2021
Stressed out so I gotta dab out,

Lifes been **** since she got out.

Hit a bowl so thoughts won't become ghouls,

Got kicked to the streets at seventeen,

Did hard drugs,

Had to let my demons take control of me,

No I just stick to ****,

Then I found a new family,

Thought I found my self a queen,

Found out she cheated on me,

Now I'm making money with no goal in mind,

Because everytime I try Its like I hit rewind.
316 · Nov 2019
Don't Test Me
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
As blood drips down my fist,
I hope you got the gist
You wasted my time,
And I did a rapid climb!!
293 · May 2019
Orion Lesneski May 2019
Said you loved me,
Said you would never leave,
Said you only had eyes for me,
Said I could trust you,
289 · Dec 2019
Go Away
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
You look for me,
When you are feeling “broken”,
I’m done being on the sideline,
Watching you hurt every guy,
Just like you did with me,
It’s like you’ve got a degree,
In being a flea,
Jumping from guy to guy,
******* them bone dry,
I’m done being there,
To comfort you when you get a tear,
So leave,
Go away,
I don’t wanna see you anyway.
I'm honestly done with being used like I'm a ******* toy. I'm not CLUELESS!!!
278 · May 2019
Orion Lesneski May 2019
Yesterday it started raining,
It didn't stop,
Went to work,
It made me quirk.

Today it's misty,
And I love it.
Rain brings the best out of some people.
276 · Nov 2019
Red Cross
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
That’s all they want,
But it’s for a good reason.

They ask for blood,
So they can save others,
I’ve let them draw mine 12 times,
They said I saved lives.
275 · Dec 2019
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
I swear,
I will tear,
All his hair,
From his scalp,
If he doesn’t care,
And is not fair,
To you.
244 · May 2019
Great day?
Orion Lesneski May 2019
I was,
Enjoying the sun,
You walked by,
And said hi,
I thought why?

I was,
Enjoying the rain,
In pain,
News paper in my lap,
I let loose a laugh,
And shed a tear,
in Section B,
Was your obituary.
241 · May 2019
Orion Lesneski May 2019
Can’t see anything,
Don’t want to.

Can’t feel anything,
Don’t want to.

Both are a part of my soul.
Having one of those days
240 · May 2019
Orion Lesneski May 2019
I've hurt so many people in my life,
Every time I tried to fix things,
It would always backfire.

But now I know how to make things better,
Sometimes your actions are better than words,
Just be there for them and they will know you care.
237 · Dec 2019
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
I don't know why you still do,
After all I put you through,
I made you go blue,
I have no clue,
Why you still do.
227 · May 2019
Oh sleep
Orion Lesneski May 2019
Oh sleep,
Your an amazing thing,
I dream about you sleep,
Night and day,
Like a creep.
226 · Nov 2019
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
Why can’t you see,
The pain I’m in,
I’m a complete wreck,
Just think about it.
222 · Oct 2019
Orion Lesneski Oct 2019
When you look in the mirror,
What do you see?

I invite all of you,
To look at your reflection,
And look deep into your own eyes...

Tell me,
What do you see?

Or Hate?

You see,
If you look at your reflection long enough,
and study yourself,
You will notice things about your features that you never noticed before.

That's all
219 · Jun 2020
Orion Lesneski Jun 2020
Never gonna sleep,
Till I’m beat,
Working hard,
Ten hours a day,
Seven days a week,
I think I’m in deep,
Won’t ask for a day off,
Cause I’ll just *******,
Making more mistakes,
When I’m on day breaks.
So im pretty shot. Been working ten hour shifts seven days a week this past month. Gotta day I’m hating it but hey at least my pay check is bigger than before. But not as big as I want it to be.
215 · Nov 2019
No Experience
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
There is no light here,
At least not to my knowledge,
I've never been allowed to experience it,
The life I've lived for 17 years,
The people who adopted me 16 1/2 years ago,
It was never a part of my life and they never let it be,
I always went behind their back,
But I still have never experienced it.
211 · May 2019
Too Hard
Orion Lesneski May 2019
This morning I was at the store,
I heard a guy say this to a cute girl.
"If you were a squirrel, would you help me bust a nut?"
Seriesly, that guy is trying too hard.
206 · Sep 2019
Orion Lesneski Sep 2019
I look in the mirror,
darkness swirls around my head,
It's like a swarm of flies,
I wish I could just die...
203 · May 2019
Pig Trough
Orion Lesneski May 2019
Never felt so good,
Till I made it to third,
Had a great time,
Because you were mine.

Thought we were in love,
Because you were a dove,
And I was a glove,
But you took me off,
And threw me in the pig trough.
doesn't make sense but oh well
193 · Nov 2019
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
Never before have I felt so weak,
You make me fall to my knees,
Could this be a disease?
190 · Nov 2019
Let's Go Away
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
Take my hand,
Let me take away your pain,
Make it go far away,
And let us jump on a train,

Take us to a different state,
Let’s make a new reality,
That only involves you and me,
No more hurting,
No more pain.
185 · Nov 2019
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
People tell me to get over it,
When they see what I write,
They say it’s just a phase,
That I will get over it,
But they don’t know….
181 · May 2019
Orion Lesneski May 2019
Their in my head,
Can’t get them out,
Headaches all day.

Happens four times a week,
Wish they would go away,
And just become weak.
179 · Dec 2019
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
Haven’t ate anything for days,
Something is keeping me from eating,
My hunger for you.
175 · Oct 2019
Orion Lesneski Oct 2019
We've been best friends for eight years,
Now you have me in tears.

Your leaving today,
But I want you to stay.

Remember when we used to play,
Video games all day?

I consider you my brother,
But your making me suffer.
175 · Dec 2019
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
You think I’m a fool,
Just because you're so cool,
Then I’m not for you.
174 · Dec 2019
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
Look over this way,
What do you see?

My body surrounded by decay,
Why do you think this way?
173 · Oct 2019
Orion Lesneski Oct 2019
I never thought I would get this far!!
All of you have made my year better than the years before!
171 · May 2019
Orion Lesneski May 2019
Hurt me,
I’ll recover.

Call me a ****,
That works.

Call my phone,
You hear a dial tone.

Won’t answer,
You treat me like a taxi driver.
170 · Dec 2019
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
This is bad,
Very bad,
I just wish I had,
Better control over my mad,
167 · Nov 2019
Be There
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
When you need me the most,
At anytime of day,
Just check your front porch,
I’ll be sitting there,
Waiting for you to smother your burning torch,
Just crawl into my arms,
And you will see,
I will always be there,
166 · Nov 2019
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
It seems like no one is out there,
It seems like no one will care,
It seems like no one loves me,
It seems like I agree.
163 · Nov 2019
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
I can't see anything,
It seems like I've gone blind,
But I know I haven't,
It is just Dark
156 · Dec 2019
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
I see you sitting there,
Out of reach,
By a hair.
153 · Dec 2019
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
You carve your art on my skin,
From neck to toe,
You put a cross.

You used a razor blade,
And cut deep,
On my skin,
You have sinned.
I went to a party last night at my friends house and had "fun". He let me crash there and when I fell asleep some girl carved crosses on my skin. My friend said that he saw a girl go into the room and she was in there for a while, so I think I need to have a little conversation with her about that.
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
You treated my sister like ****,
Said you loved her,
But you didn’t,
You didn’t treat her the right way,
Then yesterday you came where I work,
Just to say,
“Hey punk, How’s that disgust of a sister doing?”

I turned around and walked away,
Even though I wanted to drop you,
I stayed professional,
For a bit…

I walked into the beer freezer,
Restocked the beer shelves,
Punched the walls,
And walked out,
Turned off the lights,
And locked up the store at 10:00pm.

I went home,
With blood dripping down my fist,
Mother didn’t ask what happened,
Father didn’t either,
They both noticed,
But didn’t care.
147 · Nov 2019
Serious Question
Orion Lesneski Nov 2019
What should I do if I witnessed my best friend get punched by his father? HMU for the details and I will let you decide.... I need help
147 · Jan 2020
Orion Lesneski Jan 2020
I’m running on empty,
Palms are all sweaty,
My mind going crazy.
146 · Sep 2019
Orion Lesneski Sep 2019
I am the reason why darkness flows through me,
It's like a black pool of nothing,
It's there but at the same time it's not,
I never knew what it meant,
But it came to me one dark night,
It's here because of what others have done to me,
And what I've done to others.
144 · Dec 2019
Mind Crime
Orion Lesneski Dec 2019
Flooding through my mind,
Telling me I’m running out of time,
If I’m going to commit this crime,
I gotta do it while I’m in my prime,
So could someone please define,
What it means to be divine.
144 · Sep 2019
My World
Orion Lesneski Sep 2019
Darkness isn't a great place,
Light never shines, it never appears,
Light doesn't exist in my world,
Darkness has taken over my mind and I love it.
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