Adam Nov 2018
I’m thankful that my sin is weightless
Carried by a Father
who’s been nothing but gracious
I’ve tried to out run him
And he kept up
Pouring His Love
In this broken cup
I’ve tried it all
I’ve danced with the devil
At the sinners ball
I let him ride
And he took the wheel
But My *** was stronger
All it took was to kneel
I gave Him my life
He took my strife
Ive been given new life
The Son sacrificed
For all of my sins
Now made weightless
By a Father who’s been
nothing but gracious
Adam Nov 2018
Two hearts unite
Love shines bright
Darkness overcome
Two become one  
His love will reign
Forever the same  
A heart once empty
Now filled with light
The spirit has come
Through a sacrificed Son
All sins forgiven
The battles been won
Adam Nov 2018
Unyielding love
Founded in faith
Strengthened by grace
What *** has ordained
Man can’t erase
Our love will thrive
Through the test of time
As His light shines
Two become one
Blessed by the Son
Adam Nov 2018
More and more each day
It will never fade away
A seed planted by Him
Grown from within
Filling an empty heart
From which it can’t depart
I see it in your eyes
When you look in mine
Ours will last forever
Till the end of time
What is Love

— The End —