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McNe Jul 2018
A face speaks of innocence
Imaginations were free to run wild
A body rejecting listlessness
How fortunate for a mind so beguiled

Now the sparkle in the eyes
Slowly fades away
The curious being met its’ demise
Along with the words it wanted to say
Haven't been writing for a long time.
McNe Jul 2017
Let me seep through
The crevices of your heart
Silently watching you
Fall apart

Even if it's wishful thinking
You cannot escape the reality
Of the chains binding
You and me
Been busy lately.
McNe Jun 2015
I often found myself every single cold night
Remembering all the facade I have put until now
Then, there was a fire, a fire trying to ignite
A heated voice, demanding to be exposed which I didn’t allow

I often found myself weeping despite smiling
Chromatic I am yet I perceived the world as dark gray
Unhappy I am by almost every single thing
And the voice inside laughed at me, much to my dismay

The voice asked, “But why? Why do you try so hard?
To impress the people who went astray?
You’re hiding it behind a cloak, the self you always guard
If they deny your existence, wouldn't it be better to walk away?
What am I even doing to myself?
McNe Jun 2015
I woke up today with my head in pain
I felt weaker than I was a day before
In my bed, there were tear stains
I coughed, blood on the floor

Needles over here, needles over there
Piercing my skin almost everyday
I shoved the bitter pills even if I couldn’t bear
I need it for me to live, for me to stay

Each passing day, I took a deep breath
Another day on being a burden
Each passing day, closing near to death
I can feel the hole in me widen
I tried to put myself in your shoes...
McNe Jun 2015
Listen to me, oh bright shiny star
The one in the sky so far
Why is it so hard to reach you?
You just made me sad and blue

Why are you always there?
Each time, I fall into despair
Are you mocking me, my bright shiny star?
Knowing that I can’t be where you are?

Even if you will disappear in time
Even if you’re way past your prime
Even if it leaves me a deep scar
I would still be here, my bright shiny star
I'll still be here, my dearest star. Though I can't be there, I will still be here...
McNe May 2015
I am a mere puppet
A meagre tool to be controlled
To achieve what they covet
I must do as I told

I am a wounded bird
The wings that I am proud of
Forcefully ripped by their words
Broken by their abusive love

I am an innocent prisoner*
Heavily chained, both my hands and feet
Dripping bloods of red, you get the picture
Can’t escape, trapped by their deceit
I don't know what to feel right now...
McNe May 2015
I walked down the road I always took
Still putting on the same old look
There you were, clutching your phone
You noticed me; I flashed a smile of my own

A rock was there, I did not see
I fell hard and the pavement grazed my knee
You offered me your hand while smiling
One glance, my heart was beating

After exchanging words to the person I owe
Sadly, it was time for me to go
As I hugged my pillow, I only think of that one stranger
And wished that, that will not only be our encounter

I walked down the road for the last time today
Hoping that before I leave, you’re on the same way
Disappointed, I watched the empty road in vain
And you never crossed my path again
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