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Sphinx Jun 2019
Vibrant blue, swirling above,
illuminated by clustered constellations.
Nature's boundless beauty magnified through
"crazed" eyes,
euphoria captured in a moment. The night
Bursting with life and possibilities...

Then daybreak clears The Canvas.
Inspired by Van Gogh's "A starry night"
Sphinx Apr 2019
You'll never be able to appreciate the good, amazing, truly wonderful things in life without experiencing the utter despair and tragedy the world can throw at you.
Always remember that no matter how hopeless things seem there's always something good waiting for you once you make it through.
Sphinx Mar 2019
An enticing flame danced across the clouds.
Ravishing Red waging silent war
With Baby Blue;
A sparking sea of obsidian left in their wake-
peppered with the glowing embers
of their fight-
As a beautiful day
Turns to a somber night.
Sphinx Jan 2019
Its 40° outside
so we're beside
the seaside

sunbathing on the sand
and swimming out, post and pre-tanned
with the sun beaming
and the sausages steaming
this day is bound to be grand!

— The End —